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Lisa Patrick

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  • How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional by Lisa Patrick
    How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "How To Apply Makeup Like A Professional" is another in the series of books on makeup from Lisa Patrick. Through her, readers have learned how to do basic makeup to get to work and to run about and do errands or even to go out at night. She takes thing a bit further in this book and highlights certain tips and tricks that a person can use to have that professional look when they apply their...

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  • The Layman's Guide to the Glycemic Index Diet by Lisa Patrick
    The Layman's Guide to the Glycemic Index Diet (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "The Layman's Guide to The Glycemic Index Diet" helps the reader to get a more than basic understanding of what it takes to learn how to eat the right combination of foods to remain in optimal health and not to consume too many carbohydrates or increase the levels of blood sugar. There are quite a number of diets out there that are gaining popularity with what they are purported to do. What ends...

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  • The PH Diet Explained by Lisa Patrick
    The PH Diet Explained (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "The pH Diet Explained" allows the reader to have an understanding of the methods that can be used to get the body back in balance by eating the right foods. The body works best when it is neither too acid nor too alkaline and to get the body in peak form it is a bit tricky to know what to eat and how much to eat to keep that balance. The author of this text has introduced the reader to a diet...

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  • Easy Makeup Styles for the Modern Woman by Lisa Patrick
    Easy Makeup Styles for the Modern Woman (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "Easy Makeup Styles For The Modern Woman" is a follow up to the authors makeup guide book. This book places the focus on the various types of makeup styles that can be used by the woman for various occasions, whether it is work, a special function like a wedding or for an evening out. There is so much makeup available in the stores that many females have difficulty selecting the one that will work...

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  • The Makeup Guide by Lisa Patrick
    The Makeup Guide (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    There are quite a number of women that have never had the art of makeup application handed down to them by their mother or have received the wrong information on how to apply it. The key to having a fantastic look when using makeup is not to make it too gaudy. This is what you can learn by reading "The Makeup Guide: How To Enhance Natural Beauty." This book highlights each sort of makeup...

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  • The Beginners Guide to Preparing Healthy Comfort Food by Lisa Patrick
    The Beginners Guide to Preparing Healthy Comfort Food (English, Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "The Beginners Guide To Preparing Healthy Comfort Food" is a text that not only gives the reader information on what comfort food is but also provides some great recipe options that can be used to see just how great comfort foods are. These recipes are a bit different than the other recipes are as they are much healthier than the original options. As we have become more aware of the importance of...

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  • Natural Beauty Recipes by Lisa Patrick
    Natural Beauty Recipes (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "Natural Beauty Recipes: 60 Best Kept Secrets To Care For The Skin" has taken things a step further. The author not only explains why it is essential to take care of the skin but also highlights some great natural beauty recipes that can be used to help to keep the skin healthy. In this busy society, it can be quite easy to forget that the skin needs a bit more care than just cleaning it daily....

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  • Is It Time for a Sugar Detox? by Lisa Patrick
    Is It Time for a Sugar Detox? (Paperback) Lisa Patrick

    "Is It Time For A Sugar Detox?" helps the reader to get a bit of insight into what happens when there is excess sugar in the body. The text then highlights how the negative effects of having too much sugar can be reversed or in the worst case scenarios controlled with the implementation of a sugar detox. As the numbers of persons that have diseases related to the consumption of excess sugar have...

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