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  • Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher
    Capitalist Realism (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    A bestselling analysis of the ways in which capitalism has presented itself as the only realistic political-economic system.

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  • Ghosts of My Life by Mark Fisher
    Ghosts of My Life (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    Collected essays on popular culture by a major critic.

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  • The Weird and the Eerie by Mark Fisher
    The Weird and the Eerie (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    What exactly are the Weird and the Eerie? In this new essay, Mark Fisher argues that some of the most haunting and anomalous fiction of the 20th century belongs to these two modes. The Weird and the Eerie are closely related but distinct modes, each possessing its own distinct properties.  Both have often been associated with Horror, yet this emphasis overlooks the aching fascination that such...

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  • How to Write About Theatre by Mark Fisher
    How to Write About Theatre (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    What do you do if you find yourself weeping in the stalls? How should you react to Jude Law's trousers or David Tennant's hair? Are you prepared to receive toilet paper in the post? What if the show you just damned turns out to be a classic? If you gave it a five-star rave will anyone believe you?...

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  • Knives in Hens by David Harrower
    Knives in Hens (English, Paperback) David Harrower

    A fable that looks at the transformative power of knowledge and emerging consciousness as a small community moves from a rural to an urban/industrial setting.

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  • Cambridge IGCSE (R) Business Studies Coursebook with CD-ROM by Mark Fisher
    Cambridge IGCSE (R) Business Studies Coursebook with CD-ROM (English, Mixed media product) Mark Fisher, Medi Houghton

    This revised set of resources for Cambridge IGCSE Business Studies syllabus 0450 (and Cambridge O Level Business Studies syllabus 7115) is thoroughly updated for the latest syllabus for first examinations from 2015.

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  • The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson by Mark Fisher
    The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    Contains essays which demonstrate that writing on popular culture can be both thoughtful and heartfelt. It includes Barney Hoskyns' classic "NME" piece written at the time of "Thriller".

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  • The History of the Peloponnesian War by Mark Fisher
    The History of the Peloponnesian War (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    The History of the Peloponnesian War is acknowledged as the first great work in the fields of history and political theory. It uses narrative, debate, and analysis to document the war between Athens and Sparta (431-404 BCE). But its importance lies less in the story than in the way Thucydides tells it.

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  • Flatline Constructs by Mark Fisher
    Flatline Constructs (Paperback) Mark Fisher $17.43
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  • The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher
    The Instant Millionaire (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    Do those who succeed work harder than those who only dream about success? Are they smarter, luckier, more ruthless? And does financial success bring happiness? These perennial questions are perhaps more timely than ever. The Instant Millionaire answers them in the unforgettable voice of a very wise and wealthy old man. Known as the ?Instant Millionaire? because he grasped the true secret of making a fortune overnight, this sage mentors a young man with frustrated dreams and nine-to-five disappointments. In practical, ready-to-implement lessons, he reveals the ideas and actions that can give anyone the mentality of a millionaire. This simple yet powerful mental shift paves the way not only for financial success but also for profound personal fulfillment and well-being.

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  • Size Matters! by Beatrix Ruf
    Size Matters! (English, Paperback) Dave Beech, Daniel Birnbaum $17.56
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  • How to Think Like a Millionaire by Mark Fisher
    How to Think Like a Millionaire (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher, Marc Allen

    In this inspiring book, millionaires Mark Fisher and Marc Allen demonstrate that success is available to all who want it and who put their desires into action. Rather than waiting for a stroke of fate to change your situation, you can immediately begin to work with your most powerful ally ? your own subconscious mind. When you do this by applying the specific and easy-to-learn principles presented here, success soon follows. By imprinting a personal success formula on your subconscious, you can program yourself to succeed, instead of failing by default or, even worse, never trying in the first place. In these pages, you'll learn how to weed out limiting beliefs and to plant positive new ones. You'll also discover other components of the millionaire mind-set, including why it's better to make quick decisions based on intuition and to stick to them rather than to vacillate, the importance of balancing persistence with flexibility, and how to effectively implement step-by-step strategies to move toward a chosen goal. Clear, simple, and wise, How to Think Like a Millionaire offers the tools you need to live the life of your dreams.

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  • Spring Persistence -- A Running Start by Mark Fisher
    Spring Persistence -- A Running Start (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher, Solomon Duskis

    This title gets readers rolling with the various fundamental Spring Framework Java Persistence concepts and offerings for building complex, transaction-based enterprise Java applications that dynamically access databases.

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  • The Millionaire's Secrets by Mark Fisher
    The Millionaire's Secrets (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    From the author of the motivational classic "The Instant Millionaire" comes a powerful parable for our time. Written for those who want more than dry, how-to financial advice in their search for financial prosperity and a rich, fulfilling life, "The Millionaire's Secrets" leads readers, via a series of intriguing parables and probing questions, along the path to wisdom and wealth.

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  • Michael Wilkinson by Mark Fisher
    Michael Wilkinson (English, Paperback) Mark Fisher

    Michael Wilkinson is a Glasgow-based artist, who has been developing his own distinctive voice. Wilkinson's visual experimentations have led him to utilize found objects, newspaper cuttings, and disparate elements of popular culture from the 1970s to today, as well as exploring the unexpected and sometimes troubling effects of mirrors in the formulation of his pieces. His pieces often use and play upon the milestones of art history from Piero della Francesca to Pistoletto. His oeuvre to date has been a reflection of various artistic phases, or, more appropriately, of various fascinations or experimentations. His work refers to the popular music of Pink Floyd, Scritti Politti, the Situationist International, Head Shop Posters and ephemera from the 1970s and 80s, Malcolm McLaren's Seditionaries' shop, Paris May 1968 and through to the deployment of the latest reprographic technologies and practices.

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  • Negro Slave Songs in the United States by Miles Mark Fisher
    Negro Slave Songs in the United States (English, Paperback) Miles Mark Fisher

    The songs and spirituals of the American Negro are recognized as unique and valuable contributions to the world. What few people have known, however, is that the Negro spirituals and songs of the antebellum South were more than simple musical expression. They were, in Dr. Fisher's words, the "oral historical documents" of a people. As decoded by Dr. Fisher, the spirituals reveal data respecting...

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  • Beyond the Pinkerton Road by MR Mark Fisher
    Beyond the Pinkerton Road (English, Paperback) MR Mark Fisher

    There are always two paths to choose in life - so choose carefully...Join Equine Vet Dr Richard Ingoldsby as he embarks on a quest to find the long lost love from his youth with the unlikeliest of partners; Oakridge Borough Council Officer, Matthew Dullsworth.Immerse yourself in a world where nothing is what it seems?Follow the beautiful friendship between a foal and a rabbit that takes them on a...

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  • KP Brehmer by K. P. Brehmer
    KP Brehmer (Hardback) K. P. Brehmer, Jurgen Becker Currently Unavailable More details