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Marianne Taylor

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  • RSPB Spotlight Owls by Marianne Taylor
    RSPB Spotlight Owls (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    In RSPB Spotlight: Owls Marianne Taylor introduces readers to every aspect of their lives including their physiology, biology and behavior, as well as their history, and future in conservation in Britain and abroad.

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  • RSPB British Birdfinder by Marianne Taylor
    RSPB British Birdfinder (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    A species-by-species guide that shows you how to find and watch more than 250 species of birds that can be seen in Britain. Some are common; others are rare migrants or scarce breeding books, but this book will tell you the best places to see and watch all of them.

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  • The Way of the Hare by Marianne Taylor
    The Way of the Hare (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    An exploration of the relationship between humans and the charismatic and elusive hare.

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  • The Way of the Hare by Marianne Taylor
    The Way of the Hare (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    To the people of rural Britain, hares are deeply beloved, perhaps above all other animals. They thrive in abundance in imagery but can be maddeningly elusive in reality. In our stories – ancient and modern – they are magical, uncanny and illogical beings which commune with the moon, vanish at will, and lose their minds when spring arrives. Yet despite the breadth and depth of its legends, the...

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  • Rspb British Naturefinder by Marianne Taylor
    Rspb British Naturefinder (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    A species-by-species guide that shows you how to find and watch nearly 300 mammal, reptile, amphibian and invertebrate species in the UK.

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  • RSPB British Birds of Prey by Marianne Taylor
    RSPB British Birds of Prey (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    This book is a celebration of British raptors (including owls), following their fortunes as British breeding birds from historical times to the present day and illustrated with 200 stunning colour photographs.

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  • Birds of Italy by Marianne Taylor
    Birds of Italy (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor, Daniele Occhiato

    The perfect guide for nature-loving travelers and tourists visiting Italy.

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  • RSPB Spotlight: Robins by Marianne Taylor
    RSPB Spotlight: Robins (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    "Robins" is packed with eye-catching, informative color photos and features succinct, detailed text written by a knowledgeable expert.

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  • Hummingbirds by Michael Fogden
    Hummingbirds (English, Hardback) Michael Fogden, Marianne Taylor

    Filled with beautifully rendered watercolor illustrations, this first-of-its-kind book showcases all 337 species of hummingbirds in their true-to-life size, along with short descriptions, maps and factual information. 25,000 first printing.

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  • Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend by Rachel Warren-Chadd
    Birds: Myth, Lore and Legend (English, Hardback) Rachel Warren-Chadd, Marianne Taylor

    The stories, myths, and legends associated with more than 80 kinds of birds from around the world.

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  • Dragonflight by Marianne Taylor
    Dragonflight (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    This book is an account of two years spent getting to know Britain's most dazzling and enigmatic insects - the dragonflies and damselflies. The quest to find, photograph, watch and learn about dragons and damsels took the author on a tour of diverse and lovely wetlands up and down Britain, from the rugged wild peat bogs of north-west Scotland to the languid meanders of the Oxfordshire Thames. The...

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  • Owls by Marianne Taylor
    Owls (Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    The book is ideal for anyone interested in learning more about these awesome hunters of the night. It is comprehensive in coverage and includes all of the owls in the region.

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  • Wild Coast by Marianne Taylor
    Wild Coast (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    A celebration in words and pictures of the wildlife and landscape of Britain's coasts.

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  • Photographing Garden Wildlife by Marianne Taylor
    Photographing Garden Wildlife (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor, Steve Young

    Helps photographers of various levels to develop their wildlife photography skills in their own back garden. This book covers various aspect of nature photography and you will be surprised to discover the variety of opportunities available in you own back garden. It is illustrated with high-impact photographs of various kinds of garden wildlife.

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  • 401 Amazing Animals Facts by Marianne Taylor
    401 Amazing Animals Facts (English, Paperback) Marianne Taylor

    Did you know that water bears or tardigrades can survive in space? That woodpeckers stab their prey with their tongues? That the world's smallest antelope is smaller than the largest frog? Or that platypuses can detect electrical fields? This book is a light-hearted and accessible, non-jargony yet richly informative compendium of surprising, amusing and intriguing facts about the animal world. It...

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  • Rspb Seabirds by Marianne Taylor
    Rspb Seabirds (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor, David Tipling

    Seabirds are the living links between land, air and sea. They enjoy a freedom that even humans, with all our technological assistance, can barely imagine. Many species travel mind-boggling distances across the length and breadth of our planet before returning to land to breed in large, deafening and confusingly crowded colonies. Yet within this commotion each mated pair forms a bond of extreme...

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  • Natures Great Migrations by Marianne Taylor
    Natures Great Migrations (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor

    This beautifully illustrated book on the world's most impressive and spectacular movements of animals, includes various species of mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates. Twenty-five species are covered and these include iconic migrations, ranging from millions of wildebeest moving through the plains of east Africa and the annual return of the spawning salmon each year, to swarms of Monarch...

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  • What If ... by Marianne Taylor
    What If ... (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor, Paul Moran

    Packed with fun, incredible and often downright disgusting facts about the animal world, this is a book that will both entertain and educate. Full of awesome illustrations, this book shows kids the hilarious consequences of animal behaviour in the human world.

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  • RSPB Guide to Birdwatching by David Chandler
    RSPB Guide to Birdwatching (Paperback) David Chandler, Dominic Couzens

    This inspiring new book launches readers into the world of birds. It is split into 6 sections: principles of identification; birdwatching equipment / field skills; how birds are built and how they work; breeding, feeding, migration; bird habitats and distribution; how to help birds in your garden.

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  • Bats by Marianne Taylor
    Bats (English, Hardback) Marianne Taylor, Merlin Tuttle

    The ultimate illustrated guide to all known bat species...

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