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  • The Simple Strategy
    The Simple Strategy (English, Paperback) Markus Heitkoetter, Mark Hodge $9.82
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  • The Production of Money
    The Production of Money (English, Hardback) Ann Pettifor

    What is money, where does it come from, and who controls it?

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  • Money and Possessions
    Money and Possessions (English, Hardback) Walter Brueggemann

    The Bible is rich with complex and diverse material on the topic of money and possessions. Indeed, a close look at many scriptural texts reveals that economics is a core preoccupation of the biblical tradition. In this new work, highly regarded preacher and scholar Walter Brueggemann explores the recurring theme of money and possessions in the Old and New Testaments. He proposes six theses...

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  • Price Action Breakdown
    Price Action Breakdown (English, Paperback) Laurentiu Damir

    Price Action Breakdown is a book about pure price action analysis of financial markets. It covers concepts, ideas and price action trading methods that you most likely haven't seen anywhere else. The knowledge contained can be used to trade any financial market such as Forex, Futures, Stocks, Commodities and all major markets. It is based on trading the pure price action using key supply and...

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  • Poverty in America
    Poverty in America (English, Paperback) John Iceland

    The United States is among the most affluent nations in the world and has its largest economy; nevertheless, it has more poverty than most countries with similar standards of living. This title includes discussions of poverty in the context of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements and chapters on the Great Recession and global poverty.

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  • The Great Escape
    The Great Escape (English, Paperback) Angus Deaton

    Asserts that 250 years ago, some parts of the world began to experience sustained progress, opening up gaps and setting the stage for today's hugely unequal world and examines the United States, a nation that has prospered but is today experiencing slower growth and increasing inequality.

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  • The Money Machine
    The Money Machine (Paperback) Philip Coggan

    What causes the pound to rise or interest rates to fall? Which are the institutions that really matter? Why is it we need the Money Machine - and what happens when it crashes? The author provides clear and concise answers and shows why we should all be more familiar with a system we so intimately depend upon.

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  • Manias, Panics, and Crashes
    Manias, Panics, and Crashes (English, Paperback) Robert Z. Aliber, Charles Poor Kindleberger

    This seventh edition of an investment classic has been thoroughly revised and expanded following the latest crises to hit international markets. Renowned economist Robert Z. Aliber introduces the concept that global financial crises in recent years are not independent events, but symptomatic of an inherent instability in the international system.

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  • Gold
    Gold (English, Paperback) Nathan Lewis

    An eBook in .pdf is available at: This is the third book on the topic of gold-based monetary systems by Nathan Lewis, following Gold: the Once and Future Money (2007) and Gold: the Monetary Polaris (2013). It builds upon the principles expressed in those first two books, and takes a historical approach to humans' long experience with gold- and silver-based monetary systems.

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  • The Rotten Heart of Europe
    The Rotten Heart of Europe (Paperback) Bernard Connolly

    Written by a Brussels insider, and a senior EU economist, this title deals with the likely pitfalls of European monetary union.

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  • The Limits of the Market
    The Limits of the Market (English, Hardback) Paul de Grauwe

    Paul De Grauwe examines why a healthy mix of market and state seems so difficult and analyses the internal and external limits of the market and the government, and the swing between these two points.

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  • Blockchain Revolution
    Blockchain Revolution (English, Hardback) Don Tapscott

    The technology likely to have the greatest impact on the future of the world economy has arrived, and it's not self-driving cars, solar energy, or artificial intelligence. ...

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  • GDP
    GDP (English, Paperback) Diane Coyle

    Why did the size of the U.S. economy increase by 3 percent on one day in mid-2013 - or Ghana's balloon by 60 percent overnight in 2010? Why did the U.K. financial industry show its fastest expansion ever at the end of 2008 - just as the world's financial system went into meltdown? This title deals with these questions.

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  • UBUNTU Contributionism
    UBUNTU Contributionism (English, Paperback) Michael Tellinger $19.63 $25.00
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  • The Euro
    The Euro (English, Hardback) Joseph E. Stiglitz

    Can Europe prosper without the euro?

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  • The Road to Ruin
    The Road to Ruin (English, Hardback) James Rickards

    A counselor and investment banker discusses how to prepare for the next looming financial crisis and discusses why he believes the government is behind these crises that ultimately prop up the global elite and ruin the average investor.

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  • Unhappy Union
    Unhappy Union (English, Paperback) John Peet, Anton LaGuardia

    A lively analysis of Europe's most serious post-war crisis, arguing that the European project is close to breaking point and the difficult decisions that have to be made for it to survive.

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