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  • Eggs
    Eggs (Paperback) Michel Roux, Martin Brigdale

    There are over 32 million eggs sold and eaten in the UK every day. This work contains a compilation of the best 100 egg recipes. Each chapter is arranged around a style of cooking eggs from boiling, frying, poaching, baking and scrambling; how to make the perfect omelette, mousse, souffle and custard.

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  • Food and Cooking of Tuscany
    Food and Cooking of Tuscany (English, Hardback) Valentina Harris, Martin Brigdale

    Explore the delights of the cooking of Tuscany, Umbria and the Marche in 60 classic recipes. Provides a guide to the key ingredients of the region, as well as insightful information on the geography, history, festivals and culinary traditions.

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  • Healthy Dairy-Free Eating
    Healthy Dairy-Free Eating (English, Paperback) Mini C, Martin Brigdale

    Dietitian Tanya Haffner starts the book with a discussion on the benefits of a dairy-free diet, and gives advice on the wide range of dairy alternatives available, including shopping and cooking tips. Mini C includes inspirational Asian-style dishes such as Jungle Curry with Lychees and Zucchini and Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Coconut, as well her delicious soy versions of clam chowder, caesar salad, lasagna, quiche, and lemon cheesecake.

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  • Eggs
    Eggs (English, Hardback) Michel Roux, Martin Brigdale

    A world renowned chef takes on America's favorite food Eggs are increasingly popular today, thanks to low-carb and high-protein trends. This elegantly produced full-color book includes 120 recipes, information on buying, storing, and using eggs, and step-by-step explanations of 20 classic culinary techniques for cooking with eggs.

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  • Eggs
    Eggs (Hardback) Michel Roux, Martin Brigdale

    There are classic egg recipes given a modern twist such as Hollandaise Sauce, Eggs Benedict, Lemon Souffle, Creme Caramel and Pavlova with Summer Fruits.

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  • One Step Ahead
    One Step Ahead (Hardback) Mary Berry, Martin Brigdale

    Gives answer for the time-poor cook, providing 100 recipes devised to be either worked through in the usual way or taken to a 'holding point' - a stage that will give you a head start when putting together a meal in limited time. This title helps the reader through various tricky techniques.

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  • The Foods of Greece
    The Foods of Greece (English, Paperback) Aglaia Kremezi, Martin Brigdale

    An expert on the food of her homeland shares her personal selection of 135 regional dishes made from readily available ingredients.

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  • Tajine
    Tajine (German, Hardback) Ghillie Basan, Martin Brigdale

    Die schönsten Rezepte für Tajines ...

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  • Diner
    Diner (German, Hardback) Jennifer Joyce, Martin Brigdale

    Hausmannskost und das echte Route-66-Feeling Wer durch die USA gereist ist, der kennt sie: die Diner-Restaurants - kleine Genuss-Stationen am Stra

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  • Tarts
    Tarts (Paperback) Maxine Clark, Martin Brigdale

    Photographed step-by-step, this book features foolproof methods for making all the different types of pastry for sweet tarts and savoury tarts.

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  • Grill
    Grill (English, Hardback) Linda Tubby, Martin Brigdale

    Whether you are outside or in the kitchen, there are few ways of cooking that are as enticing as grilling. Inspired by ingredients and flavours from around the world, this collection offers 65 recipes for every occasion together with practical advice and useful kitchen and larder notes.

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  • Die japanische Küche
    Die japanische Küche (German, Hardback) Kimiko Barber, Martin Brigdale

    Ein Land voller Gegensätze und Mysterien, die selbst die eigenen Bewohner immer wieder ins Staunen bringen. ...

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  • Stylish Thai in Minutes
    Stylish Thai in Minutes (Paperback) Vatcharin Bhumichitr, Martin Brigdale

    Indulge in over 140 recipes that epitomize the best flavours of Thai cuisine and can be prepared at home in 30 minutes or less.

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  • Cupcake Heaven
    Cupcake Heaven (English, Paperback) Susannah Blake, Martin Brigdale

    Offers recipes complemented by illustrations and tips for fillings and frostings, in an array of unusual and kid-friendly options, from simple and celebration cupcakes to cupcakes for special diets.

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  • Sensational Soup
    Sensational Soup (English, Paperback) Matthew Drennan, Martin Brigdale

    Inspired by ideas from all around the world, the author pays homage to this great dish with delicious, tempting recipes. The recipes feature an array of soups, from cream duck to Thai chicken noodle. It offers a selection of ideas for sophisticated starters and lunchtime snacks, as well as warming one bowl meals to eat with friends.

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  • Vietnamese
    Vietnamese (English, Hardback) Ghillie Basan, Martin Brigdale

    A fabulous collection of traditional and contemporary recipes offering a taste of authentic Vietnamese food. With easy to follow recipes and essential chef's tips and photographs of every finished dish.

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  • Turkish Meze
    Turkish Meze (English, Paperback) Ghillie Basan, Martin Brigdale

    A skilful blend of Mediterranean and Asian influences, Turkish food is famous for its fresh, vibrant flavours, excellent seafood and the huge range of delectable titbits that are found on the meze table.

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  • Barbecuing and Grilling Inside and Out
    Barbecuing and Grilling Inside and Out (English, Paperback) Martin Brigdale

    A stylish and evocative guide to indoor and out door grilling.

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  • Complete Book of Korean Cooking
    Complete Book of Korean Cooking (English, Hardback) Martin Brigdale

    Typical traditional Korean dishes are defined by healthy, home-produced ingredients, low in fat and high in fibre, and natural tastes that can be fresh and delicate as well as robust and spicy. The cooking relies heavily on seasonings and spices.

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