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  • Being Mortal
    Being Mortal (English, Paperback) Atul Gawande

    A prominent surgeon argues against modern medical practices that extend life at the expense of quality of life while isolating the dying, outlining suggestions for freer, more fulfilling approaches to death that enable more dignified and comfortable choices. By the author of The Checklist Manifesto. Reprint. A #1 New York Times best-seller.

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  • The End of Alzheimer's
    The End of Alzheimer's (English, Hardback) Dale Bredesen

    A groundbreaking plan to prevent and reverse Alzheimer's Disease that fundamentally changes how we understand cognitive decline....

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  • Helping the Suicidal Person
    Helping the Suicidal Person (Paperback) Stacey Freedenthal

    Helping the Suicidal Person provides a highly practical toolbox for mental health professionals. The book first covers the need for professionals to examine their own personal experiences and fears around suicide, moves into essential areas of risk assessment, safety planning, and treatment planning, and then provides a rich assortment of tips for reducing the person's suicidal danger and...

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  • Against the Grain
    Against the Grain (English, Hardback) James C. Scott

    An account of all the new and surprising evidence now available for the beginnings of the earliest civilizations that contradict the standard narrative

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  • USMLE Step 2 Ck Lecture Notes 2018: 5-Book Set
    USMLE Step 2 Ck Lecture Notes 2018: 5-Book Set (English, Paperback) Kaplan Medical

    Kaplan Medical's USMLE Step 2 CK Lecture Notes 2018: 5-Book Set offers in-depth review with a focus on high-yield topics in every discipline ? a comprehensive approach that will help you deepen your understanding while focusing your efforts where they'll count the most....

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  • Back To Balance
    Back To Balance (English, Hardback) Halee Fischer-Wright

    A prescription to fix health care for everyone....

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  • A Sick Life
    A Sick Life (English, Hardback) Tionne Watkins

    Rolling Stone declared TLC "the most effervescent and soulful girl group anyone has seen since the Supremes." They have sold more than 85 million albums worldwide and won five Grammys, and their seminal album CrazySexyCool became the only diamond-certified album ever recorded by a girl group.

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  • Non-medical and illicit use of psychoactive drugs
    Non-medical and illicit use of psychoactive drugs (English, Hardback) Suzanne Nielsen

    This volume is devoted to descriptions of non medical as well as medical uses for some drugs that have typically, or not so typically, been associated with drug abuse.

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  • Speech and Voice Science
    Speech and Voice Science (English, Paperback) Alison Behrman

    For courses in acoustic phonetics, speech science, instrumentation, and voice disorders this textbook provides comprehensive and detailed information on both voice source and vocal tract contributions to speech production.

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  • Creativity in Times of Constraint
    Creativity in Times of Constraint (English, Paperback) Jim Wilson

    Contemporary practices in mental health (and social care) are increasingly characterized by approaches that overly simplify social, political, and psychological concerns. The persistence and ubiquity of models designated to tackle diagnoses through focused technologies serve to minimize the human encounter in all its relational and systemic complexity. Practice becomes a technological activity...

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  • Quality Health Care
    Quality Health Care (English, Paperback) Robert Lloyd


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  • To Siri with Love
    To Siri with Love (English, Hardback) Judith Newman

    From the author of the viral New York Times op-ed column "To Siri with Love" comes a collection of touching, hilarious, and illuminating stories about life with a thirteen-year-old boy with autism that hold insights and revelations for us all....

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  • The Alzheimer's Solution
    The Alzheimer's Solution (English, Hardback) Dean Sherzai

    A revolutionary, proven program for reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline from award winning neurologists and codirectors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center...

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  • The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory
    The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory (English, Paperback) Stephen W. Porges

    Bridging the gap between research, science and the therapy room.

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  • The Secret Language of Anatomy
    The Secret Language of Anatomy (English, Hardback) Emily Evans, Cecilia Brassett

    Complete with a guide to anatomical prefixes and suffixes, this book will appeal not only to medical students and practitioners, but also to readers interested in the history of anatomy, in the structure of the human body, and in medical etymology, as well as the history of language.

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  • The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition
    The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (English, Paperback) Anita Bean

    The definitive sports nutrition book, regarded in the industry as core reading for anyone involved in sports and fitness, is now in its 8th edition. Anita Bean once again succeeds in demystifying the sports person's diet in her inimitable clear and concise style. Alongside the theory, The Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition is packed with practical advice--suggested menus, recipes and eating plans relevant to all training programs.

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  • The Hacking of the American Mind
    The Hacking of the American Mind (English, Hardback) Robert H Lustig

    "Explores how industry has manipulated our most deep-seated survival instincts."?David Perlmutter, MD, Author, #1 New York Times bestseller, Grain Brain and Brain Maker...

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  • Mayhem
    Mayhem (English, Hardback) Sigrid Rausing

    A searingly powerful memoir about the impact of addiction on a family. ...

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  • Vaccines
    Vaccines (Paperback) Richard Halvorsen

    Now in its fourth edition, Vaccines has been updated with information on the new Hepatitis vaccine that will be added to Britain's immunisation schedule.

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  • Revision Notes for the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Paper
    Revision Notes for the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ Paper (English, Paperback) Ashis Banerjee, Clara Oliver

    The second edition of Revision Notes for the FRCEM Intermediate SAQ paper is an ideal revision guide covering all areas needed to pass the FRCEM Intermediate examination.

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