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Martin J Dougherty

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  • Celtic Castles by Martin J Dougherty
    Celtic Castles (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    Some of the most romantic castles in the world are found in the British Isles and Ireland. These strongholds may now largely be ruined, but in their dilapidation they have gained an air of mystery and beauty. The people they once protected are gone, the borders they guarded have dissolved, the fragile communities and wooden buildings that built up around them have been dismantled. Only the...

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  • Modern Air-Launched Weapons by Martin J Dougherty
    Modern Air-Launched Weapons (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    Featuring computer-generated color art and a directory of weapons, this in-depth guide is a must-read for anyone interested in military aviation. From America's unguided Mk 82 bomb to the Russian-Indian Brahmos supersonic cruise missile, it shows how weapons and pods are loaded onto major aircraft, and how they work together in battle. Organized by airplane type, the book includes annotations, numbered diagrams, top- and side-view illustrations, and photographs.

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  • Battles of the Crusades by Kelly DeVries
    Battles of the Crusades (English, Hardback) Kelly DeVries, Iain Dickie

    Battles of the Crusades covers examples from every campaign in the religious war between Christianity and Islam?from the well-known encounters in Antioch, Jerusalem, and Harran to the less-famous clash at Montgisard and Saladin's destruction of the Crusader army at Hattin. Each entry includes an introduction, a concise description of the action, and an analysis of the aftermath, while color maps illustrate the movement of forces and development of the fighting.

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  • Celts by Martin J Dougherty
    Celts (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    "They cut off the heads of enemies slain in battle and attach them to the necks of their horses... They embalm the heads... [and]... display them with pride to strangers." ? Diodorus Siculus...

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  • Kings and Queens of the Medieval World by Martin J Dougherty
    Kings and Queens of the Medieval World (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    The Great, the Pious, the Fair; the Wise, the Lame, the Mad. Imprisoned, deposed, exiled. Excommunicated, assassinated; devout, debauched; loved, loathed - the Middle Ages produced a fascinating array of monarchs. From Britain to Russia, from Scandinavia to Sicily, from the 9th century CE to the completion of the Reconquista of Spain in 1492, Kings & Queens of the Medieval World explores the...

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  • Ireland by Martin J Dougherty
    Ireland (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    With captions explaining the story behind each entry, Ireland is a stunning collection of images celebrating the island's natural beauty, culture and history, from rugged cliffs to mysterious stone circles, magnificent cathedrals and ruined abbeys.

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  • The World's Worst Weapons by Martin J. Dougherty
    The World's Worst Weapons (English, Paperback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Some weapons are winners, some are epic failures--and this entertaining, informative guide looks at the guns, tanks, ships, and aircraft that went really wrong. They range from the early version of the M16 assault rifle, which broke down regularly in Vietnam, to the Douglas X-3 Stiletto, designed to explore the "supersonic flight environment," but incapable of passing the speed of sound.

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  • Sniper by Martin J. Dougherty
    Sniper (Paperback) Martin J. Dougherty

    The sniper is a lone hunter: to become a special forces sniper requires supreme concentration and extreme self-discipline. SAS and Elite Forces Guide: Sniper examines what it takes to be a special forces elite sniper. It is as important to focus on mental discipline and physical fitness as it is to be able to shoot to Olympic levels of accuracy.

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  • The Aztec, Inca and Maya Empires by Martin J Dougherty
    The Aztec, Inca and Maya Empires (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    The Aztec, Inca and Maya Empires charts the rise and fall pre-Columbian civilizations in Mesoamerica and South America, from the Maya to the Aztec and Inca empires, as well as the Zapotec, Olmec, Teotihuacan and Toltec civilizations....

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  • Native American Warriors by Martin J Dougherty
    Native American Warriors (English, Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    Native American Warriors examines the fighting techniques of the various tribes that fought both among themselves and the European settlers across what would become the USA and Canada. Not one society, but many different tribes with different ways of life, the book explores the weaponry, equipment, armour and how the Native Americans understood warfare very differently from the European settlers....

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  • Medieval Warrior by Martin J. Dougherty
    Medieval Warrior (English, Paperback) Martin J. Dougherty

    The essential visual guide to the warriors of the Middle Ages, this richly illustrated guide provides an overview of the medieval world and a guide to the typical battlefield and the armies that populated it.

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  • How to Punch by Martin J Dougherty
    How to Punch (English, Paperback) Martin J Dougherty

    Punching. Although it seems like one of the simplest forms of self-defense, this ancient form of combat is actually more complex than you would ever imagine. Now, in this fully illustrated and easy-to-use book, the art of punching is decoded for readers everywhere. This book will teach you the elements of the perfect punch, including:...

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  • The Wars of the Roses by Martin J. Dougherty
    The Wars of the Roses (English, Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    "Westeros is probably closer to medieval Britain than anything else." - George R.R. Martin, creator of Game of Thrones.

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  • War Machines by Martin J Dougherty
    War Machines (Hardback) Martin J Dougherty

    From Surfing to the Secret Life of Rats, Extreme Science will excite and inspire 8-11 year olds. High-interest topics grab the reader and introduce some key science concepts in an accessible and innovative way. Extreme titles are ideal for supporting creative classroom teaching and for spicing up topic libraries.

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  • Small Arms by Martin J. Dougherty
    Small Arms (Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Presented in a striking landscape format, Seven-View Series: Small Arms profiles 35 of the greatest personal weapons of the past 100 years, from handguns such as the Cold .44 Magnum and Beretta 93R to classic rifles such as the M16 and AK47.

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  • Warriors of the Ancient World by Martin J. Dougherty
    Warriors of the Ancient World (English, Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Warriors of the Ancient World is packed with fascinating facts and 120 colourful artworks, photographs and diagrams, making it an attractive, informative guide to warfare in the ancient world. Learn about fighting elephants, epic sieges, the Spartan phalanx, Greek trireme ships, and many more amazing aspects of ancient warfare.

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  • Drones by Martin J. Dougherty
    Drones (English, Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Drones are found in the airspace throughout the world and are more popular now than ever before. We see them in the newspaper, on the TV, in films, at sporting events, and soon, they might be delivering our shopping.

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  • Top 50 Tanks by Martin J. Dougherty
    Top 50 Tanks (English, Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Packed with 300 full-colour artworks and photographs, Top 50 Tanks is a fun and popular guide to the greatest tanks of all time to see combat from 1917 to the present.

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  • Battles That Changed History by Martin J. Dougherty
    Battles That Changed History (English, Paperback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Marathon, Cannae, Hattin, Blenheim, Waterloo and The Somme - the names of some battles do not fade with the passing of time. Battles that Changed History offers 47 key battles that altered the course of history.

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  • Camouflage at War by Martin J. Dougherty
    Camouflage at War (English, Hardback) Martin J. Dougherty

    Packed with 200 colour and black and white photographs and colour artworks, Camouflage at War explores uniforms, military vehicles and buildings from World War I to the present day, showing how warfare has changed over the last hundred years.

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