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  • Debt
    Debt (English, Paperback) David Graeber

    A revised and updated edition of the international bestseller. Graeber, one of the early organisers of Occupy Wall Street and a well regarded academic, presents a stunning reversal of conventional wisdom; he shows that before there was money, there was debt. For more than 5000 years, since the beginnings of the first agrarian empires, humans have used elaborate credit systems to buy and sell...

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  • Why I am Not A Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto
    Why I am Not A Feminist: A Feminist Manifesto (English, Paperback) Jessa Crispin

    Argues that the feminist movement sacrificed meaning for acceptance and is currently banal, ineffectual, and unwilling to challenge the status quo.

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  • The Making Of Donald Trump
    The Making Of Donald Trump (English, Hardback) David Cay Johnston

    The most current and authoritative look at Donald Trump's background and rise to power.A Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter who has covered Donald Trump's rise to power for 30 years, mostly for the New York Times, investigates the mogul's rise to power. Included is a thorough look at Trump's numerous ties to organized crime, his history of litigation, his family background including his...

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  • The Destruction Of Hillary Clinton
    The Destruction Of Hillary Clinton (English, Hardback) Susan Bordo

    Gossip is easy. Get to the deeper truth, with this in-depth look at the political forces and media culture that vilified and ultimately brought down Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign.  The Destruction of Hillary Clinton is an answer to the question many have been asking: How did an extraordinarily well-qualified, experienced, and admired candidate—whose victory...

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  • The Utopia Of Rules
    The Utopia Of Rules (English, Paperback) David Graeber

    David Graeber's The Utopia of Rules is an engaging, revelatory account of the way bureaucracy rules our lives. Where does the desire for endless rules, regulations and bureaucracy come from? How did we come to spend so much of our time filling out forms? And is it really a cipher for state violence? To answer these questions, the anthropologist David Graeber - one of our most important and...

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  • The Dead Mountaineer's Inn
    The Dead Mountaineer's Inn (English, Paperback) Boris Strugatsky

    Policeman Peter Glebsky, heads on holiday to the Dead Mountaineer's Inn, a ski resort hotel in a small resort in a secluded valley in the Alps. On his arrival he meets the other guests: Mr. Moses, a rich old man with highly eccentric manners and his stunningly beautiful wife; Mr. du Barnstocre, an illusionist who is accompanied by Brun, his niece; Mr. Simonet, an obsessive physicist; Mr. Hinckus,...

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  • Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbors
    Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbors (English, Paperback) Slavoj Zizek

    Called "the Elvis of cultural theory" by The New York Times, popular philosopher and leftist rabble-rouser Slavoj Zizek, looks at one of the most desperate situations of our time: the current refugee crisis overwhelming Europe. In this short yet stirring book, Zizek argues that accepting all comers or blocking all entry are both untenable solutions... but there is a third option.Today, hundreds of...

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  • What We Do Now
    What We Do Now (English, Paperback) Valerie Merians

    The election of Donald Trump to be the 45th President of the United States of America shocked and dismayed progressives across the country. What We Do Now, a collection of passionate manifestos by some of the country's leading progressives, aims to provide a blueprint for how those stunned progressives can move forward. Its powerful contributions -- from economists, environmentalists, activists,...

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  • My Autobiography
    My Autobiography (English, Paperback) Charlie Chaplin

    “The best autobiography ever written by an actor. An astonishing work.” —Chicago TribuneChaplin’s heartfelt and hilarious autobiography tells the story of his childhood, the challenge of identifying and perfecting his talent, his subsequent film career and worldwide celebrity. In this, one of the very first celebrity memoirs, Chaplin displays all the charms, peculiarities and deeply-held...

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  • The Utopia Of Rules
    The Utopia Of Rules (English, Paperback) David Graeber

    A follow up to David Graeber's DEBT: THE FIRST 5,000 YEARS, this radical intervention into contemporary politics will find a ready audience with activists and all of those fed up with the system.

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  • David Bowie: The Last Interview
    David Bowie: The Last Interview (English, Paperback) David Bowie

    The massive, world-wide outpouring of grief at the death of David Bowie notably focused on not only his stunning musical output, but also his fascinating refusal to stay the same—the same as other trending artists, or even the same as himself.   In this remarkable collection, Bowie reveals the fierce intellectualism, artistry, and humor behind it all. From his very first interview—as a...

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  • The Train
    The Train (English, Paperback) Georges Simenon

    Against all expectations, Marcel Fron has made a normal life in a bucolic French suburb in the Ardennes. But on May 10, 1940, as Nazi tanks approach, this timid, happy man must abandon his home and confront the 'Fate' that he has secretly awaited. Separated from his pregnant wife and young daughter in the chaos of flight, he joins a freight car of refugees hurtling southward ahead of the pursuing...

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  • James Baldwin: The Last Interview
    James Baldwin: The Last Interview (English, Paperback) James Baldwin, Quincy Troupe

    'I was not born to be what someone said I was. I was not born to be defined by someone else, but by myself, and myself only.' James Baldwin lived by that creed. When, in the fall of 1987, the poet Quincy Troupe travelled to the south of France to interview a critically ill James Baldwin, they knew it was his last chance to speak at length about his life and work. The result is one of the most...

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  • Trouble in Paradise
    Trouble in Paradise (English, Paperback) Slavoj Zizek

    In Trouble in Paradise, Slavoj ?i?ek, one of our most famous, most combative philosophers, explains how we can find a way out of the crisis of capitalism.   There is obviously trouble in the global capitalist paradise. But why do we find it so difficult to imagine a way out of the crisis we're in? It is as if the trouble feeds on itself: the march of capitalism has become inexorable, the only...

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  • Event
    Event (English, Paperback) Slavoj Zizek

    Probably the most famous living philosopher, Slavoj iek explores the meaning of events in this short and digestible bookAn event can be an occurrence that shatters ordinary life, a radical political rupture, a transformation of reality, a religious belief, the rise of a new art form, or an intense experience such as falling in love.Taking us on a trip that stops at different definitions of event,...

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  • The White Guard
    The White Guard (English, Paperback) Mikhail Bulgakov $17.07
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  • Seeing Power
    Seeing Power (English, Paperback) Nato Thompson

    A fog of information and images has flooded the world: from advertising, television, radio and film to the information glut produced by the new economy. With the rise of social networking, contemporaries, peers and friends are all suddenly selling us the ultimate product: themselves. Curator and critic Nato Thompson interrogates the implications of these developments for those dedicated to...

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  • Culture As Weapon
    Culture As Weapon (English, Hardback) Nato Thompson

    One of the country's leading activist curators explores how corporations and governments have used art and culture to mystify and manipulate us.The production of culture was once the domain of artists, but beginning in the early 1900s, the emerging fields of public relations, advertising and marketing transformed the way the powerful communicate with the rest of us. A century later, the tools are...

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  • The Quest for a Moral Compass
    The Quest for a Moral Compass (English, Paperback) Kenan Malik

    The story of the global search for moral truthsIn this remarkable and groundbreaking book, Kenan Malik explores the history of moral thought as it has developed over three millennia, from Homer’s Greece to Mao’s China, from ancient India to modern America. It tells the stories of the great philosophers, and breathes life into their ideas, while also challenging many of our most cherished moral...

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