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Literary Guides For Travellers

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  • Greece by Michael Carroll
    Greece (English, Hardback) Michael Carroll

    An engaging portrait of the unparalleled literary history of Greece

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  • Sicily by Andrew Edwards
    Sicily (English, Hardback) Andrew Edwards, Suzanne Edwards

    This compelling guide uncovers the island's multi-faceted personality through those literary figures who have managed to get under her skin. "Without Sicily, Italy leaves no image in the soul. Sicily is the key to everything." Goethe, Italian Journey.

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  • Berlin by Paul Sullivan
    Berlin (English, Hardback) Paul Sullivan, Marcel Krueger

    A literary tour of a hugely popular cultural capital

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  • Tangier by Josh Shoemake
    Tangier (English, Hardback) Josh Shoemake

    This enthralling book captures the unconventional, multilayered story of literary Tangier and is a must-have for travellers, armchair adventurers and literature buffs, particularly aficionados of the Beat generation writers and poets who made the city their home.

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  • Venice by Marie-Jose Gransard
    Venice (English, Hardback) Marie-Jose Gransard

    The first book of its kind on this iconic city.

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  • Florence and Tuscany by Ted Jones
    Florence and Tuscany (English, Hardback) Ted Jones

    The majestic landscapes and rich culture of Tuscany have fostered the inspiration and settings for literature since the works of the Florentine poets Dante, Petrarch, and Boccaccio in the 14th century and have been a magnet for expatriate writers since the arrival in Florence of the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in 1372. With its historic cities and villages, its countryside and coastline, its...

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  • Scotland by Garry MacKenzie
    Scotland (English, Hardback) Garry MacKenzie

    This enthralling guide brings Scotland's landscape and history to life through literature

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  • Andalucia by Andrew Edwards
    Andalucia (English, Hardback) Andrew Edwards, Suzanne Edwards

    Andalucia is the quintessence of Spain and yet, historically and culturally, it is surprisingly unlike the rest of the country.

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  • Barcelona by Mike Gonzalez
    Barcelona (English, Hardback) Mike Gonzalez

    Into the heart of one of the world's most alluring cities through the imaginations of over 50 writers and artists

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  • Madrid by Jules Stewart
    Madrid (English, Hardback) Jules Stewart

    Experience Madrid through the lives and works of the city's most celebrated artists and writers

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  • Iceland by Marcel Krueger
    Iceland (English, Hardback) Marcel Krueger

    The first literary travel guide to Europe's most popular destination

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