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Marlene Zuk

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  • Advances in the Study of Behavior: Volume 50 by John C. Mitani
    Advances in the Study of Behavior: Volume 50 (English, Hardback) John C. Mitani

    Advances in the Study of Behavior, Volume 50 provides users with the latest insights in this ever-evolving field. Users will find new information on a variety of species, including social behaviors in reptiles, the behavioral evidence of felt emotions, a section on developmental plasticity, a chapter on covetable corpses and plastic beetles and the socioecological behavior of burying beetles, and...

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  • Riddled with Life by Marlene Zuk
    Riddled with Life (English, Paperback) Marlene Zuk

    We treat disease as our enemy, and germs and infections as things we battle. But what if we've been giving them a bum rap? This book makes us rethink our instincts as it argues that disease is our partner, not our foe.

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  • Sexual Selections by Marlene Zuk
    Sexual Selections (English, Paperback) Marlene Zuk

    Scientific discoveries about the animal kingdom fuel ideological battles on many fronts, especially battles about sex and gender. This book exposes the anthropomorphism and gender politics that have colored our understanding of the natural world and shows how feminism can help move us away from our ideological biases.

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  • Paleofantasy by Marlene Zuk
    Paleofantasy (English, Paperback) Marlene Zuk

    "With . . . evidence from recent genetic and anthropological research, [Zuk] offers a dose of paleoreality."-Erin Wayman, Science News

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  • Sex on Six Legs by Marlene Zuk
    Sex on Six Legs (English, Hardback) Marlene Zuk

    Insects have inspired fear, fascination, and enlightenment for centuries. They are capable of complex behaviour, even with brains often the size of a poppy seed. How do they accomplish feats that look like human activity - personality, language, childcare - with completely different pathways from our own? This title deals with this topic.

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  • Paleofantasy by Marlene Zuk
    Paleofantasy (English, Hardback) Marlene Zuk

    An expose of pseudoscientific myths about our evolutionary past and how we should live today.

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  • Sexual Selection: A Very Short Introduction by Marlene Zuk
    Sexual Selection: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Marlene Zuk, Leigh W. Simmons

    Sexual selection, Darwin's other big idea, is the selection for particular traits and behaviours that results from (usually) female choice and male competition. It can produce flamboyant features, such as the peacock's tail, which would seem to be detrimental to survival. This book explores our understanding of how sexual selection works.

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