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Martine Beugnet

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  • Claire Denis by Martine Beugnet
    Claire Denis (English, Paperback) Martine Beugnet

    This is the first book on the celebrated films of director Claire Denis ('Chocolat', 'Beau Travail', 'Trouble Every Day'), one of the most remarkable filmmakers to come to prominence in the last 20 years. An essential read for students and specialists in contemporary French cinema. -- .

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  • Cinematicity in Media History by Jeffrey Geiger
    Cinematicity in Media History (English, Paperback) Jeffrey Geiger

    In a world where change has become the only constant, how does the perpetually new relate to the old? How does cinema, itself once a new medium, relate both to previous or outmoded media and to what we now refer to as New Media? This collection examines these questions by focusing on the relations of cinema to other media.

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  • Indefinite Visions by Martine Beugnet
    Indefinite Visions (English, Paperback) Martine Beugnet

    Pursuing a range of approaches (from aesthetics to phenomenology to production studies), the authors in this volume actively explore moving images in states of decay, distortion, indistinctness and fragmentation, while drawing upon key theoretical themes including affect, embodiment, visual signification and legibility.

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  • Cinema and Sensation by Martine Beugnet
    Cinema and Sensation (English, Paperback) Martine Beugnet

    A study of one of the most intriguing aspects of contemporary French cinema - the cinema of transgression.

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