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Martin Slevin

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  • Muriel's Monster by Martin Slevin
    Muriel's Monster (English, Paperback) Martin Slevin

    "If you wish to experience the wonders of the Universe, then learn to travel through yourself..." says Patrick in the Garden of Idols.This is the story of a young girl's journey of self-discovery as she battles with illness. A teenager with everything before her, and surrounded by loving family and friends, Muriel must explore the inner depths of her being to learn how to deal with the traumas...

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  • The Little Girl in the Radiator by Martin Slevin
    The Little Girl in the Radiator (English, Paperback) Martin Slevin

    The story of one man's attempt to understand Alzheimer's disease as its progression slowly changed the personality of his mother. This is the hillariously funny, and often heart-breakingly sad story of a family's fight against dementia. A tale of love, joy, humanity and despair that will make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. This true story is full of wonderful characters, the Whistling...

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  • Love Online by Martin Slevin
    Love Online (English, Paperback) Martin Slevin $16.95
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  • The Little Girl In The Radiator by Martin Slevin
    The Little Girl In The Radiator (English, Paperback) Martin Slevin

    A touching tale of love, loss and family, The Little Girl in the Radiator is the sometimes heartbreaking story of a man's struggle to care for his mother after her diagnosis with Alzheimer's. Martin Slevin's mother was a highly active, very intelligent and fiercely independent woman who ran her own business. But after her diagnosis, Martin moves back home to care for her. Together they embark on a...

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  • Cosmic Zoo by Martin Slevin
    Cosmic Zoo (English, Paperback) Martin Slevin

    In a distant part of our own Milky Way galaxy, another civilization is in crisis. The hounds of Canaris are dying in their thousands, as the planet has lost its natural water supply. Searching the galaxy they discover a beautiful planet with two thirds natural water, a planet they can reach. Driven by desperation, they have to send an expedition. Can the hounds of Canaris convince the apes of...

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