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  • The Cast Courts by Angus Patterson
    The Cast Courts (English, Paperback)

    Published to celebrate the opening of the refurbished Cast Courts at the Victoria and Albert Museum, this book presents a fresh perspective on the Museum's diverse collection of reproductions including plaster casts, electrotypes and photographs.

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  • Thomas Brock by Frederick Brock
    Thomas Brock (English, Paperback) $51.29 $56.45
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  • Baroque & Later Ivories by Marjorie Trusted
    Baroque & Later Ivories (English, Hardback)

    Over 500 baroque & later ivories from the V&A's collection are illustrated and discussed in this scholarly catalogue. Includes every ivory sculpture made after 1550 comprising of German, Austrian, Netherlandish, British, French, Italian, Scandinavian, Russian & Spanish pieces, plus examples from the Philippines, Goa, Sri Lanka & South America.

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  • The Sacred Made Real by Xavier Bray
    The Sacred Made Real (English, Hardback)

    A study that reappraises an art form crucial to the development of Spanish art. It describes, explains and illustrates the technical challenges involved in making polychrome sculptures.

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  • The Arts of Spain by Marjorie Trusted
    The Arts of Spain (Hardback)

    A survey of Hispanic art, including paintings, sculpture, books, architecture and decorative arts. This work discusses arts from the Iberian Peninsula and Hispanic America from the time of the Reconquest of Granada to the decline of the Hapsburg dynasty in Spain.

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  • German Renaissance Medals by Marjorie Trusted
    German Renaissance Medals (English, Hardback)

    This scholarly work on German medals examines their origins, purposes, contexts and identification guidelines.

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  • The Making of Sculpture by Marjorie Trusted
    The Making of Sculpture (English, Paperback)

    A historical and technical guide to the materials and techniques of European sculpture, based on the collections at the V&A. Each chapter concentrates on a specific material or category, including terracotta, bronze, alabaster, plasters, wood, marble and stone, ivory, bone, medals, cameos, rock crystal, amber, jet and waxes.

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