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Martin Plaut

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  • Fighting for Britain by David Killingray
    Fighting for Britain (English, Paperback) David Killingray, Martin Plaut

    The first major study of the experiences of the hundreds of thousands of African soldiers who served with the British army during the Second World War.

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  • Curious Camden Town by Martin Plaut
    Curious Camden Town (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut

    Plenty of people think they know Camden ... but what about the spiritualist temple that Sherlock Holmes helped build or the folk dance revival that started in a Camden Hay Market or the site of the Camden Town Murder? Camden might have the best eels and mash shop in North London but it was also the home of a local priest who was deported as a political undesirable and of a Black revolutionary who...

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  • Promise and despair by Martin Plaut
    Promise and despair (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut

    This is a very well-written, lively and interesting account, with vivid descriptions and fascinating information about individuals. It is a great story, one that has been told in outline before, but this tells it from a number of new angles, is now the most comprehensive account, one that is well-researched, and draws on a host of recent relevant secondary works along with primary research.' ?...

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  • Curious Kentish Town by Martin Plaut
    Curious Kentish Town (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut, Andrew Whitehead $12.43 $13.25
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  • Who Rules South Africa? by Martin Plaut
    Who Rules South Africa? (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut, Paul Holden

    This is the true story of post-apartheid South Africa. An extraordinary book by Paul Holden, author of The Arms Deal in Your Pocket and Martin Plaut, the BBC's Africa editor.

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  • Promise and Despair by Martin Plaut
    Promise and Despair (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut

    The struggle for freedom in South Africa goes back a long way. In 1909, a remarkable interracial delegation of South Africans traveled to London to lobby for a non-racialized constitution and franchise for all. Among their allies was Mahatma Gandhi, who later encapsulated lessons from the experience in his most important book, Hind Swaraj.

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  • Understanding Eritrea by Martin Plaut
    Understanding Eritrea (English, Paperback) Martin Plaut

    The most secretive, repressive state in Africa is hemorrhaging its citizens. In some months as many Eritreans as Syrians arrive on European shores, yet the country is not convulsed by civil war. Young men and women risk all to escape. Many do not survive - their bones littering the Sahara; their bodies floating in the Mediterranean....

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