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  • Tool
    Tool and Cutter Sharpening (English, Paperback) Harold Hall

    Sharpening workshop tools is one task that is least understood by the majority of workshop owners. This book illustrates how most sharpening tasks can be carried out using an off hand grinder and a few simply made accessories to a standard comparable to that achieved using much more sophisticated equipment.

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  • Simple
    Simple Workshop Devices (Paperback) Tubal Cain

    Tubal Cain, who has enjoyed more than sixty years experience in designing and building engines and machines (in both full size and model scale) shares his experiences of making 52 ancillary lathe devices.

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  • Spindles"/
    Spindles (Paperback) Harprit Sandhu

    Describes the design, construction and use of a variety of spindles that will be of interest to the amateur engineer. Milling, grinding and drilling spindles are covered along with a unique light gear cutting frame for clockmakers.

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  • Welding
    Welding For Dummies (English, Paperback) Steven Robert Farnsworth

    Get the know-how to weld like a pro Being a skilled welder is a hot commodity in today's job market, as well as a handy talent for industrious do-it-yourself repairpersons and hobbyists. Welding For Dummies gives you all the information you need to perform this commonly used, yet complex, task.

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  • Power
    Power System Analysis (English, Paperback) J. C. Das

    Fundamental to the planning, design, and operating stages of any electrical engineering endeavor, power system analysis continues to be shaped by dramatic advances and improvements that reflect today’s changing energy needs. Highlighting the latest directions in the field, Power System Analysis: Short-Circuit Load Flow and Harmonics, Second Edition includes investigations into arc flash hazard...

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  • Mechanical
    Mechanical and Metal Trades Handbook (English, Paperback) Ulrich Fischer, Max Heinzler

    Englische Ausgabe des vielfach bewährten Tabellenbuchs Metall, 45. Auflage. ...

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  • Model
    Model Aircraft Aerodynamics (English, Paperback) Martin Simons

    The standard textbook on aerodynamic theory, as applied to model flight.

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  • The
    The Pipe Fitter's and Pipe Welder's Handbook (English, Paperback) McGraw-Hill Education, Thomas W. Frankland

    Explains mathematical calculations and technical methods for the pipe fitter and welder and provides relevant reference tables.

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  • Useful
    Useful Workshop Tools (English, Paperback) Stan Bray

    A collection of fifteen invaluable additions to model engineer's armoury of tools and equipment from the former editor of Model Engineer's Workshop magazine. This practical collection covers benchwork, the lathe and milling operations.

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  • Two-stroke
    Two-stroke Performance Tuning (English, Hardback) A. Graham Bell

    Ignition, carburetion, cylinders, and exhaust systems for vintage and modern motocross and road bikes, Japanese motorcycles, and karting.

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  • Modern
    Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (English, Hardback) Andrew D Althouse, Carl H Turnquist

    Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the standard for a new generation of learners. This classic is an excellent blend of theory, skill development, and service techniques to help students learn how to install and service refrigeration and HVAC systems. Technical content has never been more up to date. A logical and progressive organization, rich learning pedagogy and features, a superior...

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  • 507
    507 Mechanical Movements (English, Paperback) Henry T. Brown

    This 1868 collection features simplified illustrations of the mechanisms used in hydraulics, steam engines, pneumatics, presses, horologes, and other machines. Captioned drawings depict the movements of each mechanism.

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  • Materials
    Materials Selection in Mechanical Design (English, Paperback) Michael Ashby

    Materials Selection in Mechanical Design, Fifth Edition describes the procedures for material selection in mechanical design in order to ensure that the most suitable materials for a given application are identified from the full range of materials and section shapes available. Extensively revised for this fifth edition, the series is recognized as one of the leading materials selection texts,...

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  • Electric
    Electric Motors and Drives (English, Paperback) Austin Hughes, Bill Drury

    Suitable for non-specialist users of electric motors and drives, this title explores various widely-used modern types of motor and drive, including conventional and brushless D C, induction motors and servo drives, providing readers with the knowledge to select the right technology for a given job.

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  • Thermodynamics
    Thermodynamics For Dummies (English, Paperback) Mike Pauken

    Thermodynamics For Dummies provides support in easily-understood language for students seeking additional help with thermodynamics and related fields.

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  • Thermodynamic
    Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Fluids (English, Paperback) G. F. C. Rogers, Y. R. Mayhew

    The fifth edition has been issued to incorporate two new tables -- Data of Refrigerant 134a and a table containing for selected substances, molar enthalpies and molar Gibbs functions of formation, Equilibirum constants of formation, as well as molar heat capacities and absolute entropies.

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  • Rules
    Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers (English, Paperback) Ricky Smith, R. Keith Mobley

    Helps engineers instill knowledge on a daily basis, to do their jobs and to maintain and assure reliable equipment to help reduce costs. This book includes graphs, charts, calculations, tables, curves, and explanations, and basic rules of thumb that engineers working with equipment will need for basic maintenance and reliability of that equipment.

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  • Practical
    Practical Lock Picking (English, Paperback) Deviant Ollam

    Includes lessons that allow even beginners to acquire the knowledge they need quickly. This title features: full-color photos make learning as easy as picking a lock; companion website is filled with indispensible lock picking videos; and extensive appendix details tools and toolkits currently available for all your lock picking needs.

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  • Nickel
    Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (Hardback) Kwo Young $54.32 $63.00
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