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  • Beat Dyslexia: Bk. 2 by Elizabeth Franks
    Beat Dyslexia: Bk. 2 (Paperback) Elizabeth Franks, Myra Nicholson

    Intended to support those students struggling to read, write or spell, this book presents a comprehensive programme that helps to develop literacy skills by combining successful phonological approaches with the very best of conventional, multi-sensory and structured teaching methods.

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  • The Uses of Literacy by Richard Hoggart
    The Uses of Literacy (Paperback) Richard Hoggart

    When a society becomes more affluent, does it lose other values? Are the skills that education and literacy gave millions wasted on consuming pop culture? Do the media coerce us into a world of the superficial and the material - or can they be a force for good? This book asks these questions.

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  • Today Everything Changes by Andy McNab
    Today Everything Changes (English, Paperback) Andy McNab

    Abandoned as a baby, Andy McNab's start in life was tough. It wasn't long before his life descended into petty crime. The next six months in the Army education system changed his course of his life forever. Today Everything Changes is the inspiring story of when life changed for Andy McNab.

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  • Learning to Write/Reading to Learn by J. R. Martin
    Learning to Write/Reading to Learn (English, Paperback) J. R. Martin, David Rose

    Suitable for practitioners, researchers and students, building up pedagogic, linguistic and social theory in steps, contextualized within teaching practice, this title presents the research of the 'Sydney School' in language and literacy pedagogy. It offers researchers tools for investigating and redesigning educational practice.

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  • Words Onscreen by Naomi S. Baron
    Words Onscreen (English, Paperback) Naomi S. Baron

    In Words Onscreen, Naomi Baron offers a fascinating and timely look at how technology affects the way we read.

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  • The Tyranny of Writing by Kasper Juffermans
    The Tyranny of Writing (English, Hardback) Kasper Juffermans

    This book examines the powerful role of writing in society. The invention of writing, independently at various places and times in history, always stood at the cradle of powerful civilizations. It is impossible to imagine modern life without writing. As individuals and social groups we hold high expectations of its potential for societal and personal development. Globally, huge resources have been...

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  • Multilingualism Online by Carmen Lee
    Multilingualism Online (English, Paperback) Carmen Lee

    By the co-author of Language Online, this book builds on the earlier work while focusing on multilingualism in the digital world. Drawing on a range of digital media ? from email to chatrooms and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ? Lee demonstrates how online multilingualism is closely linked to people's offline literacy practices and identities, and examines the ways in which...

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  • Fields of Light by Reuben Arthur Brower
    Fields of Light (English, Paperback) Reuben Arthur Brower

    Like an open garden gate, The Fields of Light beckons the reader to savor the enchanting pleasures of attentive reading

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  • Reading, Writing and Dyslexia by Andrew W. Ellis
    Reading, Writing and Dyslexia (English, Paperback) Andrew W. Ellis

    This is a classic edition of Andrew Ellis' acclaimed introduction to the scientific study of reading, writing and dyslexia, which now includes a new introduction from the author. The book describes the remarkable skills of reading and writing ? how we acquire them, how we exercise them as skilled readers and writers, and what can go wrong with them in childhood disorders or as a result of brain...

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  • Critical Literacy Across the K-6 Curriculum by Vivian Maria Vasquez
    Critical Literacy Across the K-6 Curriculum (English, Paperback) Vivian Maria Vasquez

    Through stories from kindergarten to sixth grade classrooms where students and teachers have attempted to put a critical edge on their teaching, this book shows critical literacy in action across the curriculum. Readers see students and teachers together using critical literacy discourse to frame conversations in ways that engage students in examining the meaning of the texts they read and acting...

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  • Creating a Multivocal Self by Julie Choi
    Creating a Multivocal Self (English, Paperback) Julie Choi

    Showcasing a new methodology in language learning and identity research, this carefully conceptualized, innovative book explicates the use of autoethnography as a way of re-imagining one's sense of linguistic and cultural identity. A key work for researchers and students in Applied Linguistics and Language Education, it addresses fundamental aspects of research methodology and explores substantive...

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  • Sociocultural Contexts of Language and Literacy by Bertha Paerez
    Sociocultural Contexts of Language and Literacy (English, Paperback) Bertha Paerez

    Nine American academics, educational consultants, and bilingual/bicultural program development specialists contribute 12 chapters in a research- and theory-based text about learning and teaching in linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. The second edition features updated research on mult

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  • Teaching Readers of English by John S. Hedgcock
    Teaching Readers of English (English, Paperback) John S. Hedgcock, Dana R. Ferris

    A comprehensive manual for pre- and in-service ESL, EFL, and EIL educators who work with multilingual students at the secondary and postsecondary levels, this text balances insights from reading theory and research with highly practical, field-tested strategies for teaching and assessing second-language reading that educators can readily adopt and adapt to suit their contexts and student...

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  • Foundations of Multiliteracies by Michele Anstey
    Foundations of Multiliteracies (English, Paperback) Michele Anstey, Geoff Bull

      Using the concept of multiliteracies and multimodality, this book provides foundation knowledge about the new and continuously changing literacies of the 21st century. It details the five semiotic systems (linguistic, visual, auditory, gestural and spatial) and how they contribute to the reading and writing of increasingly complex and dynamic texts that are delivered by live, paper or digital...

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  • Language and Literacy in Refugee Families by Chatwara Suwannamai Duran
    Language and Literacy in Refugee Families (English, Hardback) Chatwara Suwannamai Duran

    This book examines the agreements and discrepancies between public understanding and assumptions about refugees, and the actual beliefs and practices among the refugees themselves in a time of increasing mobility fuelled by what many call 'refugee crisis'.

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  • Literacy and Education by James Paul Gee
    Literacy and Education (English, Paperback) James Paul Gee

    Literacy and Education tells the story of how literacy?starting in the early 1980s?came to be seen not as a mental phenomenon, but as a social and cultural one. In this accessible introductory volume, acclaimed scholar James Paul Gee shows readers how literacy "left the mind and wandered out into the world." He traces the ways a sociocultural view of literacy melded with a social view of the mind...

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  • If You Feel Too Much - Expanded Edition by Jamie Tworkowski
    If You Feel Too Much - Expanded Edition (English, Hardback) Jamie Tworkowski

    The New York Times Bestseller...


    5 stars

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  • Social Linguistics and Literacies by James Gee
    Social Linguistics and Literacies (English, Paperback) James Gee

    In its first edition, Social Linguistics and Literacies was a major contribution to the emerging interdisciplinary field of sociocultural approaches to language and literacy, and was one of the founding texts of the ?New Literacy Studies'....

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  • How to Read a Book by Mortimer J Adler
    How to Read a Book (English, Hardback) Mortimer J Adler, Charles Van Doren

    "The classic guide to intelligent reading"

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