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Mark Atwood Lawrence

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  • America in the World by Jeffrey A. Engel
    America in the World (English, Paperback) Jeffrey A. Engel

    How should America wield its enormous power beyond its borders? Should it adhere to grand principles or act on narrow self-interest? Should it partner with other nations or avoid entangling alliances? This book deals with these questions.

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  • The Vietnam War by Mark Atwood Lawrence
    The Vietnam War (English, Paperback) Mark Atwood Lawrence

    THE VIETNAM WAR examines the origins, course, and consequences of the wars in Vietnam, providing a balanced, broadly accessible narrative that takes account of the latest research in multiple languages and reflects changing scholarly understandings of the war.

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  • Assuming the Burden by Mark Atwood Lawrence
    Assuming the Burden (English, Paperback) Mark Atwood Lawrence

    "It would not be an exaggeration to call this one of the soundest international histories of any aspect of the World War II/early Cold War era."--Robert McMahon, author of The Limits of Empire "This is the new international history at its best, drawing on prodigious research in French, British and American primary sources and an imaginative and persuasive conceptual framework to fundamentally recast how we view this critical period in the history of the Vietnam wars and the Cold War."--Mark Bradley, author of Imagining Vietnam and America

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  • The First Vietnam War by Mark Atwood Lawrence
    The First Vietnam War (English, Paperback) Mark Atwood Lawrence

    To understand the course of the Vietnam wars, it is essential to explore the connections between events within Vietnam and global geopolitical currents in the decade after WWII. This work examines the various dimensions of the struggle between France and Vietnamese revolutionaries that began in 1945 and reached its climax at Dien Bien Phu.

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