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Matthew H Kramer

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  • Critical Legal Theory and the Challenge of Feminism by Matthew H. Kramer
    Critical Legal Theory and the Challenge of Feminism (English, Paperback) Matthew H. Kramer

    This text provides an overview and refinement of the ideas that underlie critical legal theory. It explores the tangled relations between metaphysics and politics, using both analytic and deconstructive philosophy.

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  • Liberalism with Excellence by Matthew H. Kramer
    Liberalism with Excellence (English, Hardback) Matthew H. Kramer

    This volume provides an original contribution to, and exploration of, the long-running debate over the importance of liberal neutrality.

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  • Freedom by Ian Carter
    Freedom (English, Paperback) Ian Carter

    * The largest collection of extracts on the philosophy of freedom ever produced. * Offers a broad guide to the vast literature on social, political and economic freedom. * Contains selections from the best scholarship of recent decades as well as classic writings from Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau and Kant among others.

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  • Torture and Moral Integrity by Matthew H. Kramer
    Torture and Moral Integrity (English, Paperback) Matthew H. Kramer

    The morality of interrogational torture has been the subject of heated debate in recent years. In explaining why torture is morally wrong, Kramer engages in deep philosophical reflections on the nature of morality and on moral conflicts.

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