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  • Mendelssohn is on the Roof
    Mendelssohn is on the Roof (Paperback) Jiri Weil, Philip Roth

    Full of dark humour and bitter irony, this moving novel traces the transformation of ordinary lives during the Nazi occupation of Prague. Weil is a neglected master of European literature, and this is one of only two of his novels to be translated into English.

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  • The Goshawk
    The Goshawk (English, Paperback) Marie Winn, T. H. White

    What is it that binds human beings to other animals? T. H. White, the author ofThe Once and Future King and Mistress Masham's Repose, was a young writer who found himself rifling through old handbooks of falconry. A particular sentence??the bird reverted to a feral state??seized his imagination, and, White later wrote, ?A longing came to my mind that I should be able to do this myself. The word...

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  • Temptation
    Temptation (Multiple languages, Paperback) Vaclav Havel, Voclav Havel

    In his most challenging work to date, Czech playwright Vaclav Havel has given the Faust legend a provocative twist. His setting is 'the Institute, ' whose mission is to combat the 'irrational tendencies' in society through its scientific work. Personal and professional relationships at this 'lighthouse of truthful knowledge' are a tissue of lies and sycophancy in which all concerned willingly collude.

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  • Red-Tails in Love
    Red-Tails in Love (English, Paperback) Marie Winn

    A prize-winning nature columnist for The Wall Street Journal offers an updated account of the ornithological drama that unfolded when a pair of red-tailed hawks, Pale Male and Lola, built a nest atop an apartment building across from New York City's Central Park. Reissue.

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  • The Ramble in Central Park
    The Ramble in Central Park (English, Hardback) Robert A. McCabe, Regina Alvarez

    A tourist souvenir before or after a visit to Central Park and The Ramble. It appeals to nature lovers, bird watchers, and New York residents and visitors alike.

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  • Plug in Drug
    Plug in Drug (English, Paperback) Marie Winn

    How does the passive act of watching television and other electronic media-regardless of their content-affect a developing child's relationship to the real world? Focusing on this crucial question, Marie Winn takes a compelling look at television's impact on children and the family. Winn's classic study has been extensively updated to address the new media landscape, including new sections on:...

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  • Red-tails in Love
    Red-tails in Love (Paperback) Marie Winn

    A true-life mystery of a pair of red-tailed hawks who, in the spring of 1992, built a nest on a high ledge of a building on New York City's Fifth Avenue. It chronicles the adventures not only of the hawks, but also of Central Park's other wildlife residents and of the birdwatchers.

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  • Mendelssohn is on the Roof
    Mendelssohn is on the Roof (English, Paperback) Jierai Weil, Marie Winn

    Julius Schlesinger, aspiring SS officer, has received orders to remove from the roof of Prague's concert hall the statue of the Jewish composer Felix Mendelssohn. But which of the figures adorning the roof is the Jew? Remembering his course on racial science, Schlesinger instructs his men to pull down the statue with the biggest nose. Only as the statue they have carefully chosen begins to topple...

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  • Central Park
    Central Park (English, CD-Audio) Andrew Blauner (Editor), Adrian Benepe

    Nineteen literary greats share their private passions for the world's most famous park....

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