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  • The Great Crash Of 2008 by Ross Garnaut
    The Great Crash Of 2008 (English, Paperback) Ross Garnaut

    The great crash of 2008 was one that no one saw coming, or, if they did, they ignored the warning signs. This title takes us through the boom and the global imbalances that led to the bust. It presents a whole-world view of reasons for the downturn, from good, old-fashioned greed and rampant speculation, to the imbalances in global capital flows.

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  • Shannon Bennett's Paris by Shannon Bennett
    Shannon Bennett's Paris (English, Paperback) Shannon Bennett, Scott Murray

    Shannon Bennett, chef and restaurateur, takes you on a personal tour of his beloved city: Paris. This unique guidebook includes reviews of Shannon's favourite three-star restaurants, bistros, bars and hotels, and his pick of the best places to buy macaroons, bread, wine, chocolate, truffles and caviar. He also provides recipes for classic French dishes such as Tarte Tatin and Duck-leg Confit.

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  • The Sting by Nick McKenzie
    The Sting (English, Paperback) Nick McKenzie

    It was a David and Goliath-style battle: Australian investigators up against a global organised crime empire.

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  • Women Leading by Christine Nixon
    Women Leading (Paperback) Christine Nixon, Amanda Sinclair

    Smashes tired prescriptions that women should lead like men, highlighting a long history of innovative female leadership. Christine Nixon and Amanda Sinclair draw on their own and thousands of others' experiences to argue it is women who provide new inspiration for change towards inventive, inclusive and productive organisations and communities.

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  • Truth Of The Matter by Gough Whitlam
    Truth Of The Matter (Paperback) Gough Whitlam

    On Remembrance Day, 1975, the Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, sacked the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. The Dismissal was the culmination of almost three years of political conflict. This work tells the political story of the only Prime Minister of Australia ever deposed from office.

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  • A Matter of Trust by Paul Kofman
    A Matter of Trust (Paperback) Paul Kofman, Claire Payne

    From the marble trading floors of Wall Street to the dirt floor of a microfinance lender in rural Sumatra, finance touches everybody's lives. A Matter of Trust explores how the finance sector can stand as a true profession and provides a practical guide to make everyday business decisions in an ethically sound way.

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  • The People's Force by Robert Haldane
    The People's Force (Paperback) Robert Haldane

    This revised edition of The People's Force, containing a new chapter and new illustrations, brings the history of the Victoria Police up to date to include a decade that has been full of turbulent change.

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  • ISS 24 Securitising Identity by Ben Rich
    ISS 24 Securitising Identity (Paperback) Ben Rich

    Why has the relationship between the state and the Islamic revivalist movement known commonly as "Wahhabism" persisted under Saudi rule since 1744? Securitising Identity traces the symbiosis between these two entities across three distinct periods of Saudi rule over the past four centuries, showcasing the conditions, patterns of behaviour and political logics that surround their interplay.

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  • My family and other animus by James Jeffrey
    My family and other animus (Paperback) James Jeffrey

    For the young James Jeffrey, the day his parents split was like the splitting of the atom. Life took on a seismic instability filled with madness and strain and vendetta and daftness and acts of love, both beautiful and misguided. Yet, what could have been a calamitous upbringing turned instead into an education. My Family and Other Animus is an ode to his family.

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  • Federation Fathers by L.F. Crisp
    Federation Fathers (Paperback) L.F. Crisp

    A valuable study of political leadership during the Federation period in Australia, examining the contribution of seven figures whose role in the struggle for Federation has not so far received the attention it deserves.

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  • From the Margins to the Mainstream
    From the Margins to the Mainstream (Paperback)

    Illuminates how the women's domestic violence services movement in Victoria emerged, how members organised amidst diversity and worked towards achieving their goals, made sense of their experiences and dealt with the obstacles they encountered while undertaking action to create significant change for women.

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  • League of Nations by Joy Damousi
    League of Nations (Paperback) Joy Damousi

    Offers new perspectives on the history, legacies and impact of the League of Nations. The essays in this collection demonstrate how diverse topics from film, education, colonial rule in the Pacific islands, national economic analyses, disarmament, and refugees as well as international relations, and national sovereignty, all led to Geneva.

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  • ISS 23 Heroes, villains and the muslim exception by Mehal Krayem
    ISS 23 Heroes, villains and the muslim exception (Paperback) Mehal Krayem

    Explores recent crime drama film and television depictions of Arab and Muslim men in Australia. This volume examines the representation of three Australian productions: East West 101, The Combination and Cedar Boys. It seeks to understand how these representations are constructed and whether they are as progressive and edgy as producers and media responses would suggest.

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  • Gangland by James Morton
    Gangland (Paperback) James Morton, Susanna Lobez Currently Unavailable More details
  • League of Nations by Joy Damousi
    League of Nations (Hardback) Joy Damousi $87.08
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  • Religious Authority and Local Governance in Eastern Indonesia by Jeremy J. Kingsley
    Religious Authority and Local Governance in Eastern Indonesia (Hardback) Jeremy J. Kingsley

    Religion plays a key role in everyday affairs in Indonesia - including governance at the local, regional and national level. This book investigates local governance landscape of the world's largest Muslim majority state, Indonesia, and its local governance landscape by providing a detailed account of local communities and religious authority on the eastern Indonesian island of Lombok.

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  • Security Strategies of Middle Powers in the Asia Pacific
    Security Strategies of Middle Powers in the Asia Pacific (Paperback)

    Examines what drives the different regional security strategies of four middle powers in the Asia Pacific: Australia, Indonesia, South Korea and Malaysia. Drawing on the extant middle power literature, the authors argue that the regional security strategies of middle powers could take two forms: functional or normative.

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