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Meg Schneider

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  • COPD For Dummies by Kevin Felner
    COPD For Dummies (English, Paperback) Kevin Felner, Meg Schneider

    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is an all-too-common and deadly syndrome that involves restricted airflow in the airway. Often brought on by exposure to cigarette smoke, coal dust, asbestos and solvents, this infliction has no cure. COPD For Dummies offers the newest, most successful treatments for minimizing pain and discomfort.

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  • Stem Cells For Dummies by Lawrence S.B. Goldstein
    Stem Cells For Dummies (English, Paperback) Lawrence S.B. Goldstein, Meg Schneider

    The first authoritative yet accessible guide to this controversial topic Stem Cell Research For Dummies offers a balanced, plain-English look at this politically charged topic, cutting away the hype and presenting the facts clearly for you, free from debate.

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  • Budget Weddings For Dummies by Meg Schneider
    Budget Weddings For Dummies (English, Paperback) Meg Schneider

    Don't let 'white blindness' drive you into debt! Make your wedding everything you want it to be on the budget you determine. Are you planning a wedding, but worried about how much money you'll have to spend? In today's tough economic times, planning a budget wedding is more important than ever.

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  • Making Millions For Dummies by Robert Doyen
    Making Millions For Dummies (English, Paperback) Robert Doyen, Meg Schneider

    The vast majority of the truly wealthy get there the old-fashioned way- by working hard, spending little and saving a lot. They are smart, but they aren't so smart that they refuse to seek and accept help from others. Making Millions For Dummies gives readers what they need to achieve the wealth they want.

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