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Michael Broderick

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  • Reconstructing Strangelove by Michael Broderick
    Reconstructing Strangelove (English, Paperback) Michael Broderick

    With rare access to unpublished materials, this volume assesses Dr. Strangelove's narrative accuracy, consulting recently declassified Cold War nuclear-policy documents alongside interviews with Kubrick's collaborators

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  • Fast Friends by Dale Lazarov
    Fast Friends (English, Hardback) Dale Lazarov, Michael Broderick

    Fast Friends tells the story of two men who accidentally find refuge, in each other's strong arms, from both a winter storm and the cruel lovers who don't cherish them. Without words, Lazarov and Broderick tell a story in graphic novel form that's rich in detail, feeling, and sexual sensitivity.

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  • G is for Groundkeeper by Michael Broderick
    G is for Groundkeeper (English, Hardback) Michael Broderick

    There are 26 good reasons to buy this book: For every letter of the alphabet Broderick presents a drawing full of sex and fantasy; the groundkeeper helps young, athletic students to discover the joys of sex and satisfaction.

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