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Megan Levens

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  • Buffy: Season Ten Volume 4: Old Demons by Joss Whedon
    Buffy: Season Ten Volume 4: Old Demons (English, Paperback) Joss Whedon, Christos Gage

    The official graphic continuation of the Buffy storyline, by Christos Gage, Megan Levens and Joss Whedon. Buffy needs backup. More backup. With an ultimate Big Bad, Archaeus, connected to so many from the Slayer's past, she's calling in reinforcements - and saying to hell with the awkward consequences: there is a job to be done. But as the Scoobies get closer to Archaeus, the extent of his power...

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  • Ares & Aphrodite by Jamie S. Rich
    Ares & Aphrodite (English, Paperback) Jamie S. Rich, Megan Levens

    Will Ares, a successful divorce lawyer, find himself working alongside Gigi Averelle, a wedding planner, when their respective clients plan to marry. As Beatty's ex-wives come out of the woodwork to cause mayhem, Gigi and Will make a bet - Gigi agrees to go on a date with Will if Evans and Carrie really do go through with the wedding.

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  • Spell On Wheels by Kate Leth
    Spell On Wheels (English, Paperback) Kate Leth, Megan Levens

    Kate Leth and Megan Levens team up for a magical new series! Spell on Wheels! Three young witches head out on an east coast road trip to retrieve their stolen belongings and track down the mysterious thief before he can do any damage to--or with--their possessions. This trade paperback collects the first 5 issues of Spell on Wheels.

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  • So God Walks Into This Bar... by Scott Cushman
    So God Walks Into This Bar... (English, Paperback) Scott Cushman, Megan Levens

    God locks himself out of Heaven. Fortunately, he has a hide-a-key on Earth. Unfortunately, that hide-a-key is a person named Faith and she thinks he's a creep. Faith must agree that he is God and that she’s his only hope. The problem is someone else has taken control of Heaven and is not too keen on the old God coming back.

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  • Madame Frankenstein by Jamie S. Rich
    Madame Frankenstein (English, Paperback) Jamie S. Rich, Megan Levens

    In 1932, Vincent Krall sets out to create his perfect woman by reanimating the corpse of the love of his life. He'll soon discover, however, that man was never meant to peer beyond the veil between life and death, and a woman is not as easily controlled as he believes.

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  • Mysticons Volume 1 by Kate Leth
    Mysticons Volume 1 (English, Paperback) Kate Leth, Megan Levens

    A contemporary urban fantasy about four girls from different walks of life who are transformed into the legendary Mysticons! Arkayna, Zarya, Emerald, and Piper--unexpected heroes who together become epic warriors as well as the closest of friends--are drawn together by a prophecy to battle evil and protect the realm!

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  • Buffy Season 10 Library Edition Volume 2 by Joss Whedon
    Buffy Season 10 Library Edition Volume 2 (English, Hardback) Joss Whedon, Christos Gage

    The cult-favorite television series from creator Joss Whedon continues in comics with Season 10, where Buffy and the Scoobies are rewriting the rules of magic and monsters . . ....

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