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  • Father Christmas and Me
    Father Christmas and Me (Hardback) Matt Haig, Chris Mould

    The third book in the festive series from number one bestselling author Matt Haig, and featuring enchanting illustrations from Chris Mould

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  • The Humans
    The Humans (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    Paperback edition of the new novel from the author of The Radleys, the TV Book Club hit of 2011


    5 stars

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  • How to Stop Time
    How to Stop Time (Hardback) Matt Haig, Chris Riddell

    This edition of Matt Haig's life-affirming Sunday Times bestselling novel is illustrated throughout by the award-winning Chris Riddell

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  • Shadow Forest
    Shadow Forest (Paperback) Matt Haig

    Samuel Blink is the hero of this story, but he doesn't know it yet. He hasn't the slightest clue Martha will disappear into Shadow Forest. A forest full of one-eyed trolls, the sinister huldre-folk, deadly Truth Pixies and a witch who steals shadows.

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  • Brand Success
    Brand Success (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    With comment from brand managers, psychologists, academics, and other experts, Brand Success is an invaluable resource for brand managers, marketers and students around the world. For the rest of us, it's simply a great read.

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  • To Be A Cat
    To Be A Cat (Paperback) Matt Haig

    Barney Willow's life couldn't get any worse. Horrible Gavin Needle loves tormenting him - Barney has no idea why. And headteacher-from-hell Miss Whipmire seems determined to make every second of Barney's existence a complete misery! Worst of all, Dad has been missing for almost a year, and there's no sign of him ever coming home.

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  • The Last Family In England
    The Last Family In England (Paperback) Matt Haig

    Mentored by an elderly Labrador called Henry, Prince takes his responsibilities seriously, and as things in the Hunter family begin to go badly awry - marital breakdown, rowdy teenage parties, attempted suicide - his responsibilities threaten to overwhelm him.

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  • How to Stop Time
    How to Stop Time (Hardback) Matt Haig, Chris Riddell

    Limited, numbered edition of Matt Haig's Sunday Times bestselling novel illustrated throughout by the award-winning Chris Riddell. Signed by the author and illustrator, with sprayed edges and shrinkwrap

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  • The Radleys
    The Radleys (Paperback) Matt Haig

    A fast, smart, accessible novel which will be lapped up by young fans of vampire-lit and urban gothic - but with a witty new twist.

    $11.71 $18.25
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  • The Runaway Troll
    The Runaway Troll (Paperback) Matt Haig

    . . A smelly, grotesque, lumpy-faced, bulbous-nosed, smelly, one-eyed troll, who's escaped from the terrifying Shadow Forest next to Aunt Eda's cottage. (Did I mention smelly?) A troll now being hunted down by an evil creature, who likes to kidnap and tortures trolls . . .And who is heading towards Samuel's house right now . . .

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  • To Be a Cat
    To Be a Cat (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    When Barney's feline fantasy comes true, the fur starts flying in this darkly hilarious and heartwarming tale....

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  • Humans: An A-Z
    Humans: An A-Z (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    'Humans are mysterious, even to themselves, and it is this mystery that keeps them going. It is the mystery that makes love possible'

    $9.71 $13.00
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  • Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest
    Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    Funny and captivating fantasy from rising star Matt Haig! Samuel and Martha?s new life with their Aunt Eda in Norway is filled with rules, but most important is rule number nine: NEVER?UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES? GO INTO THE FOREST. Sure their Uncle Henrik disappeared in the forest ten years ago, but it can?t be the forest?s fault?can it? Samuel is skeptical until he finds an unusual book, The...

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  • The Dead Fathers Club
    The Dead Fathers Club (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    A ghost story with a twist-a suspenseful and poignantly funny update of Hamlet...

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  • The Labrador Pact
    The Labrador Pact (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    The story of a family in crisis and the loyal dog that holds them together, from the witty and imaginative author of The Dead Fathers Club

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  • A Boy Called Christmas
    A Boy Called Christmas (English, Hardback) Matt Haig

    Before there was Santa Claus, there was a young boy who believed in the impossible. . . . Lemony Snicket meets Elf in this warmhearted Christmas caper....

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  • Brand Failures
    Brand Failures (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    Brand Failures is the classic book by Matt Haig, updated to examine the world's top 100 spectacular brand disasters, from Enron and Pan Am to smokeless cigarettes and Bic underwear.

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  • Reasons to Stay Alive
    Reasons to Stay Alive (English, Paperback) Matt Haig

    One of Entertainment Weekly's 25 most anticipated books of 2016?Matt Haig's accessible and life-affirming memoir of his struggle with depression, and how his triumph over the illness taught him to live...

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  • The Dead Fathers Club
    The Dead Fathers Club (Paperback) Matt Haig

    By the author of Reasons to Stay AlivePhilip Noble is an eleven-year-old in crisis. The remaining certainties of Philip's life crumble away when his father's ghost appears in the pub and declares Uncle Alan murdered him.

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  • The Possession of Mr Cave
    The Possession of Mr Cave (Paperback) Matt Haig

    By the author of Reasons to Stay AliveTerence Cave, the intellectual owner of Cave Antiques, has already experienced the tragedies of his mother's suicide and his wife's murder when his teenage son, Reuben, is killed in a grotesque accident.

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