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  • Late Victorian Holocausts
    Late Victorian Holocausts (English, Paperback) Mike Davis

    Bestselling, magisterial melding of global environmental history and global political history

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  • Environmental Chemistry
    Environmental Chemistry (English, Paperback) Gary W. VanLoon, Stephen J. Duffy

    Environmental Chemistry: A global perspective describes the chemical principles which underpin the natural processes occurring within and between the air, water, and soil, and explores how human activities have impacted on these processes, giving rise to environmental issues of global concern.

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  • Comedy
    Comedy (English, Paperback) Andrew Stott

    This new edition of Andrew Stott's Comedy builds on themes presented in the first edition such as focusing on the significance of comic 'events' through study of various theoretical methodologies, including deconstruction, psychoanalysis and gender theory, and provides case studies of a number of themes, ranging from the drag act to the simplicity of slipping on a banana skin. This new edition...

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  • Weathered
    Weathered (English, Paperback) Mike Hulme

    Focussing on the origins and cultures of the idea of climate, this discipline-spanning, authoritative text provides readers with an exciting addition to the literature

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  • Introduction to Modern Climate Change
    Introduction to Modern Climate Change (English, Paperback) Andrew Dessler

    The thoroughly updated second edition of an invaluable textbook for any introductory survey course on the science and policy of climate change.

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  • Evidence-Based Climate Science
    Evidence-Based Climate Science (English, Paperback) Don Easterbrook

    Evidence-Based Climate Science: Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of Global Warming, Second Edition, includes updated data related to the causes of global climate change from experts in meteorology, geology, atmospheric physics, solar physics, geophysics, climatology, and computer modeling. This book objectively gathers and analyzes scientific data concerning patterns of past...

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  • Weather: A Very Short Introduction
    Weather: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Storm Dunlop

    The weather affects everyone on Earth, influencing both our day-to-day decisions and long term plans for leisure and work. But the Earth's weather systems are extremely complex, and conditions and events may have an effect 'half a world away'. Storm Dunlop explores the processes at work behind our daily weather.

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  • Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences: Volume 100
    Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences: Volume 100 (English, Hardback) Daniel S. Wilks

    Explains the various statistical methods that are being used to describe, analyze, test and forecast atmospheric data. This title helps advanced students and professionals understand and communicate what their data sets have to say, and make sense of the scientific literature in meteorology, climatology, and related disciplines.

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  • Global Crisis
    Global Crisis (English, Paperback) Geoffrey Parker

    The calamities of the mid-seventeenth century were not only unprecedented, they were agonisingly widespread. The author examines first-hand accounts of men and women throughout the world describing what they saw and suffered during a sequence of political, economic and social crises that stretched from 1618 to the 1680s.

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  • Metamorphoses of Light
    Metamorphoses of Light (English, Paperback) Walter Buhler

    Apart from the rainbows, lightning and northern lights in the title, the author discusses the blue of the sky, the colours of twilight and the dewdrop, and halos and other light phenomena.

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  • An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology: Volume 88
    An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology: Volume 88 (English, Hardback) James R. Holton, Gregory Hakim

    Presents a cogent explanation of the fundamentals of meteorology, and explains storm dynamics for weather-oriented meteorologists. This title discusses climate dynamics and the implications posed for global change. It features a companion website with MATLAB[registered] exercises and treatments of several key topics.

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  • Reservoir Model Design
    Reservoir Model Design (English, Hardback) Philip Ringrose, Mark Bentley

    This book offers practical advice and useful tips on design and construction of subsurface reservoir models. Includes design elements for rock architecture, petrophysical property modeling, multi-scale data integration, upscaling and uncertainty analysis.

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  • The Sun's Influence on Climate
    The Sun's Influence on Climate (English, Paperback) Joanna D. Haigh, Peter Cargill

    The Earth's climate system depends entirely on the Sun for its energy. Solar radiation warms the atmosphere and is fundamental to atmospheric composition, while the distribution of solar heating across the planet produces global wind patterns and contributes to the formation of clouds, storms, and rainfall. The Sun's Influence on Climate provides an unparalleled introduction to this vitally...

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  • Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction
    Numerical Weather and Climate Prediction (English, Hardback) Thomas Tomkins Warner

    Provides a comprehensive yet accessible treatment of computer-based weather and climate prediction, for graduate students, researchers and professionals.

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  • Tambora
    Tambora (English, Paperback) Gillen D'Arcy Wood

    Discusses the eruption of Mount Tambora in 1815, which caused catastrophic changes to Earth's weather and climate, and examines the social and political effects of the damage, including a worldwide cholera epidemic and economic depressions.

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  • Climate and Ecosystems
    Climate and Ecosystems (English, Paperback) David Schimel

    How does life on our planet respond to--and shape--climate? This question has never been more urgent than it is today, when humans are faced with the daunting task of guiding adaptation to an inexorably changing climate. This concise, accessible, and authoritative book provides an unmatched introduction to the most reliable current knowledge about the complex relationship between living things and...

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  • Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis
    Climate Change 2013 - The Physical Science Basis (English, Paperback) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    The Fifth Assessment Report of the IPCC is the standard scientific reference on climate change for students, researchers and policy makers.

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  • Climate Change in the Himalayas
    Climate Change in the Himalayas (English, Hardback) Govind Ballabh Pant, Narendra Singh

    This book analyzes the issues associated with climate change in the Himalayas. The book begins with an overview of global climate change with discussions of data trends and international initiatives, then segues into a history of climate changes and weather trends in the Himalayas.

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  • The Holocene
    The Holocene (English, Paperback) Neil Roberts

    Written for a wide audience of earth scientists and climatologists, The Holocene: An Environmental History provides undergraduates with a much-needed coherent scientific account of the great transformation of nature that has taken place in the last 10,000 years.

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  • Essentials of the Earth's Climate System
    Essentials of the Earth's Climate System (English, Paperback) Roger G. Barry, Eileen A. Hall-McKim

    A concise, non-mathematical, full-color introduction to modern climatology, covering the key topics of climate science for intermediate undergraduate students.

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