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  • Chosen Men
    Chosen Men (English, Paperback) Mark Latham, Mark Stacey

    A set of Napoleonic wargames rules for small and large skirmishes.

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  • Dragon Rampant
    Dragon Rampant (English, Paperback) Daniel Mersey, Craig Spearing

    Whether you're a nameless Dark Lord looking to conquer the known world, a Champion of Light holding out against the forces of evil or a Northern barbarian facing claimants to a stolen throne, this title allows you to bring those battles to the tabletop. Developed from the popular Lion Rampant system.

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  • The Pikeman's Lament
    The Pikeman's Lament (English, Paperback) Daniel Mersey, Michael Leck

    A set of wargaming rules for Pike and Shot, a popular period for wargaming, written by a leading game designer and a period expert.

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    5 stars

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  • World War II Vichy French Security Troops
    World War II Vichy French Security Troops (English, Paperback) Stephen M. Cullen, Mark Stacey

    A detailed study into the significant but little-known arm of the Axis security machinery in occupied Europe--the Vichy French Security Troops, the collaborators who hunted the Resistance.

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  • Oxford AQA History for A Level: The American Dream: Reality and Illusion 1945-1980
    Oxford AQA History for A Level: The American Dream: Reality and Illusion 1945-1980 (Paperback) Mark Stacey

    Retaining well-loved features, this book covers in depth the challenges faced by the USA at home and abroad as it emerged from the Second World War as a superpower. It focuses on key concepts such as American identity, anti-communism and ethnic identities, and covers events and developments with precision.

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  • Get Started in Spanish Absolute Beginner Course
    Get Started in Spanish Absolute Beginner Course (Multiple languages, Mixed media product) Mark Stacey, Angela Gonzalez Hevia

    Get started reading, speaking and listening in Spanish. Ideal for complete beginners, this course comprises a book and audio support which is easy to download to your computer or MP3 player.

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  • Colt Single-Action Revolvers
    Colt Single-Action Revolvers (English, Paperback) Martin Pegler, Mark Stacey

    Samuel Colt s revolvers have been iconic American handguns since 1836. Essential reading for anyone interested in small arms and their impact on the history of warfare."

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  • History for the IB Diploma: Civil Rights and Social Movements in the Americas
    History for the IB Diploma: Civil Rights and Social Movements in the Americas (English, Paperback) Mike Scott-Baumann, Mark Stacey

    An exciting series that covers selected topics from the Higher Level options in the IB History syllabus.

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  • Tudors
    Tudors (Poster) Mark Stacey

    The 'Tudors' poster is structured around a central timeline spanning from 1485 - 1603, and features information under the following headings: Henry VII; exploration and trade; travel and transport; crime and punishment; clothing; education; religion; Mary I; Elizabeth I; entertainment; everyday life; food and drink; Henry VIII; houses; literature. Images of artefacts such as a hornbook and...

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  • The Sten Gun
    The Sten Gun (English, Paperback) Leroy Thompson, Mark Stacey

    The Sten submachine gun - officially the Carbine, Machine, Sten - was developed to fulfill the pressing British need for large quantities of cheaply produced weapons after Dunkirk, when German invasion was a real possibility. This title presents story of the mass-produced submachine gun.

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  • Lion Rampant
    Lion Rampant (English, Paperback) Daniel Mersey, Mark Stacey

    Suitable for players who wish to collect medieval miniatures and paint the pageantry without wanting to muster huge forces or spend time learning complex rules, this title allows players to game actual historical battles - or to delve into the archives of Hollywood to embark on more over-the-top pulp style clashes.

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  • Steampunk Soldiers
    Steampunk Soldiers (English, Hardback) Philip Smith, Joseph A. McCullough

    Between 1887 and 1895, the British art student Miles Vandercroft travelled around the world, sketching and painting the soldiers of the countries through which he passed. This book collects all of Vandercroft's surviving paintings, along with his associated commentary on the specific military units he encountered.

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  • A World Aflame
    A World Aflame (English, Paperback) Paul Eaglestone, Mark Stacey

    Often called the Pulp Era, the years between the two World Wars have seen a tremendous surge in interest among wargamers. This title captures the adventurous nature of the time period to present a fun, fast-paced set of tabletop miniatures rules that can handle the many diverse conflicts of the period.

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  • Winchester Lever-Action Rifles
    Winchester Lever-Action Rifles (English, Paperback) Martin Pegler, Mark Stacey

    Winchester lever-action repeating rifles are an integral part of the folklore of the American West. This book explores the Winchesters' unique place in history, revealing the technical secrets of their success with a full array of colour artwork, period illustrations and close-up photographs.

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  • The M60 Machine Gun
    The M60 Machine Gun (English, Paperback) Kevin Dockery, Mark Stacey

    The US M60 Machine Gun, known as "the Pig," was developed in the years after World War II from two revolutionary German designs, combining the effective belt-feed system of the MG 42 machine gun with the bolt-operating design of the FG 42 rifle. Chambered for the standard NATO 7.62mm round, the M60 was the first US-issue machine gun to have a true quick-change barrel; it was capable of firing 100...

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  • Tombstone
    Tombstone (English, Paperback) Sean McLachlan, Mark Stacey

    Wyatt Earp, leader of the so-called good guys, was charged with stealing horses in the Indian Territory in 1870 and jumped bail. Becoming a buffalo hunter and gambler, he got into several scrapes and earned a reputation as a gunfighter. He got fired from a police job in Wichita for beating up a political rival.

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  • Of Gods and Mortals
    Of Gods and Mortals (English, Paperback) Andrea Sfiligoi, Mark Stacey

    Two armies prepare for war. Thor, surrounded by crackling lightning, leads the assault of a horde of Viking berserkers. Preparing to receive this charge stands a wall of grim-faced, determined Spartan hoplites, commanded by Ares himself... This book offers a skirmish wargame that gives players the opportunity to command the greatest heroes.

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  • Steampunk Soldiers
    Steampunk Soldiers (English, Hardback) Philip Smith, Joseph A. McCullough

    Even as the discovery and exploitation of hephaestium helped bring the Civil War to its close in 1869, the arms race it engendered resulted in a cold war just as bitter and violent as the open hostilities had been. This title deals with the costume and equipment of the forces active in the great drive westwards.

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  • Blackbeard's Last Fight
    Blackbeard's Last Fight (English, Paperback) Angus Konstam, Mark Stacey

    In April 1713 the War of the Spanish Succession came to an end. During the conflict hundreds of privateers - licenced pirates - preyed on enemy shipping throughout the Caribbean. These privateers now found themselves out of a job, and many turned to piracy. One of theme was Edward Teach - more popularly known as Blackbeard.

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  • Oldest Allies
    Oldest Allies (English, Paperback) Rene Chartrand, Mark Stacey

    Although somewhat overshadowed by Wellington's main campaign in the north, the Alcantara raid was an outstanding success. The primary objective of alarming and distracting the French forces in Spain was achieved. This book deals with this topic.

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