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  • Cat Bingo
    Cat Bingo (English, Game) Marcel George

    An illustrated bingo game featuring 64 breeds of cat from around the world. It contains 64 illustrated cat tokens, one playing board, 12 bingo cards and brightly coloured counters for you to mark up your card. It also includes a leaflet containing information on each of the cats.

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  • Match a Track
    Match a Track (English, Hardback) Marcel George

    Has an elephant just crossed your path or was it an echidna? Can you track down a coyote, make out the trail of a peacock and recognise the paw-print of a panda? Leting you show off your best animal-tracking skills, this matching game challenges you to match 25 tracks to their animal owners.

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  • Monkey Bingo
    Monkey Bingo (English, Game) Marcel George

    This family-friendly game is packed with mischievous monkeys and other primates from all around the world for hours of bingo fun. It features such firm favorites as the ring-tailed lemur and the chimpanzee, one of our closest living relatives, as well as more unusual creatures like the mustachioed emperor tamarin and the tiny, carnivorous western tarsier, whose eyes are as big as its brain and...

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  • Pick a Flower
    Pick a Flower (English, Toy) Anna Day, Marcel George

    Do you struggle to tell a foxglove from a snapdraggon, or a crocus from a gladiolus? This game will make you an expert in no time!...

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  • Cats & Kittens
    Cats & Kittens (English, Toy) Marcel George

    Match the cats and kittens of 25 breeds from around the world in this beautifully illustrated memory game. To play, simply place the cards face down and see if you can remember where the mother cat and her kitten are located. Collect more pairs than your opponent to win!...

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