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Mary Hanson Roberts

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  • The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck by Mary Hanson-Roberts
    The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Deck (English, Miscellaneous print) Mary Hanson-Roberts

    /U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Artist Mary Hanson-Roberts presents a new interpretation of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck depicting full scenes with stunning imagery.

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  • Universal Waite Tarot Cards by Pamela Colman Smith
    Universal Waite Tarot Cards (English, Miscellaneous print) Pamela Colman Smith, Mary Hanson-Roberts

    The iconic drawings of Pamela Colman Smith have been beautifully re-colored by artist Mary Hanson-Roberts. The original meanings and rich symbolism of the Rider-Waite artwork come though with greater clarity and fresh, new details. The enhanced imagery make the Universal Waite Tarot deck more accessible to newcomers and more appealing to seasoned tarot readers. Hanson-Roberts’ serene colors also...

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  • Universal Waite by Mary Hanson-Roberts
    Universal Waite (English, Hardback) Mary Hanson-Roberts

    The popular Universal Waite Tarot Deck is now available in a 2-1/4 x 3-1/2" pocked size. 78 drawings by Pamela Coleman Smith have been beautifully recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts. The deck is packaged in a deluxe stand-up box and is an ideal tool for meditation and readings. Includes booklet of instruction.

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  • Universal Waite Tarot Deck by Pamela Colman Smith
    Universal Waite Tarot Deck (English, Other merchandise) Pamela Colman Smith

    Based on the charming drawings by Pamela Colman Smith, beautifully recolored by Mary Hanson-Roberts.

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  • Universal Waite Tiny by Edward Arthur Waite
    Universal Waite Tiny (English, Cards) Edward Arthur Waite, Colman Pamela Smith

    Now you can take tarot with you wherever you go. The world's smallest complete tarot deck is available as a key chain. Packaged in an attractive, durable carrying case. Instructions included.

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  • The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion by Susan Hansson
    The Hanson-Roberts Tarot Companion (English, Paperback) Susan Hansson, Mary Hanson-Roberts

    The author offers fresh insights into Mary Hanson-Roberts' vibrant designs and vivid fairy-tale images in this companion guide to the Hanson-Roberts Tarot deck.

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