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Margaret Read Macdonald

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  • How Many Donkeys? by Margaret Read MacDonald
    How Many Donkeys? (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Nadia Jameel Taibah

    Jouha is loading his donkeys with dates to sell at the market. How many donkeys are there? His son helps him count ten, but once the journey starts, things change. First there are ten donkeys, then there are nine! When Jouha stops to count again, the lost donkey is back. What's going on? Silly Jouha doesn't get it, but by the end of the story, wise readers will be counting correctly-and in...

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  • Five Minute Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Five Minute Tales (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald

    As a companion to her award-winning story collection Three Minute Tales, Margaret Read MacDonald has compiled another delightful collection of entertaining stories from around the world to read or tell on any occasion.

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  • The Squeaky Door by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Squeaky Door (English, Hardback) Margaret Read MacDonald

    When Little Boy is frightened by a squeaky bedroom door, his grandmother brings in various animals to help him feel secure enough to sleep.

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  • The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Nancy Dunaway Fowlkes

    Oh what a pity, what a pity pity pity! With this refrain, the old woman in the vinegar bottle complains until she gets a cottage ... then a row house ... then a mansion ... How far will she move up before she's satisfied? Storyteller and children's librarian Margaret Read MacDonald pairs a whiny old woman with a no-nonsense fairy in a comical tale of ever-expanding greed and its natural result. Nancy Dunaway Fowlkes's expansive India ink and watercolor illustrations capture MacDonald's high-spirited rendering of this old British fairy tale.

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  • Mabela the Clever by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Mabela the Clever (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Tim Coffey

    Mabela may be the smallest mouse in the village, but her father has taught her to be clever. And this cleverness comes in handy when the cat comes, inviting everyone to join the secret Cat Society.

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  • Teaching with Story by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Teaching with Story (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Jennifer MacDonald Whitman

    This invaluable resource book includes everything teachers and librarians need to know for using storytelling in their classrooms with ready to tell tales correlated to the Common Core Standards.

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  • Earth Care by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Earth Care (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald

    This collection of traditional tales and proverbs from over twenty ethnic groups touches upon both human and ecological themes such as environmental protection, the care of other creatures, and the connection of all things in nature.

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  • Peace Tales by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Peace Tales (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald

    Peace Tales contains more than three dozen folktales and proverbs that illustrate these choices. Always fun to read these stories also prompt us to think about the seemingly minor events that lead to war and the little events that can also lead to peace. Stories from across the globe are accompanied by generous story notes, source information, and suggestions for further reading on the topic of peace.

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  • The Round Book by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Round Book (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald

    This handy paperback presents 80 songs designed to be sung as rounds. Each one appears on an uncluttered page or two, illustrated by a simple ink drawing. A fine resource for school music teachers, choir directors, camp leaders, and children who sing for the love of it.

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  • The Skit Book by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Skit Book (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Marie-Louise Scull

    Here are 101 of the best skits ever. They have been made up by kids, performed by kids, and passed along by word of mouth at camp, Scout meetings, rec programs, and anywhere else that kids get together. All the essentials are here: title, setting, characters, story, and punch line, as well as suggested dialogue, costumes, and props. Just add a little imagination and some hammy stage instincts; the fun here is improvisational. Jump in, take the script, move it along, and have a good time.

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  • Fat Cat by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Fat Cat (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Julie Paschkis

    Have you ever heard the saying, Your eyes are bigger than your stomach? Well, Cat's stomach is bigger than a lot of things. He is always hungry, and living with culinary-inclined Mouse, who makes thirty-five pies in one day, just makes it worse. Fat Cat swallows everything in sight, including the washlady and her washtub, a troop of soldiers and their swords, even a king and his elephant! But when Cat swallows Mouse and her sewing basket, that's the last straw. Tiny Mouse cuts to the heart of ....

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  • Pachamama Tales by Paula Martin
    Pachamama Tales (English, Hardback) Paula Martin, Margaret Read MacDonald

    A bilingual collection of enchanting folk tales from the peoples of Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, and Paraguay, accompanied by historical and geographical background as well as color photographs.

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  • Give Up, Gecko! by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Give Up, Gecko! (English, Hardback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Deborah Melmon

    "Elephant! Elephant! Heavy! Heavy! Heavy! Elephant! Elephant! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP!" Elephant was shouting and stomping. But could he stomp a hole deep enough to reach water for the thirsty animals? Maybe...maybe not. All the animals tried until tiny Gecko Gecko takes a turn. He is small...but he is determined. And he's not going to give up! Kids will love to chant and stomp along to this Ugandan...

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  • Brazilian Folktales by Livia de Almeida
    Brazilian Folktales (English, Hardback) Livia de Almeida

    Drawing on the varied cultural traditions and ethnic diversity of Brazil, this book offers readers a collection of traditional tales - from creation stories and stories of enchantment to animal and trickster tales. With background information, colour photographs, recipes, and games, it is of interest to storytellers, folklorists, and educators.

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  • Pickin' Peas by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Pickin' Peas (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Pat Cummings

    A clever, singing rabbit eats his way through the pea patch until Little Girl snatches him up and he is soon singing a new tune as he plans his escape. With a nod to Brer Rabbit, Pickin Peas is adapted from two folktales collected in Alabama and Virginia. The lively storytelling voice of award-winning author Margaret Read MacDonald, combined with Pat Cummings' bright, bold contemporary illustrations, makes this timeless battle-of-wits an instant classic.

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  • The Girl Who Wore Too Much: A Folktale from Thailand by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Girl Who Wore Too Much: A Folktale from Thailand (Multiple languages, Paperback) Suparporn Vathanaprida, Yvonne Lebrun Davis

    Like many young girls, Aree likes fine clothing and jewelry. But she is just a wee bit spoiled and has more dresses and accessories than she really needs. When word comes about an upcoming dance in the next village, she can't make up her mind on what to wear. This humorous adaptation of a Thai folktale about vanity and excess incorporates brilliant watercolors to complement the cautionary tale.

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  • Too Many Fairies by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Too Many Fairies (English, Hardback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Susan Mitchell

    An old woman is at her wit's end when a troop of fairies won't stop cleaning her house

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  • Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur! by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur! (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Alik Arzoumanian

    There was once a woman who had a little pot for a child. Tunjur! Tunjur! Tunjur!?that was the sound the pot made as it rolled everywhere. Unfortunately the pot wasn't old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. That naughty pot ran off with things that did not belong to her until she learned her lesson . . . the hard way!...

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  • Go to Sleep, Gecko! by Margaret Read MacDonald
    Go to Sleep, Gecko! (English, Paperback) Geraldo Valerio

    Gecko may be small, but he has a giant problem. So he goes to Elephant, the head of the village, to complain. This sets off a comical chain of problems for everyone in the village. Gecko learns that his well-being depends on that of the entire village...and he finally goes to sleep, a little wiser. Geraldo Valerio captures the comic exasperation of the characters and the lush Indonesian setting of the tale.

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  • The Boy From the Dragon Palace by Margaret Read MacDonald
    The Boy From the Dragon Palace (English, Paperback) Margaret Read MacDonald, Sachiko Yoshikawa

    One day, a poor flower seller drops his leftover flowers into the sea as a gift for the Dragon King. What does he get in return? A little snot-nosed boy?with the power to grant wishes! Soon the flower seller is rich, but what will happen if he forgets the meaning of "thank you?"

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