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Matthew Calarco

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  • Thinking Through Animals by Matthew Calarco
    Thinking Through Animals (English, Paperback) Matthew Calarco

    This clear and concise book provides a critical analysis of three central philosophical frameworks in the field of critical animal studies that is intended for specialists and non-specialists alike.

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  • Animal Philosophy by Peter Atterton
    Animal Philosophy (English, Paperback) Peter Atterton

    A collection of classic readings, supported by commentary and analysis from contemporary scholars, on continental philosophy's treatment of the animal question. It brings together contributions from a variety of key continental thinkers including: Nietzsche, Heidegger, Bataille and Foucault.

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  • Zoographies by Matthew Calarco
    Zoographies (English, Paperback) Matthew Calarco

    Challenges the anthropocentrism of the continental philosophical tradition and advances the position that, although some distinctions are valid, humans and animals are best viewed as part of an ontological whole. This book draws on ethological and evolutionary evidence and the work of Heidegger; Luc Ferry and Jurgen Habermas; and, Levinas.

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  • Giorgio Agamben by Matthew Calarco
    Giorgio Agamben (English, Paperback) Matthew Calarco

    This volume provides the first in-depth collection of essays aimed at critically examining the work of political philosopher Giorgio Agamben.

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  • The Continental Ethics Reader by Matthew Calarco
    The Continental Ethics Reader (English, Paperback) Matthew Calarco

    "The Continental Ethics Reader" is a comprehensive anthology of classic writings on ethics and moral philosophy from the major figures in Continental thought. All of the authors and their writings are introduced and placed in philosophical context by the editors.

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  • Exploring Animal Encounters by Dominik Ohrem
    Exploring Animal Encounters (Paperback) Dominik Ohrem $113.99 $119.99
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  • The Death of the Animal by Paola Cavalieri
    The Death of the Animal (English, Hardback) Paola Cavalieri, Matthew Calarco

    While moral perfectionists rank conscious beings according to their cognitive abilities, Paola Cavalieri launches a more inclusive defense of all forms of subjectivity. In concert with Peter Singer, J. M. Coetzee, Harlan B. Miller, and other leading animal studies scholars, she expands our understanding of the nonhuman in such a way that the derogatory category of "the animal" becomes meaningless....

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  • Exploring Animal Encounters by Dominik Ohrem
    Exploring Animal Encounters (English, Hardback) Dominik Ohrem

    This collection of essays offers multifaceted explorations of animal encounters in a range of philosophical, cultural, literary, and historical contexts.

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  • Radicalizing Levinas by Peter Atterton
    Radicalizing Levinas (English, Paperback) Peter Atterton

    Levinas ahead of his time--and himself--on politics, postcolonialism and globalization, animals and the environment, and science and technology.

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