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Martin Hughes

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  • Lonely Planet Irish Language & Culture by Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet Irish Language & Culture (English, Paperback)

    Bejaysus and begorrah! The next best thing for anyone not blessed with the gift of the gab - a grand tour through the language, lilt and laughter of Ireland old and new. So join in the craic, forget the Blarney Stone and wrap your tongue around Englishthe way the Irish reinvented it.

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  • A Wild Life by Martin Hughes-Games
    A Wild Life (English, Paperback)

    From the charismatic presenter of the BBC's primetime nature series, a thrilling and often hilarious memoir recounting the trials and tribulations of filming the natural world. 'These adventures are a repository of joy, despair and cunning success candidly peppered with lovely nuggets of natural history - an absolutely irresistible read.' Chris Packham

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  • Young Children Learning by Barbara Tizard
    Young Children Learning (English, Paperback)

    * Fascinating account of an unusual research project challenges many assumptions about how young children. * Turns upside-down the commonly held belief that professionals know better than parents how to educate and bring up children.

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  • Transitions and Learning through the Lifecourse by Kathryn Ecclestone
    Transitions and Learning through the Lifecourse (English, Paperback)

    'Transition' has numerous everyday and conceptual meanings yet, while certain transitions are unsettling and difficult for some people, risk, challenge and even difficulty might also be important factors in successful transitions for others. This title evaluates insights about educational, life and work transitions from various fields of research.

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  • Luke Miller by Martin Hughes
    Luke Miller (English, Hardback) $34.65 $36.61
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  • Advanced Respiratory Critical Care by Martin Hughes
    Advanced Respiratory Critical Care (English, Paperback)

    Respiratory disease is the most common reason for admission to intensive care, and advanced respiratory support is one of the most frequently used interventions in critically ill patients. This book includes detailed sections on invasive ventilation, the principles of each ventilatory mode, and their applications in clinical practice.

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  • Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning by Penny Norton
    Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning (English, Paperback)

    Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning is the definitive introduction to public consultation for developers, students and planners. The past decade has seen a complete transformation in consultation and community relations in the UK, from increased requirements to consult, to the introduction of neighbourhood planning and a revolution in online communication. Public...

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  • A Wild Life by Martin Hughes-Games
    A Wild Life (English, Hardback)

    Offers an account of author's astonishing adventures around the world, both as a presenter for the BBC and producer of nature documentaries.

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  • Legal Principles in Banking and Structured Finance by Martin Hughes
    Legal Principles in Banking and Structured Finance (English, Paperback)

    Serves as an introductory guide to the legal issues that arise in banking and structured finance transactions. This book demystifies and explains the concepts and terminology encountered in practice, and provides practical solutions to everyday problems.

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