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Martin Loughlin

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  • The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction by Martin Loughlin
    The British Constitution: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Martin Loughlin

    The British constitution has grown organically in response to changes in its economic, political, and social environment, and is not contained in a single authoritative text. In this Very Short Introduction, Martin Loughlin examines the nature and authority of the constitution, and its challenging prospects for the future.

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  • Political Jurisprudence by Martin Loughlin
    Political Jurisprudence (English, Hardback) Martin Loughlin

    A collection of brand new and revised essays from eminent scholar of public law, Martin Loughlin, that systematizes his work on political jurisprudence - a school of thought that contends the key to understanding the nature of legal order lies in how political authority is constituted.

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  • The Paradox of Constitutionalism by Martin Loughlin
    The Paradox of Constitutionalism (English, Paperback) Martin Loughlin

    In modern political communities ultimate authority is often thought to reside with 'the people'. This book examines how constitutions act as a delegation of power from 'the people' to representative and expert institutions, and looks at the attendant problems of maintaining the legitimacy of these constitutional arrangements.

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  • The Idea of Public Law by Martin Loughlin
    The Idea of Public Law (English, Paperback) Martin Loughlin

    This title offers an answer to the question: what is public law? It suggests that an adequate explanation can only be given once public law is recognised to be an autonomous discipline, with its own distinctive methods and tasks.

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  • Sword and Scales by Martin Loughlin
    Sword and Scales (English, Paperback) Martin Loughlin

    This short and accessible book provides a provocative re-assessment of the various tangled relationships between law and politics.

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  • Foundations of Public Law by Martin Loughlin
    Foundations of Public Law (English, Paperback) Martin Loughlin

    This book develops Martin Loughlin's distinctive and provocative theory of public law, first outlined in The Idea of Public Law. Tracing the historical evolution of the concept of public law, the book rethinks the foundational concepts of state, constitution, and government, arguing that public power is created, not controlled, by law.

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