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Marek Hlasko

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  • All Backs Were Turned by Marek Hlasko
    All Backs Were Turned (English, Paperback) Marek Hlasko

    All Backs Were Turned, set in Israel, is a story of sexual passion, violence, and betrayal, in classic hardboiled prose.

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  • Beautiful Twentysomethings by Marek Hlasko
    Beautiful Twentysomethings (English, Paperback) Marek Hlasko

    Offers a firsthand account of the life of Marek Hlasko, a young writer whose iconoclastic way of life became an inspiration in 1950s Poland. Detailing relationships with such giants of Polish culture as the filmmaker Roman Polanski and the novelist Jerzy Andrzejewski, this memoir recounts his adventures and misadventures abroad in the postwar era.

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  • The Graveyard by Marek Hlasko
    The Graveyard (English, Paperback) Marek Hlasko

    This is a gritty tale about Communist Poland from one of the original 'Angry Young Men' Marek Hlasko. When Party member Franciszek Kowalski drunkenly insults a police man, his outburst is taken as criticism of the government, and he is both arrested and expelled from the Party. Kowalski, a true believer, attempts to rehabilitate himself by gathering testimonies from the men he fought alongside as...

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  • Killing The Second Dog by Marek Hlasko
    Killing The Second Dog (English, Paperback) Marek Hlasko

    A hardboiled novel of deception and betrayal in 1960s Israel, where tough men and desperate women all play a role.

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