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Mark J Blechner

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  • The Mindbrain and Dreams by Mark J. Blechner
    The Mindbrain and Dreams (English, Paperback)

    In The Mindbrain and Dreams: An Exploration of Dreaming, Thinking, and Artistic Creation, Mark J. Blechner argues that the mind and brain should be understood as a single unit ? the "mindbrain" ? which manipulates our raw perceptions of the world and reshapes that world through dreams, thoughts, and artistic creation....

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  • The Dream Frontier by Mark J. Blechner
    The Dream Frontier (English, Paperback)

    The Dream Frontier is that rare book that makes available the cumulative wisdom of a century's worth of clinical examination of dreams and then reconfigured that wisdom on the basis of research in cognitive neuroscience.  Drawing on psychodynamic theorists and neuroscientific researchers with equal fluency and grace, Mark Blechner introduces the reader to a conversation of the finest minds, from...

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