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Mel Gooding

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  • Elsa Vaudrey by Mel Gooding
    Elsa Vaudrey (English, Hardback) $37.02 $45.89
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  • A Book Of Surrealist Games, A by Mel Gooding
    A Book Of Surrealist Games, A (English, Paperback)

    Presents a collection of word and image games developed by surrealists.

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  • Art Rules! by Mel Gooding
    Art Rules! (English, Mixed media product)

    From the creators of the bestselling Psychogames. Art Rules! is a revolutionary new publication which demystifies modern art and demonstrates that making art is a form a play with techniques, rules and strategies - and everyone can play! It offers a completely new way to enjoying and understanding contemporary art by showing how it is made. The box contains: 42 illustrated, interactive cards with...

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  • Merlyn Evans by Mel Gooding
    Merlyn Evans (Hardback)

    Remarkable British artist Merlyn Evans developed a highly personal abstract style, combining plant, crustacean and mechanical forms. His work was fundamentally shaped by his conviction that art should be an engagement with life, reflecting psychological, ethical and political concerns. This monograph focuses on the life and work of Evans.

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  • Patrick Heron by Mel Gooding
    Patrick Heron (English, Paperback)

    The work of one of the leading figures in British abstract art.

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  • Art Rules! (and How to Break Them) by Mel Gooding
    Art Rules! (and How to Break Them) (English, Mixed media product)

    Presents a guide to understanding modern art and how the contemporary art industry works, and provides forty-two interactive cards that encourage readers to try such modern art techniques as collage, photography, picture poems, and surrealism.

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  • A2z+ by Julian Rothenstein
    A2z+ (English, Paperback)

    Now in its fourth iteration, revised and dramatically expanded with 130 new pages, A2Z+ remains the ultimate source for unusual, inventive fonts not found anywhere else. This spectacular updated version contains an abundance of newly-discovered material with over 130 new images, features the spectacular statistical charts of W. E. Du Bois and a wealth of rare graphics and ephemera. This off-beat...

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  • Redstone Diary 2020 by Mel Gooding
    Redstone Diary 2020 (English, Diary)

    Welcome to Europe! Bonjour! Hola! Ahoj! Ciao! Salut! This year the Redstone Diary would like to invite you and your fellow travelers to explore the vast realms of this great continent, past and present, real and imagined. Join us on a journey through time and space, from Goethe to Gothenburg, from Cocteau to the Czech Republic, and from Bardot to Bologna. Take this opportunity to exercise your...

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  • Mind Games by Mel Gooding
    Mind Games (English, Mixed media product)

    Mind Games is a fascinating compendium of playful picture tests, games, and questionnaires that hold a revealing mirror up to your inner self....

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  • Mick Moon by Mel Gooding
    Mick Moon (English, Hardback)

    Mick Moon RA was born in Edinburgh in 1937 and grew up in Blackpool. Moon's paintings and prints combine a wide variety of media and techniques in complex and intriguing layers. The art historian Mel Gooding provides an authoritative insight into his practice and a definitive overview of his career.

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  • Julian Trevelyan by Philip Trevelyan
    Julian Trevelyan (English, Hardback)

    Julian Trevelyan: Picture Language follows the trail of a painter's visual language and motivation. The working life of Julian Trevelyan (1910-88) spanned more than 65 years. In that time he exhibited alongside Picasso, Miro and Dali, was a member of the British Surrealist group, an active participant in the Mass Observation Movement.

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  • Frank Bowling by Mel Gooding
    Frank Bowling (English, Paperback)

    Born in British Guiana in 1934, Bowling arrived in England in his late teens, going on to study at the Royal College of Art alongside David Hockney and Derek Boshier. By the early 1960s he was recognised as an original force in the London art scene, with a style that combined abstract elements. This title deals with the art of Frank Bowling.

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  • John Carter by Chris Yettan
    John Carter (English, Hardback)

    John Carter RA has made some of the most beautiful and lucid artworks of the last fifty years. The apparent simplicity and directness of his abstract reliefs belie an ambiguity that extends even to their definition, as Carter seeks to subtly re-imagine the relationship between sculpture and painting. This book offers a survey of Carters work.

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  • The Redstone Diary 2014 by Julian Rothenstein
    The Redstone Diary 2014 (Spiral bound)

    Humankind - as the word implies - is social. We have meetings to attend, appointments to keep, trains and planes to catch or meet. We must attend to business! Hunt and gather, sow in spring, harvest in autumn, work, work, work in factory, farm and office. But how could we be human without the customs and rituals of social life, the ceremonies that mark the turning year, the rites of our passages...

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  • Song of the Earth by Mel Gooding
    Song of the Earth (Hardback)

    This volume showcases the work of six contemporary land artists who make use of the materials and processes of nature. They are Herman de Vries, Chris Drury, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Nikolaus Lang, Richard Long and Giuseppe Penone. Interviews with the artists reveal their approaches to their work.

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  • Psychogames by Julian Rothenstein
    Psychogames (English, Other book format)

    A fascinating compendium of playful picture tests, games and questionnaires that holds a revealing mirror up to your inner self. What sort of person are you? Do others see us as we see ourselves? Relax. Psychogames may do nothing more than change your life (for the better). Contains: Card set, Image game, Devilword game, Adam Dant's House of Personalities, Personality questionnaires - and...

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  • Speaking of Art by William Furlong
    Speaking of Art (English, Hardback)

    Outstanding interviews with 43 towering figures of recent art history.

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  • Robert Motherwell: Collages by Mel Gooding
    Robert Motherwell: Collages (English, Paperback) Currently Unavailable More details