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Matthew Hilton

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  • Cultural Studies 50 Years On by Kieran Connell
    Cultural Studies 50 Years On (English, Paperback) Kieran Connell

    Explores how the political, social and cultural contexts of the early 21st century influenced the object and method of doing cultural studies. It uses the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies as a lens for thinking about the future of cultural studies as a field of inquiry.

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  • The Politics of Consumption by Martin Daunton
    The Politics of Consumption (English, Paperback) Martin Daunton

    This volume explores the emergence of the rational consuming individual in modern economic thought; the moral and ideological values consumers have attached to their relationships with commodities; and the practices and theories of consumer citizenship within the state.

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  • Smoking in British Popular Culture 1800-2000 by Matthew Hilton
    Smoking in British Popular Culture 1800-2000 (English, Paperback) Matthew Hilton

    A history of smoking in British popular culture from the early-19th to the end of the 20th century. It explores the culture of the pipe and cigar in the 19th century, the cigarette's role in the mass market economy of the early 1900s, and the politics of smoking and health since the 1950s.

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  • The Politics of Expertise by Matthew Hilton
    The Politics of Expertise (English, Hardback) Matthew Hilton, James McKay

    Offers a challenging new interpretation of politics in contemporary Britain through an examination of non-governmental organisations. Demonstrate how politics and political activism has changed over the last half century.

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