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  • Distance
    Distance and Memory (English, Paperback) Peter Davidson, Robert Macfarlane

    In these painterly essays Davidson reflects on art, place, history and landscape. Distance and Memory is his testament to the cold, clear beauty of the north.

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  • The
    The Golden Fleece (English, Paperback) Muriel Spark

    Essays, reviews and recollections by the great twentieth-century novelist Muriel Spark, edited with a preface by Penelope Jardine.

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  • Purity
    Purity of Diction in English Verse: AND Articulate Energy (English, Paperback) Donald Davie

    Contains the first two prose books of the eminent poet and literary critic, Donald Davie. "The Purity of Diction" and "Articulate Energy" are primary critical texts, which have shaped the approach of two generations of readers and teachers of poetry.

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  • Visible
    Visible Voices (English, Paperback) Nicolas Barker

    In Visible Voices Nicolas Barker traces the history of the 'translation' of poetry from a spoken medium to a written, or printed, medium.

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  • Mary
    Mary Shelley (English, Paperback) Muriel Spark

    In the summer of 1816, aged nineteen, Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein. A pioneering work of science fiction, it captured the popular imagination from the start. The daughter of radical philosopher William Godwin and pioneering feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Mary Shelley lived an unconventional life marred by tragedy. At sixteen she scandalised ..

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  • A
    A Doctor's Dictionary (English, Paperback) Iain Bamforth

    Essays on the relationship between art and medicine by a doctor and poet.

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  • The
    The Teller and the Tale (English, Paperback) Gabriel Josipovici

    A new collection of groundbreaking work from the distinguished essayist and author

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  • Incorrigibly
    Incorrigibly Plural (English, Paperback) Fran Brearton

    Incorrigibly Plural celebrates the diversity and vitality of Louis MacNeice's writing with a collection of responses to his work by poets and critics, and with biographical accounts, including a memoir by MacNeice's son.

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  • God's
    God's Zoo: Artists, Exiles, Londoners (English, Paperback) Marius Kociejowski

    This beautifully illustrated book consists of a series of encounters with writers, artists and musicians living in London, all of whom are exiles or emigres displaced from their cultural and geographical origins.

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  • Eavan
    Eavan Boland: A Poet's Dublin (English, Paperback) Eavan Boland

    Published to celebrate the seventieth birthday of acclaimed Irish poet Eavan Boland, this book brings together many of Boland's best known poems with her own striking photographs of her native city, Dublin.

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  • At
    At the Source (English, Paperback) Gillian Clarke

    Reflects upon a writer's deep inheritance of language, myth and nature. Lyrical, wise, meticulously observant, this work records the experience of living and working on the land, observing the world from a particular place, and the continuity and remaking of the source.

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  • On the Contrary (Paperback) Frederic Raphael

    Oscar-winning Raphael's wickedly funny memoir progresses into years of controversy in literary and film worlds.

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  • Personal
    Personal Terms: Ifs and Buts No. 5 (English, Paperback) Frederic Raphael

    The fifth volume of Frederic Raphael's memoirs.

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  • King
    King Jesus: AND My Head! My Head! (English, Hardback) Robert Graves

    Presents two historical novels by the poet, classical scholar, novelist and critic. "King Jesus" takes us into the ancient past, exploring the world of King Jesus with powerful immediacy. "My Head! My Head!" is a retelling of the story of Elisha.

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  • Cuts
    Cuts and Bruises: No. 3 (English, Paperback) Frederic Raphael

    The third of memoirs by the novelist, dramatist and Oscar-winning screenwriter, Frederic Raphael. This volume contains various observations about his life as a screenwriter in 1970s Hollywood.

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  • The
    The Good European (English, Paperback) Iain Bamforth

    Featuring the theme of Europe, this book of essays reports on fifteen years of "experimental living" in Berlin and Strasburg, amongst other places. This book provides a portrait of the Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, a send-off for Bernard Pivot's classic literary chat-show "Bouillon de Culture", and more.

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  • Football"/
    Football (English, Paperback) Ken Ferris

    Provides a guide to the origins of the terms associated with the professional football clubs in the English leagues. This book provides etymologies and histories, excavates old grounds, maps the changes in fortune and culture that each club has gone through in its inexorable progress, and is intended for football fans.

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  • Ticks
    Ticks and Crosses: Personal Terms No. 4 (English, Paperback) Frederic Raphael

    Covering the years 1976 to 1978, this title offers an account of a farcical summer afternoon spent floating down a French river on a lilo in the company of Shirley Williams; an alarming trip up the wrong (and by no means dormant) volcano in Guatemala; meeting Nabokov; taking part in Any Questions with Enoch Powell.

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  • Eavan
    Eavan Boland Sourcebook (English, Paperback) Eavan Boland

    A companion to the poetry, prose and critical writing of this acclaimed poet. This title gathers a collection of literary and critical texts, illuminating the poet's achievements. It also includes: a biographical introduction and chronology; introductory surveys of each aspect of Boland's work; interviews from 1987 to 2006; and photographs.

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  • The
    The Midnight Letterbox (English, Paperback) Edwin Morgan

    A selection of letters from the most popular modern Scottish poet.

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