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Mandy Archer

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  • The Secret Garden by Mandy Archer
    The Secret Garden (English, Hardback) Mandy Archer, Jane Newland

    BabyLit® Storybooks give classics new life for the next generation of early readers....

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  • Moby-Dick by Mandy Archer
    Moby-Dick (English, Board book) Mandy Archer, Annabel Tempest

    BabyLit® Storybooks give classics new life for the next generation of early readers....

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  • Creativity On the Go: Holiday by Mandy Archer
    Creativity On the Go: Holiday (Paperback) Mandy Archer

    A travel-size book about horses and ponies for kids. From colouring-in to completing mazes, spotting the difference and using craft paper, it is full of fun and creative ways to keep busy. It also includes a stencil sheet and 100 stickers to add to your drawings.

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  • 5 Seconds of Summer: Shoot for the Stars by Mandy Archer
    5 Seconds of Summer: Shoot for the Stars (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    Get to know the hottest new boy-band, 5 Seonds of Summer!...

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  • Tractor Saves the Day by Mandy Archer
    Tractor Saves the Day (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    It's time to get busy with machines that roar, whizz, vroom, and zoom! The stories feature a popular vehicle as the central character, and involve a group of animal characters in a supporting role. A detailed spread on different parts of the vehicle will help children understand what makes up the machines and will help familiarize them with vehicle vocabulary. Children can learn the different...

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  • Ballet by Mandy Archer
    Ballet (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    Emily, Mia, Lily, and Daniel love to dance. Kids can help the four friends get dressed for performances, decorate the ballet academy, prepare for the big show, and more.

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  • Fire Truck Is Flashing by Mandy Archer
    Fire Truck Is Flashing (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer, Martha Lightfoot

    The peace of the fire station is shattered one morning when the alarm rings. Everyone has a role to play at the scene of a big blaze. This book combines an exciting rescue story with a detailed look at how firefighters work. There are plenty of machine and animal noises to join in with along the way....

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  • Mermaid Kingdom by Mandy Archer
    Mermaid Kingdom (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    More than 1000 reusable stickers can be used to enhance the scenes this enchanting sticker and activity book. Mermaid sisters Hannah, Rihanna, and Diana guide young sea lovers through the underwater Mermaid Kingdom with games, puzzles, and lots of sticker fun!

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  • Dragon and Knight by Mandy Archer
    Dragon and Knight (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer, Ellie Jenkins

    The gentle dragon's battle to protect Alric and the villagers against the evil Lord Badwick is turned into an all-action sticker, puzzle, and press-out adventure. Discover the clues to Badwick's sneaky plan to the crossword and the dragon's mountain lair in the maze.

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  • The Witch & the Dog by Mandy Archer
    The Witch & the Dog (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer, Owen Davey

    A laugh out loud activity and sticker book about etiquette, based on the picture book The Witch and the Dog Can Daphne, a charming witch, change Harry from a messy, mannerless mutt into a polished pooch? Find out if she can with puzzles to solve, crosswords to do, and perforated press-out models to make!

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  • Little Hands Creative Sticker Play: Ballet by Mandy Archer
    Little Hands Creative Sticker Play: Ballet (Paperback) Mandy Archer

    Covers the classic topics of Ballet, Fluffy Animals, Christmas, Mermaids, Robots, Fairy Princesses, Dinosaurs, Monsters and Pretty Things - with 64 fab pages of activities and scenes as well as 1000 stickers.

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  • Fluffy Animals by Mandy Archer
    Fluffy Animals (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    Fuzzy friends, Inka, Silvy, Rusty, and Sunny guide children through dozens of fun activities. Kids help baby ducks swim, draw their dream pet, count baby horses, and more! (Ages 4-7)

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  • Christmas by Mandy Archer
    Christmas (English, Spiral bound) Mandy Archer

    Here is a new title in Barron's growing My First Creativity Books series. Children are in for festive fun as they connect the dots for a snowy surprise, plan a yummy Christmas feast, and write a letter to Santa. They'll also love decorating the tree, helping Santa find his hat, and leading Rudolph through a maze....

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  • Race Car Is Roaring by Mandy Archer
    Race Car Is Roaring (English, Paperback) Mandy Archer

    Rabbit and Racing Car love racing round the track. Watch them vroom and zoom and find out if they win the race!...

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  • My First Creativity Book: Diggers and Dumpers by Mandy Archer
    My First Creativity Book: Diggers and Dumpers (Spiral bound) Mandy Archer

    An activity book that features colouring exercises, simple dot-to-dots, spot the differences, mazes and matching puzzles. It also contains simple make-and-do activities, and an illustrated gatefold for all the stickers.

    $12.29 $15.50
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  • Pictura Puzzles Awesome Vehicles by Scott Garrett
    Pictura Puzzles Awesome Vehicles (Paperback) Scott Garrett, Mandy Archer

    A new addition to the Pictura Puzzles series for 7+ years, Awesome Vehicles showcases amazing machines that go. Create a busy sailing scene, design your own rally car and draw a jet plane display team in action in the sky. Step into the awesome world of illustrator Scott Garrett, with fun facts that fire your imagination and stickers to colour, to bring to life some of the most impressive vehicles...

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  • My First Creativity Book: Christmas by Mandy Archer
    My First Creativity Book: Christmas (Spiral bound) Mandy Archer

    Christmas is a popular theme loved by children worldwide. Young readers will instantly recognize Santa and his elves. This title features hundreds of colourful stickers. Developed by educational experts, it helps little ones to get creative - completing mazes, drawing exercises, number games, sticking and more.

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  • Pictura Puzzles Under the Sea by Pedro Correa
    Pictura Puzzles Under the Sea (Paperback) Pedro Correa, Mandy Archer

    A new addition to the Pictura Puzzles series for 7+ years, Under the Sea explores the incredible underwater habitat and the creatures that live there. Create a scene of flying fish, draw what the giant squid has in its grips and design your own underwater submersible. Dive into the wonderful watery world of illustrator Pedro Correa, with fun facts that fire your imagination and stickers to colour,...

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  • The Holiday Creativity Book by Mandy Archer
    The Holiday Creativity Book (English, Spiral bound) Mandy Archer

    Helps you spot the difference between two rock pool pictures, help the tourist find the way out of the Egyptian pyramid, count the number of suitcases on the baggage carousel, play the railway journey game, then make your very own ice cream.

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  • Fairies of Blossom Bakery by Mandy Archer
    Fairies of Blossom Bakery (Paperback) Mandy Archer, Kirsteen Harris-Jones

    Cookie loved baking with her best friend Cupcake so much that she organises a secret sleepover just for them. But what will she do when she's invited over to Button's house on the day of the sleepover? Will she tell them about her secret? A gorgeous new series about fairies, friendship and baking!

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