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  • Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
    Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (English, Hardback) University David S Moore

    Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (IPS) shows students how to produce and interpret data from real-world contexts—doing the same type of data gathering and analysis that working statisticians in all kinds of businesses and institutions do every day. With this phenomenally successful approach originally developed by David Moore and George McCabe, statistics is more than just a collection...

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  • Computer Age Statistical Inference
    Computer Age Statistical Inference (English, Hardback) Bradley Efron, Trevor Hastie

    Take an exhilarating journey through the modern revolution in statistics with two of the ringleaders.

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  • No Bullshit Guide to Math and Physics
    No Bullshit Guide to Math and Physics (English, Paperback) Ivan Savov

    "This book contains lessons on topics in math and physics, written in a style that is jargon-free and to the point. Each lesson covers one concept at the depth required for the first-year university-level course. The main focus of this book is to highlight the intricate connections between the concepts of math and physics. Seeing the similarities and parallels between the concepts is the key to understanding." -- Preface.

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  • Naked Statistics
    Naked Statistics (English, Paperback) Charles Wheelan

    "Brilliant, funny ... the best math teacher you never had."-San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Ruler and Compass
    Ruler and Compass (English, Paperback) Andrew Sutton

    Sutton guides the reader through the once treasured principles of ruler and compass constructions, used for centuries by architects, carpenters, stonemasons and master craftsmen. Instruction is given on how to draw heptograms, heptakaidecagons, circles inside triangles and many more artistic geometric shapes.

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  • Beyond Infinity
    Beyond Infinity (Paperback) Eugenia Cheng

    Even small children know there are infinitely many whole numbers - start counting and you'll never reach the end. But there are also infinitely many decimal numbers between zero and one. Are these two types of infinity the same? Are they larger or smaller than each other? Can we even talk about 'larger' and 'smaller' when we talk about infinity? In Beyond Infinity, international maths sensation...

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  • The Analysis of Biological Data
    The Analysis of Biological Data (English, Hardback) Michael Whitlock, Dolph Schluter

    Knowledge of statistics is essential in modern biology and medicine. Biologists and health professionals learn statistics best with real and interesting examples. The Analysis of Biological Data, Second Edition, by Whitlock and Schluter, teaches modern methods of statistics through the use of fascinating biological and medical cases.

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  • The Signal and the Noise
    The Signal and the Noise (English, Paperback) Nate Silver

    Reveals how we can all develop better foresight in an uncertain world. From the stock market to the poker table, from earthquakes to the economy, the author takes us on an enthralling insider's tour of the high-stakes world of forecasting, showing how we can use information in a smarter way amid a noise of data - and make predictions in our lives.

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  • 320 ACT Math Problems Arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level, 2nd Edition
    320 ACT Math Problems Arranged by Topic and Difficulty Level, 2nd Edition (Paperback) Steve Warner

    320 ACT Math Problems (previously called the "ACT Prep Red Book") consists of a powerful collection of the most clever and easy-to-follow problem solving methods and tips that will maximize your ACT math score with the minimum amount of effort. The unique techniques that Dr. Warner teaches are the most effective ever published and cannot be found in any other ACT prep book! 320 ACT Math Problems...

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  • Complexity
    Complexity (English, Paperback) Melanie Mitchell

    A fascinating look at the exciting new sciences of complexity and what they reveal about everything from ant colonies to the World Wide Web, now available in paperback

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  • Introduction to the Practice of Statistics
    Introduction to the Practice of Statistics (English, Multiple copy pack) David S. Moore, George P. McCabe

    With this updated new edition, Introduction to the Practice of Statistics remains unmatched in its ability to highlight how statisticians actually work. Its focus on data analysis, critical thinking, step-by-step pedagogy, and applications in a variety of disciplines make it exceptionally engaging to students learning core statistical ideas.

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  • Complexity
    Complexity (English, Paperback) John H. Holland

    In this Very Short Introduction, John Holland presents an introduction to the science of complexity. Using examples from biology and economics, he shows how complexity science models the behaviour of complex systems.

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  • Calculus, Better Explained
    Calculus, Better Explained (English, Paperback) Kalid Azad

    Calculus, Better Explained is the calculus primer you wish you had in school. Learn the essential concepts using concrete analogies and vivid diagrams, not mechanical definitions. Calculus isn't a set of rules, it's a specific, practical viewpoint we can apply to everyday thinking.

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  • SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition
    SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition (English, Paperback) Jack Shostak

    This comprehensive resource provides on-the-job training for statistical programmers who use SAS in the pharmaceutical industry ...

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  • An Adventure in Statistics
    An Adventure in Statistics (English, Paperback) Andy Field

    Once again, bestselling author and award-winning teacher Andy Field hasn't just broken the traditional textbook mould with his new novel/textbook, he has forged the only statistics book on the market with a terrifying probability bridge, zombies and a talking cat!

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  • Bayes' Rule
    Bayes' Rule (English, Paperback) James V. Stone

    Discovered by an 18th century mathematician and preacher, Bayes' rule is a cornerstone of modern probability theory. In this richly illustrated book, a range of accessible examples are used to show how Bayes' rule is actually a natural consequence of commonsense reasoning. Bayes' rule is derived using intuitive graphical representations of probability, and Bayesian analysis is applied to parameter...

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  • Yes, but Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics
    Yes, but Why? Teaching for Understanding in Mathematics (English, Paperback) Ed Southall

    This book sheds light on the hidden connections between everything in mathematics at school so teachers can explain it while fully understanding it themselves.

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  • The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom
    The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom (English, Paperback) Stephen M. Stigler

    What gives statistics its unity as a science? Stephen Stigler sets forth the seven foundational ideas of statistics-a scientific discipline related to but distinct from mathematics and computer science and one which often seems counterintuitive. His original account will fascinate the interested layperson and engage the professional statistician.

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