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  • Network Traffic Anomaly Detection and Prevention by Monowar H. Bhuyan
    Network Traffic Anomaly Detection and Prevention (English, Hardback) Monowar H. Bhuyan, Dhruba K. Bhattacharyya

    This indispensable text/reference presents a comprehensive overview on the detection and prevention of anomalies in computer network traffic, from coverage of the fundamental theoretical concepts to in-depth analysis of systems and methods. Readers will benefit from invaluable practical guidance on how to design an intrusion detection technique and incorporate it into a system, as well as on how...

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  • Managing Humans by Michael Lopp
    Managing Humans (English, Paperback) Michael Lopp

    Read hilarious stories with serious lessons that Michael Lopp extracts from his varied and sometimes bizarre experiences as a manager at Apple, Pinterest, Palantir, Netscape, Symantec, Slack, and Borland. Many of the stories first appeared in primitive form in Lopp's perennially popular blog, Rands in Repose. The Third Edition of Managing Humans contains a whole new season of episodes from the...

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  • Theory of Modeling and Simulation by Bernard Phillip Zeigler
    Theory of Modeling and Simulation (English, Hardback) Bernard Phillip Zeigler, Tag Gon Kim

    The computational power and software tools have increased the use and dependence on modeling and computer simulation throughout design process. This book fulfills the need of system and control engineers at various levels in understanding modeling and simulation. It provides mathematical foundation for modeling and computer simulation.

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  • The Lean Product Design and Development Journey by Marcus Vinicius Pereira Pessoa
    The Lean Product Design and Development Journey (English, Hardback) Marcus Vinicius Pereira Pessoa, Luis Gonzaga Trabasso

    This book presents a series of high performance product design (PD) and development best practices that can create or improve product development organization.

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  • UML @ Classroom by Martina Seidl
    UML @ Classroom (English, Paperback) Martina Seidl, Marion Scholz

    After a brief explanation of why modeling is an indispensable part of software development, the authors introduce the individual diagram types of UML (the class and object diagram, the sequence diagram, the state machine diagram, the activity diagram, and the use case diagram), as well as their interrelationships, in a step-by-step manner.

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  • Enterprise Governance of Information Technology by Steven De Haes
    Enterprise Governance of Information Technology (English, Hardback) Steven De Haes, Wim Van Grembergen

    Featuring numerous case examples from companies around the world, this second edition integrates theoretical advances and empirical data with practical applications, including in-depth discussion on the COBIT 5 framework which can be used to build, measure and audit enterprise governance of IT approaches.

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  • An Introduction to Lambada Calculi for Computer Scientists by Chris Hankin
    An Introduction to Lambada Calculi for Computer Scientists (English, Paperback) Chris Hankin

    The lambda-calculus lies at the very foundations of computer ...

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  • Applied Information Security by David Basin
    Applied Information Security (English, Paperback) David Basin, Patrick Schaller

    This book explores fundamental principles for securing IT systems and illustrates them with hands-on experiments that may be carried out by the reader using accompanying software. It details different countermeasures and their implementation.

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  • Manual of Repairing & Reconditioning Starter Motors and Alternators by James Clinton
    Manual of Repairing & Reconditioning Starter Motors and Alternators (English, Paperback) James Clinton

    An area of vehicle repairs that is something of a mystery to many mechanics, repairing alternators and starter motors is shown in step by step detail in this unique manual. Not only is this ideal for the garage professional, it also offers an opportunity for starting a new and highly profitable business, supplying reconditioned units to the public and garage trade as well as a full repair service...

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  • Requirements Writing for System Engineering by George Koelsch
    Requirements Writing for System Engineering (English, Paperback) George Koelsch

    Tagline: Project success through realistic requirements

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  • Looking After Your Mac Made Easy by Chris Smith
    Looking After Your Mac Made Easy (English, Paperback) Chris Smith

    This straightforward new book helps answer those awkward questions -- "why has my Mac become so slow?", "How do I set up wi-fi in my home?" -- and covers other essential tasks such as backing up, using the Cloud and dealing with child-protection measures.

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  • OCA Oracle Database 11g Administration I Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-052) by John Watson
    OCA Oracle Database 11g Administration I Exam Guide (Exam 1Z0-052) (English, CD-Extra) John Watson

    A Oracle Press certification exam guide that offers coverage of various official exam objectives on the Oracle Certified Associate Administration I exam, including installation, management, administration, programming, networking, performance tuning, backup and recovery, security, and more.

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  • Introducing Ethereum and Solidity by Chris Dannen
    Introducing Ethereum and Solidity (English, Paperback) Chris Dannen

    Teaches you how to use Solidity and the Ethereum project ? second only to Bitcoin in market capitalization. Blockchain protocols are taking the world by storm, and the Ethereum project, with its Turing-complete scripting language Solidity, has rapidly become a front-runner. Technologists from all fields and skill levels are converging to learn blockchain development and the potential of powerful...

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  • Distributed Computing and Internet Technology by Ram Ramanujam
    Distributed Computing and Internet Technology (English, Paperback) Ram Ramanujam

    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Internet Technology, ICDCIT 2012, held in Bhubaneswar, India, in February 2012. The 17 full papers presented together with 15 short papers in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 89 submissions.

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  • Automated Theorem Proving in Software Engineering by D. Loveland
    Automated Theorem Proving in Software Engineering (English, Paperback) Johann M. Schumann

    Growing demands for the quality, safety, and security of software can only be satisfied by the rigorous application of formal methods during software design.

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  • Business Continuity Planning by Kenneth L Fulmer
    Business Continuity Planning (English, Paperback) Kenneth L Fulmer

    Perfect Beginner's Guide in Workbook Format ...

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  • Privacy in Location-Based Applications by Claudio Bettini
    Privacy in Location-Based Applications (English, Paperback) Claudio Bettini

    This book provides a solid ground for researchers approaching the topic of privacy in location-based applications to understand current achievements through a common categorization of privacy threats and defense techniques.

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  • .NET System Management Services by Alexander Golomshtok
    .NET System Management Services (English, Paperback) Alexander Golomshtok

    Golomshtok gives system admins a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts behind WMI, enabling them to rapidly develop custom management tools and avoid expensive off-the-shelf solutions.

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  • From Control to Drift by Claudio U. Ciborra
    From Control to Drift (English, Paperback) Claudio U. Ciborra

    An insight into the issues surrounding information infrastructure implementation in global corporations. The author suggests that the economics of standards and increasing returns be joined with the perspectives from the social studies of science and technology to provide a fresh view of the management of IT in global corporations.

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  • Ansible by Michael Heap
    Ansible (English, Paperback) Michael Heap

    This book is your concise guide to Ansible, the simple way to automate apps and IT infrastructure. In less than 250 pages, this book takes you from knowing nothing about configuration management to understanding how to use Ansible in a professional setting....

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