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  • Sunburnt Country by Joelle Gergis
    Sunburnt Country (Paperback) Joelle Gergis Currently Unavailable More details
  • Henry Handel Richardson Vol 3 by Bruce Steele
    Henry Handel Richardson Vol 3 (English, Paperback) Bruce Steele

    In this volume the widowed HHR moves to the Sussex village where she lived until her death. The letters cover the publication of "The End of a Childhood and Other Stories", the ill-fated "The Young Cosima" and her incomplete memoir "Myself When Young". War dominated the closing years of her life.

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  • Histories of Controversy by Alexandra Dellios
    Histories of Controversy (Paperback) Alexandra Dellios

    Bonegilla was a point of reception and temporary accommodation for approximately 320,000 post-war refugees and assisted migrants to Australia from 1947 to 1971. Histories of Controversy: The Bonegilla Migrant Centre reveals the centre's history to be one of containment, control, deprivation and political discontent.

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  • Light and Shadow by Mark Colvin
    Light and Shadow (Paperback) Mark Colvin $37.10
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  • Making Headlines by Chris Mitchell
    Making Headlines (Paperback) Chris Mitchell $39.02
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  • On Digestion by Gay Bilson
    On Digestion (English, Hardback) Gay Bilson

    Part of a series that pairs leading Australian thinkers and cultural figures with important themes in life, this essay reflects on food and how the way we eat has changed over time. Considering topics such as cooking, recipes, both domestic and professional chefs, and food developments, this handbook appraises the substance of everyday life. Arguing for a more holistic, less structured approach to...

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  • A Matter of Trust by Paul Kofman
    A Matter of Trust (Paperback) Paul Kofman $45.09
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  • Women Leading by Christine Nixon
    Women Leading (Paperback) Christine Nixon $39.39
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  • Beersheba by Paul Daley
    Beersheba (English, Paperback) Paul Daley

    The Battle of Beersheba, a redeeming win for the ANZACs who lost at Gallipoli, has slipped through the cracks of Australia's historical consciousness.

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  • Teachers Who Change Lives by Andrew Metcalfe
    Teachers Who Change Lives (English, Paperback) Andrew Metcalfe, Anne Game

    Casting new light on the education process, this study argues that outstanding teachers do not mold students by pushing them towards external measurements of excellence but instead nurture their full potential by encouraging them to follow their passions. Some of Australia's educational elite?including Stephanie Alexander, Dawn Casey, Greg Chappell, Betty Churcher, Helen Garner, Shane Gould, and...

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  • Australia and the Great War by Michael J. K. Walsh
    Australia and the Great War (English, Hardback) Michael J. K. Walsh, Andrekos Varnava

    The events of the Great War intensified the relationship between the British Empire and Australia; the legacy can still be felt today. This volume explores both the immediate and long-term consequences of the war on this complex relationship, looking in particular at identity, history, gender, propaganda, economics and nationalism.

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  • Sex Crimes In The Fifties by Lisa Featherstone
    Sex Crimes In The Fifties (English, Hardback) Lisa Featherstone, Andy Kaladelfos

    The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has given national consciousness to the problematic treatment of sexual assault in Australia's past. Yet we still have little knowledge of the policing, prosecution and punishment of sexual crimes in the past. Sex Crimes in the Fifties examines this history by investigating Australia in the 1950s.

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  • Planet Jackson by Brad Norington
    Planet Jackson (English, Paperback) Brad Norington

    Kathy Jackson was hailed as a heroine for blowing the whistle on the million-dollar fraud of Michael Williamson, the corrupt boss of the Health Services Union. While remaining steadfast in this very public ordeal, she endured bitter personal attacks from enemies in the Labor Party and the union movement....

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  • Academic Success And Social Power by Richard Teese
    Academic Success And Social Power (English, Paperback) Richard Teese

    This study of Australian secondary education analyzes the scholarly ideal against which students have been judged. It uses original research to attempt to stimulate new thinking.

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  • Fair Cop by Christine Nixon
    Fair Cop (English, Paperback) Christine Nixon, Jo Chandler

    In this frank and engaging memoir, Christine Nixon reflects on the journey of a woman deep into a man's world, describing the experiences that shaped her commitment to a model of policing as a community service, committed to caring for society's most vulnerable.

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  • Battleground by Wayne Errington
    Battleground (English, Paperback) Wayne Errington

    Tony Abbott came to the prime ministership lauded as the most effective leader of the opposition since Whitlam. Why then did he fail to succeed in the job to which he had aspired for decades? Battleground chronicles the paradox of the Abbott prime ministership: steadfast loyalty when pragmatism was required; social values at odds with community attitudes; stubbornness when strategy was essential.

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  • Brekky Central by Adam Boland
    Brekky Central (English, Paperback) Adam Boland

    Between Sunrise and the Morning Show, Adam Boland oversaw 30 hours of network television a week. He even helped propel Kevin Rudd into the Lodge. Now, for the first time, he takes us behind the camera, inside theSunrise family. Brekky Central is the story of the most competitive time slot on television; the stakes are high and so are the pressures on those who show up each morning to win the...

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  • Gough Whitlam by Jenny Hocking
    Gough Whitlam (English, Hardback) Jenny Hocking

    The definitive biography of Australia's twenty-first prime minister, Gough Whitlam, who swept to power in 1972, ending twenty-three years of conservative rule. Here for the first time in a two-volume box set, acclaimed author Professor Jenny Hocking reveals the full story of the man who transformed Australia, and the powers that brought him down.

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  • Imam Samudra'S Revenge by Angus McIntyre
    Imam Samudra'S Revenge (English, Paperback) Angus McIntyre

    On the evening of 12 October 2002 two suicide bombers detonated bombs inside Paddy's Pub and in front of the Sari Club in Kuta, one of Bali's main tourist districts. Two hundred and two people were killed including eighty-eight Australians and thirty-eight Indonesians....

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  • Educating Australia by Tom Bentley
    Educating Australia (English, Paperback) Tom Bentley, Glenn Clifton Savage

    Where is Australian schooling headed? What forces will shape its future direction? How ready are students, teachers, policy makers and education institutions for the challenges being thrust on them? In this edited collection, these questions are addressed by some of Australia's leading education researchers, practitioners and policy entrepreneurs.

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