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Mary Wesley

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  • The Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley
    The Camomile Lawn (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Behind the large house, the fragrant camomile lawn stretches down to the Cornish cliffs.

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  • Harnessing Peacocks by Mary Wesley
    Harnessing Peacocks (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Hebe has harnessed her two great talents - cooking and making love - to make a living for herself, but when the separate strands of her life become intangled the even tenor of her days is threatened, and her world changes forever.

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  • The Vacillations Of Poppy Carew by Mary Wesley
    The Vacillations Of Poppy Carew (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Poppy Carew has just been dumped by her unscrupulous boyfriend, Edmund, when her beloved and eccentric father dies, leaving Poppy one last request - that she ensure he is buried in style by a 'fun' undertaker - and one large fortune.

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  • Second Fiddle by Mary Wesley
    Second Fiddle (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Laura Thornby is independent, individual and perfectly in control of her life.What Laura does not foresee, however, are the possibilities that one day Claude may actually complete his novel and that she may well fall in love.

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  • Not That Sort Of Girl by Mary Wesley
    Not That Sort Of Girl (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    When, on the night of their wedding, Ned asks his new wife Rose to promise that she will never leave him, Rose is quick to give her aristocratic husband her word: keeping it, however, proves harder.

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  • The Camomile Lawn by Mary Wesley
    The Camomile Lawn (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Behind the large house, the fragrant camomile lawn stretches down to the Cornish cliffs. Here, in August 1939, five cousins have gathered at their aunt's house for their annual ritual of a holiday. For most of them it is the last summer of their youth, with the heady exhilarations and freedoms of lost innocence, and the fears of the coming war.

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  • An Imaginative Experience by Mary Wesley
    An Imaginative Experience (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    A train screeches to a halt in the middle of the English countryside and, observed by her fascinated fellow travellers, a woman climbs down and rushes to the aid of a sheep, stranded on its back and unable to rise.

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  • A Dubious Legacy by Mary Wesley
    A Dubious Legacy (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Henry Tillotson, a generous, genial man who inherited his father's philanthropic attitude along with his beautiful house, rescues Margaret from a disastrous marriage in Egypt and brings her home to the West Country as his new wife.

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  • A Sensible Life by Mary Wesley
    A Sensible Life (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Flora Trevelyan is a ten-year-old misfit, despised by her selfish and indolent parents, and left to wander the streets of a small French town whilst her parents prepare to depart for life in colonial India.

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  • Part Of The Furniture by Mary Wesley
    Part Of The Furniture (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Seventeen-year-old Juno Marlowe has just waved off to war the two young men she has loved for the best part of her life when the air raid sirens begin to wail out across London.

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  • Jumping The Queue by Mary Wesley
    Jumping The Queue (Paperback) Mary Wesley

    Matilda Poliport, recently widowed and largely estranged from her four adult children, has decided to End It All. But her meticulously planned bid for graceful oblivion is interrupted when she foils the suicide bid of another lost soul - Hugh Warner, on the run from the police - and life begins again for them both.

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