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  • The Weaponization of Trade by Rebecca Harding
    The Weaponization of Trade (English, Paperback) Rebecca Harding

    Trade is being weaponized - and this isn't good. As politicians on both sides of the Atlantic raise the stakes, trade is increasingly a tool of coercion to achieve strategic influence. This book looks at the risks for us all as trade becomes an instrument of foreign policy, and shows how politicians could turn things around.

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  • Architect of Prosperity by Neil Monnery
    Architect of Prosperity (English, Hardback) Neil Monnery

    This is a book about Sir John Cowperthwaite - the man Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman identified as being behind Hong Kong's remarkable post-war economic transformation. Despite there being some articles about him and effusive obituaries there have, until now, been no published biographies of Cowperthwaite.

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  • Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere by Christian Wolmar
    Driverless Cars: On a Road to Nowhere (English, Paperback) Christian Wolmar

    Driverless cars are being hyped strongly by industry and government as an inevitable feature of our (near) future transport options. This book argues that they will not be - as the technical, ethical and environmental difficulties are too great. Autonomous vehicles are also the wrong solution to the wrong problem.

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  • Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin by David Birch
    Before Babylon, Beyond Bitcoin (English, Hardback) David Birch

    Money is changing, and this book looks at where the technology of money might be taking us in the future. Technology has moved our concept of money from physical things, to unseen bits of information. But the shape of the future can be seen in the distant past.

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  • Digital Transformation at Scale by Andrew Greenway
    Digital Transformation at Scale (English, Paperback) Andrew Greenway

    Organisations that grew up on the web have changed our attitude to the services we rely on.They have done this by perfecting new practices, cultures and business models. However, organizations founded before the Internet aren't keeping pace with this digital transformation.This book is for those people, who worry about their sinking ship.

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  • Britain's Cities, Britain's Future by Mike Emmerich
    Britain's Cities, Britain's Future (English, Paperback) Mike Emmerich

    Why did Britain's cities, once the engines of the industrial revolution, decline so severely? What needs to be done if our cities are once again to be the drivers of our economy? This book answers these questions, looking at the lessons of the last two hundred years. .

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  • Identity is the New Money by David Birch
    Identity is the New Money (English, Paperback) David Birch

    This book argues that personal identity is changing profoundly and that money is changing equally profoundly. Cash will be replaced by a proliferation of new digital currencies.

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  • Safe as Houses? by Neil Monnery
    Safe as Houses? (English, Paperback) Neil Monnery

    There can be few everyday financial issues more important than the price of houses. Whether we own one and worry about its value or aspire to own one and are frustrated by their high prices, nobody can avoid the issue. In the UK, while prices have fluctuated during our lifetimes, overall they have risen steadily and sometimes spectacularly. The accepted wisdom is that houses are a safe and...

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  • Travel Fast or Smart? by David Metz
    Travel Fast or Smart? (English, Paperback) David Metz

    This book sets out the principles that could underpin a strategic policy for transport. Instead of focusing piecemeal on trying (and failing) to get from place to place ever faster, we need to think about how and where we want the economy to develop, and about how new the digital technologies can help achieve this.

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  • Housing by Kate Barker
    Housing (English, Paperback) Kate Barker

    With so many conflicting views and a balance to be struck between growth and conservation, what housing market outcomes might be regarded as a success for policymakers? This book attempts to give at least some answers, concluding with a list of criteria by which success might be judged along with a list of policy recommendations.

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  • Are Trams Socialist? by Christian Wolmar
    Are Trams Socialist? (English, Paperback) Christian Wolmar

    If you have ever wondered why the roads are congested, the trains are full and the buses are no longer running, this book provides the answers. The UK has never had a proper transport policy and it desperately needs one to address the twin challengers of getting people around cheaply and safely, while safeguarding the environment.

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  • In From the Cold by Peter Westin
    In From the Cold (English, Hardback) Peter Westin

    This book brings together some of the world's most successful Russia-dedicated portfolio managers, economists and market participants to share their personal experiences in this dynamic market. Many of the contributors have been active in Russia since the very inception of the market and each is uniquely qualified to offer a personal and authoritat

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  • An Enterprise Map of Ethiopia by John Sutton
    An Enterprise Map of Ethiopia (English, Paperback) John Sutton, Nebil Kellow

    This title describes the history and current capabilities of Ethiopia's leading industrial companies, focusing on 50 key large and mid-size firms.

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  • Changing London by David Robinson
    Changing London (English, Paperback) David Robinson

    Changing London is a rough guide for the next Mayor capturing the radical but practical ideas of the people of London with a pioneering and collaborative approach to politics. This is the book the voters wrote and vital reading for those who would be Mayor, and those who will decide.

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  • An Enterprise Map of Ghana by John Sutton
    An Enterprise Map of Ghana (English, Paperback) John Sutton, Bennet Kpentey

    Ghana's economy has grown rapidly over the past decade, and the goal of becoming a middle-income country within fifteen years now seems attainable. This volume presents the first general overview of Ghana's industrial sector. Each industry is profiled in detail, and the history and capabilities of leading firms are explored at length.

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  • Why Fight Poverty? by Julia Unwin
    Why Fight Poverty? (English, Paperback) Julia Unwin

    This book looks back at the struggle to rid the country of poverty and asks if the struggle is worth it. What would a poverty free country be like if we could overcome the obstacles which impede progress?

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  • Rediscovering Growth by Andrew Sentance
    Rediscovering Growth (English, Paperback) Andrew Sentance

    Western economies face huge political obstacles to reforms that would boost productivity and growth - continuing stagnation is far more likely. Businesses and policymakers need to adjust to the new reality. And the quicker they do so, the more likely it is that economic prospects will eventually improve.

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  • The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator by Ken Banks
    The Rise of the Reluctant Innovator (English, Paperback) Ken Banks

    A book of innovation and entrepreneurship case studies, all related to work in developing countries.

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  • Bad Habits, Hard Choices by David Fell
    Bad Habits, Hard Choices (English, Paperback) David Fell

    The book proposes that negative VAT should be charged on healthy foods and high VAT should be charged on unhealthy foods. It sets out a four-step process to actually implement this new regime, each step of which depends on mechanisms that have already been used by government.

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  • The BRIC Road to Growth by Jim O'Neill
    The BRIC Road to Growth (English, Paperback) Jim O'Neill

    This book looks at the latest prospects for the 'BRIC' economies and other newly emerging drivers of global economic growth. What can be learned from them, and how can the 'old world' adapt?

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