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  • Moving Parts
    Moving Parts (English, Paperback) Magdalena Tulli

    A feckless, comical narrator struggles against all odds to tell a story for which he is responsible, but which he neither controls nor understands. His characters multiply, repeat, and go astray; his employer pays no attention, asleep in a drunken stupor. The increasingly desperate narrator clambers over rooftops and through underground passages, watching helplessly as his characters reappear in...

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  • Flaw
    Flaw (English, Paperback) Magdalena Tulli

    Refugees cause a surreal disruption in a quiet suburb. A prescient allegory of extermination.

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  • In Red
    In Red (English, Paperback) Magdalena Tulli

    In Tulli's second novel, set in a mythical fourth partition of Poland, the world is unreal yet strangely familiar.

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  • Dreams And Stones
    Dreams And Stones (English, Paperback) Magdalena Tulli

    In sculpted prose reminiscent of Bruno Schulz, Magdelena Tulli tells the story of the emergence of a great city; in her hands myth, metaphor, history and narrative are combined to magical effect. Dreams And Stones is about the growth of a city, and also about all cities; at the same time it is not about cities at all, but about how worlds are created, transformed and lost through words alone. A...

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  • Getriebe
    Getriebe (German, Hardback) Magdalena Tulli

    Ein labyrinthartiges Hotel in Osteuropa, ein Seiltänzerpärchen, ein deutscher Geschäftsmann namens Feuchtmaier, ein Kind und eine Handvoll weiterer bizarrer Charaktere, die sich alle äußerst sonderbar verhalten; dazu ein rätselhafter Erzähler in seinem hilflosen Bemühen, ihre Geschichte in den Griff zu bekommen - das ist das Personal, das wie Marionetten an unsichtbaren Fäden auf einer...

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  • Dieses Mal (German, Hardback) Magdalena Tulli $28.36
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  • Dreams and Stones
    Dreams and Stones (English, Hardback) Magdalena Tulli

    Winner of Poland's prestigious Koscielski Foundation Prize, a philosophical prose poem about Warsaw and modern cities.

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  • W Czerwieni (Multiple languages, Hardback) Magdalena Tulli

    Tulli nie dalaby sie zawlaszczyc ani czcicielom formy, ani moralistom. W CZERWIENI to nie ksiega snow, ich opis czy wykladnia. To sen. Jak stworzony dla kogos, kto byl juz wszedzie i wszystko widzial. Hermann Wallmann, "Frankfurter Rundschau"

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  • Moving Parts
    Moving Parts (English, Hardback) Magdalena Tulli

    A wildly inventive, Calvinoesque pageturner. A masterpiece of language and thought.

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