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  • Sunburnt Country by Jo0/00lle Gergis
    Sunburnt Country (Paperback) Jo0/00lle Gergis

    Pieces together Australia's climate history for the first time. It shows a continent always vulnerable to climate extremes and variability. It gives an unparalleled perspective on how human activities have altered patterns that have been in existence for millions of years, and what climate change in our own backyard looks like.

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  • On Disruption by Katharine Murphy
    On Disruption (Paperback) Katharine Murphy

    The internet has shaken the foundations of life: public and private lives are wrought by the 24-hour, seven-day-a-week news cycle that means no one is ever off duty. On Disruption is a report from the coalface of that change: what has happened, will it keep happening, and is there any way out of the chaos?

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  • The Racket by Gideon Haigh
    The Racket (English, Paperback) Gideon Haigh

    Abortion was one of Australia's most lucrative and longest-lasting criminal rackets. This book describes the rise and fall of an extraordinary web of influence, which culminated in the landmark ruling that made abortion legal, and a public inquiry that humiliated a powerful government and a glamorous police force.

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  • Beersheba by Paul Daley
    Beersheba (English, Paperback) Paul Daley

    The Battle of Beersheba, a redeeming win for the ANZACs who lost at Gallipoli, has slipped through the cracks of Australia's historical consciousness.

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  • My Year Without Meat by Richard Cornish
    My Year Without Meat (English, Paperback) Richard Cornish

    When he realised he had a meat addiction, award winning food writer Richard Cornish went vegetarian for a year. What he didn't realise were the changes that he would have to make to his life. My Year Without Meat is as humourous as it is dark, with the author shining the light on the ethics that surround our food production.

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  • The Straight Dope Updated Edition by Chip Le Grand
    The Straight Dope Updated Edition (English, Paperback) Chip Le Grand

    What happened at Essendon, what happened at Cronulla, is only part of the story. From the basement office of a suburban football club to the seedy corners of Peptide Alley to the polished corridors of Parliament House, The Straight Dope is an inside account of the politics, greed and personal feuds which fuelled an extraordinary saga.

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  • How to Write a Better Minor Thesis by Paul Gruba
    How to Write a Better Minor Thesis (English, Paperback) Paul Gruba, Justin Zobel

    Lays out step-by-step guidelines for writing a minor thesis. Based on decades of working with students undertaking their first piece of research, they take novice researchers through the process of completing a minor thesis from initial steps to final on-time submission. Written in a friendly manner, this concise book will help you to successfully tackle this challenge.

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  • Backyard Insects Updated Edition by Paul A. Horne
    Backyard Insects Updated Edition (English, Paperback) Paul A. Horne, Denis Crawford

    From aphids to flies, ladybirds to wasps, insects of all shapes and sizes share our homes and gardens. Now available in an updated edition, this volume explores the secrets and habits of more than one hundred little critters that are common to backyard Australia. It is an indispensable guide for nature lovers, gardeners and kids of all ages.

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  • Into the Heart of Tasmania by Rebe Taylor
    Into the Heart of Tasmania (Paperback) Rebe Taylor

    Tells a story of discovery and realisation. One man's ambition to rewrite the history of human culture inspires an exploration of the controversy stirred by Tasmanian Aboriginal history. It brings to life how Australian and British national identities have been fashioned by shame and triumph over the supposed destruction of an entire race.

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  • Phallic Panic by Barbara Creed
    Phallic Panic (Paperback) Barbara Creed

    The horror film has always been populated by male monsters, many of which do carry out monstrous acts of violation, rape and castration. The horror film is also filled with male monsters who grow fur, change shape, bleed and give birth. What is it that defines male monstrosity? How does the male monster differ from the female monster?

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  • Blood, Bones and Spirit by Heather McDonald
    Blood, Bones and Spirit (English, Paperback) Heather McDonald

    Examines Aboriginal people's experiences of colonialism and post-colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries. This work analyzes how Aboriginal people have appropriated Biblical stories of land inheritance, expansion and loss in order to make sense of their own dispossession.

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  • Urban Choreography by Kim Dovey
    Urban Choreography (Paperback) Kim Dovey, Rob Adams

    Documents and discusses the many urban design transformations over the 80's with a focus on key events, plans, projects, places and people involved and seeks to understand the political and other forces that drove, framed and constrained these changes.

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  • Infiltration by Colin McLaren
    Infiltration (English, Paperback) Colin McLaren

    For two years police detective Colin McLaren disappeared off the face of the earth, eventually surfacing in Griffith as a dodgy art dealer with a pretty girlfriend, and talking his way into the Mafia. Colin eats with them and cuddles their kids, all the while climbing the N'Drangheta, finally befriending the Griffith Godfather, Antonio Romeo.

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  • Objects of the Dead by Margaret Gibson
    Objects of the Dead (English, Paperback) Margaret Gibson

    Deals with the death of a loved one and the process of sorting through, living with, and discarding, the objects that are left behind. This book looks at the status of objects as property, metaphors, symbols of love and identity, and the power of things to bind and unbind family relationships.

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  • The Most Dangerous Man In The World by Andrew Fowler
    The Most Dangerous Man In The World (English, Paperback) Andrew Fowler

    Provides the definitive account of WikiLeaks and the man who is as secretive as the organisations he targets. Through interviews with Julian Assange, his inner circle and those who fell out with him, Fowler tells the story of how a man with a turbulent childhood and brilliance for computers created a phenomenon that has become a game-changer in journalism and global politics.

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  • Gangland Sydney by James Morton
    Gangland Sydney (English, Paperback) James Morton, Susanna Lobez

    Details the exploits of an unforgettable cast of villains, crooks and mobsters who have defined the criminal and gangland scene in Sydney from the mid-1800s to the present day. In this compelling book, James Morton and Susanna Lobez track the rise and fall of Sydney's standover men, contract killers, robbers, brothel keepers, biker gangs and drug dealers.

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  • How to Write a Better Thesis by David Evans
    How to Write a Better Thesis (English, Paperback) David Evans, Paul Gruba

    From proposal to examination, producing a dissertation or thesis is a challenge. Grounded in decades of experience with research training and supervision, this fully updated and revised edition draws on case studies and examples to guide you step-by-step towards productive success.

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  • On Our Watch by Nicola Markus
    On Our Watch (English, Paperback) Nicola Markus

    Outlines the history of change to Australia's environment and explains why so many plants and animals are now on a downward slide to extinction. This book examines what the main conservation approaches are, and how these are affected by law and politics.

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  • Gangland Queensland by James Morton
    Gangland Queensland (English, Paperback) James Morton, Susanna Lobez

    From the authors of the best-selling books Gangland Australia, Gangland Melbourne and Gangland Sydney, comes the next thrilling instalment in the series. Gangland Queensland heads north to tell exploits of a colourful pantheon of mobsters, shysters, club owners, drug dealers, Black Hand gangs, crooked police and bikers over the last century.

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  • 28 Days In Provence by Shannon Bennett
    28 Days In Provence (English, Paperback) Shannon Bennett

    In a glorious farmhouse just outside the village of Menerbes, Shannon immerses himself in the life of Provence. With no recipes from home, his first task is to find old books and learn the history of local dishes.

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