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Mark Everard

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  • Ecosystem Services by Mark Everard
    Ecosystem Services (English, Paperback) Mark Everard

    The concept of ecosystem services has emerged in recent years as one of the most powerful guiding principles for ecology, biodiversity conservation and the management of natural resources. It provides the basis of assessing the multiple values and services that ecosystems can provide to humankind, including such diverse issues as carbon sequestration, flood control, crop pollination and...

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  • Britain's Freshwater Fishes by Mark Everard
    Britain's Freshwater Fishes (English, Paperback) Mark Everard

    Britain hosts a diversity of freshwater environments, from torrential hill streams and lowland rivers to lakes and reservoirs, ponds and canals, and ditches and estuaries. Britain's Freshwater Fishes covers more than 50 species of freshwater and brackish fish found in these waters. This beautifully illustrated guide features in-the-hand and in-the-water photographs throughout, and accessible and...

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  • Know Your Freshwater Fishes by Mark Everard
    Know Your Freshwater Fishes (English, Paperback) Mark Everard

    This pocket-sized book provides information about the 54 native, invasive and naturalised species found in the UK today, and includes a photograph of each to allow easy identification

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  • River Habitats for Coarse Fish by Dr. Mark Everard
    River Habitats for Coarse Fish (English, Paperback) Dr. Mark Everard

    This book arms fishery and river managers and angling clubs with the knowledge and practical habitat guidance they need to best direct their efforts to enhance the prospects for all types of fish and other riverine wildlife. It will also be of use to fishermen and other members of the public who enjoy the natural beauty of thri

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  • Britain's Game Fishes by Dr. Mark Everard
    Britain's Game Fishes (English, Hardback) Dr. Mark Everard, Paul Knight

    This book explores the importance of fishes of the salmon family for the wellbeing of society. Important as they are for food and recreation, this book shows their importance as `ambassadors of the wild' - as iconic indicators of the health of the environment.

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  • The Hydropolitics of Dams by Mark Everard
    The Hydropolitics of Dams (English, Paperback) Mark Everard

    A fascinating examination of the benefits and downsides of large dams, this book explores the political, economic and environmental impact and importance of water management policy practised across the world.

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  • Riverwatch by Mark Everard
    Riverwatch (Paperback) Mark Everard $15.12
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  • Common Ground by Mark Everard
    Common Ground (English, Paperback) Mark Everard

    Explores the shifting relationship between human society and the landscapes that bear it. In so doing, it explores changing understandings of the natural world and its management and exploitation, presenting suggestions for solutions in the nature of ecosystem services.

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