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  • Defending Gallipoli by Harvey Broadbent
    Defending Gallipoli (English, Paperback) Harvey Broadbent

    This is a non-academic version of Gallipoli: The Turkish Defence, written to be of interest to the general reader. Based on exclusive access to Turkish archives, Defending Gallipoli is the first and only book to tell the complete story of this bitterly fought campaign, from both points of view.

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  • It's Our Country by Marcia Langton
    It's Our Country (English, Paperback) Marcia Langton, Megan Davis

    Presents a collection of short essays by leading and emerging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander thinkers and leaders. Edited by and including contributions from Megan Davis and Marcia Langton, it conveys why indigenous peoples should have a direct say in the decisions that affect their lives.

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  • Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops by Paul A. Horne
    Insects and Diseases of Australian Potato Crops (English, Paperback) Paul A. Horne, Rudolf De Boer

    This reference for commercial potato growers in Australia and New Zealand includes: information on insects and diseases; photographs to assist in the identification of most common pests, diseases and beneficial species; information on insect and disease management; and grower information about IPM.

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  • Running the Show by Patrick Morgan
    Running the Show (English, Hardback) Patrick Morgan

    B.A. Santamaria was a political activist and traditionalist Catholic layman, an important figure in one of the key political events in Australia history, the disastrous 1954 split in the ALP. Santamaria produced many working documents for his employees, supporters and members, published here in the public realm for the first time.

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  • The March Of Patriots by Paul Kelly
    The March Of Patriots (English, Hardback) Paul Kelly

    Looks at the creation of a modern Australia during the 1991-2007 era of Paul Keating and John Howard. This title tells the story of two experiments in prime ministerial power and of two leaders divided by temperament, cultural outlook and perceptions of national identity, yet united in much of their economic and social policy.

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  • Australian Notebooks by Betty Churcher
    Australian Notebooks (English, Paperback) Betty Churcher

    In Australian Notebooks, Betty Churcher revisits some of the artworks she most cherishes-a seminal Picasso, early works of the Heidelberg School, a striking portrait by Lucian Freud-and invites us to look afresh at the treasures that can be found in Australian galleries. Interwoven with extraordinary stories Betty's engaging insights bring the artworks to life.

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  • Lost by Jo Wainer
    Lost (English, Paperback) Jo Wainer

    Presents the tales of young girls falling pregnant out of wedlock, and covers the different viewpoints and experiences from which the stories come.

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  • A Tragedy In Two Acts by Fiona Harari
    A Tragedy In Two Acts (English, Paperback) Fiona Harari

    A compelling account of the shocking scandal, this examination details the events that culminated in a respected official becoming the first Australian former superior court judge to be imprisoned. Marcus Einfeld, a former Federal Court judge and human rights champion, and his old friend Teresa Brennan, an exuberant, U.S.-based academic, had spent years building careers that exuded success. In...

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  • On Indignation by Don Watson
    On Indignation (Paperback) Don Watson

    Don Watson takes us on a journey of indignation and how it has been expressed in his forebears. His ire towards US politicians has a new moving target: Donald Trump. The US President's primary pitch had less to do with giving people money or security than it was about vengeance. Trump exploited the anger we feel when we are slighted or taken for granted.

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  • On Sleep by Fleur Anderson
    On Sleep (Paperback) Fleur Anderson

    Explores the story of our love-hate relationship with slumber. Part-time insomniac Fleur Anderson ponders the big questions: Why can't I sleep? Do politicians and other high-fliers ever admit they too are exhausted? Do they get enough sleep to make sensible decisions? Where is society heading, and why did I have that glass of cab sav?

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  • Meanjin Vol 77 No 2 by Jonathan Green
    Meanjin Vol 77 No 2 (Paperback) Jonathan Green Currently Unavailable More details
  • The Art Of The Collection by Ashley Crawford
    The Art Of The Collection (Hardback) Ashley Crawford, Graeme Davison

    Acting on its mandate to collect and preserve Victoria's documentary heritage, the State Library of Victoria acquires paintings, maps, diaries and documents that showcase all facets of Victorian life. This work is a celebration of the State Library of Victoria's Picture Collection - the oldest visual documentary collection in Australia.

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  • The Solitary Watcher by Gary Catalano
    The Solitary Watcher (English, Hardback) Gary Catalano

    In this text, a full-length work on Rick Amor, the author writes of the lanscapes of Amor's childhood that haunt his later paintings; of Amor's close friendship with Joan and Daryl Lindsay; his long relationship with the labour movement; and his professional attachment to older artists.

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  • On Rage by Germaine Greer
    On Rage (Paperback) Germaine Greer

    This is Germaine Greer's powerful essay about Aboriginal dispossession. With characteristic acuity and passion Greer looks to the causes of rage and its consequences in Aboriginal men.

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  • The Incidental Tourist by Peter Doherty
    The Incidental Tourist (Paperback) Peter Doherty Currently Unavailable More details
  • Mr Guilfoyle's Shakespearian Botany by Edmee Cudmore
    Mr Guilfoyle's Shakespearian Botany (Paperback) Edmee Cudmore, Diana Hill

    William Guilfoyle, credited as the architect of Melbourne's Royal Botanic gardens, was an eminent landscape designer, botanist and writer. Here are his collected writings on the dozens of plants, fruits and flowers William Shakespeare referred to in his plays and poems. Each entry is accompanied by Basilius Besler's groundbreaking illustrations and delicate watercolours by Jacques le Morgues.

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  • Women Leading by Christine Nixon
    Women Leading (Paperback) Christine Nixon, Amanda Sinclair

    Smashes tired prescriptions that women should lead like men, highlighting a long history of innovative female leadership. Christine Nixon and Amanda Sinclair draw on their own and thousands of others' experiences to argue it is women who provide new inspiration for change towards inventive, inclusive and productive organisations and communities.

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  • The People's Force by Robert Haldane
    The People's Force (Paperback) Robert Haldane

    This revised edition of The People's Force, containing a new chapter and new illustrations, brings the history of the Victoria Police up to date to include a decade that has been full of turbulent change.

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  • My family and other animus by James Jeffrey
    My family and other animus (Paperback) James Jeffrey

    For the young James Jeffrey, the day his parents split was like the splitting of the atom. Life took on a seismic instability filled with madness and strain and vendetta and daftness and acts of love, both beautiful and misguided. Yet, what could have been a calamitous upbringing turned instead into an education. My Family and Other Animus is an ode to his family.

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  • The Knowledge Solution by Various Authors
    The Knowledge Solution (Paperback) Various Authors

    Can a return to direct democracy reconnect a jaded electorate with an out-of-touch establishment? Would reforming Canberra's toxic culture lead to worthwhile debate and better decision-making? Should today's leaders look back on successful governments to learn how to lead parliament to a full term?...

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