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Michael Hill

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  • Dorset by Michael Hill
    Dorset (English, Hardback) Michael Hill, John Newman

    Fully revised, updated, and expanded, this book offers a fresh and comprehensive account of the buildings of Dorset, one of England's best-loved and most beautiful counties. With its wonderful variety of building stones, Dorset offers visual pleasures which few English counties can match. Its country houses are exceptionally rich and varied, from medieval Woodsford and Athelhampton to the late...

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  • The Public Policy Process by Frederic Varone
    The Public Policy Process (English, Paperback) Frederic Varone, Michael Hill

    The Public Policy Process is essential reading for anyone trying to understand the process by which public policy is made. Explaining clearly the importance of the relationship between theoretical and practical aspects of policy-making, the book gives a thorough overview of the people and organisations involved in the process. Fully revised and updated for a 7th edition, The Public Policy Process...

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  • Implementing Public Policy by Michael Hill
    Implementing Public Policy (English, Paperback) Michael Hill, Peter L. Hupe

    Covering the state of the art in the theory and practice of public policy implementation and how this relates to contemporary practice, this Third Edition now further explores issues around researching implementation and the relationship between policy formulation and implementation.

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  • Social Policy in the Modern World by Michael Hill
    Social Policy in the Modern World (English, Paperback) Michael Hill

    Written in a concise and accessible style by Michael Hill, this textprovides a coherent, thematic account of social policy in the modern world. Takes a comparative approach, considering the ways in which different countries approach social policies.

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  • Good Practice to Thriving Practice by Michael Hill
    Good Practice to Thriving Practice (English, Paperback) Michael Hill

    Is your dental practice underperforming?Are you concerned that you are not doing enough to stay profitable?With this book you will learn 20 incredible tactics for transforming your struggling dental practice into a fully booked, highly profitable business in your community.Perhaps the most referenced and researched book on the subject of dental practice management, Good Practice To Thriving...

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  • Understanding Social Policy by Michael Hill
    Understanding Social Policy (English, Paperback) Michael Hill, Zoe Irving

    The eighth edition of this successful textbook provides a student-friendly assessment of the key substantive areas of social policy and the context and processes which surround their development.

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  • Goin' South by Michael Hill
    Goin' South (Paperback) Michael Hill $12.95
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  • Peace Was Their Profession by Michael Hill
    Peace Was Their Profession (English, Hardback) Michael Hill, John M. Campbell

    This new large format volume is a grand tribute to all of those who served in SAC from its inception in 1947 to its disestablishment in 1992. The great variety of aircraft and missile systems of Strategic Air Command are shown in over 800 color and black and white photographs, making this volume one of the definitive pictorials on the subject.

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  • Local Control of Microvascular Perfusion by Michael Hill
    Local Control of Microvascular Perfusion (English, Paperback) Michael Hill, Michael Davis

    Discusses each vasoregulatory phenomena while also considering evidence for their underlying cellular mechanisms. Further, an attempt is made to integrate the information into complex in vivo situations and consider their relevance to pathophysiological situations.

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  • Precession by Mr B Michael Hill
    Precession (Paperback) Mr B Michael Hill $25.25
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  • Studying public policy by Michael Hill
    Studying public policy (English, Paperback) Michael Hill

    This is the first book to explore the public policy process through 19 contributions from diverse scholars from all over the world, using empirical material to demonstrate how many of the key theories and concepts may be applied to its analysis.

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  • West Dorset Country Houses by Michael Hill
    West Dorset Country Houses (English, Hardback) Michael Hill

    A splendidly comprehensive account of the country houses in the western half of Dorset, which accompanies the author's previous acclaimed volume on the houses of the eastern part of the county. West Dorset presents a contrast with its intimate valleys and hidden houses.

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  • The Old North State at War by Mark A. Moore
    The Old North State at War (English, Hardback) Mark A. Moore, Michael Hill

    Ninety-nine highly-detailed maps, many spanning a full 17" x 11" page, were created for this landmark study of the impact of the Civil War in the Tar Heel State. Every significant Civil War military engagement in the state is highlighted in this lavishly illustrated, full-color, 200-page, hardbound volume.

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  • Understanding street-level bureaucracy by Peter Hupe
    Understanding street-level bureaucracy (English, Paperback) Peter Hupe

    Understanding street-level bureaucracy gathers internationally acclaimed scholars to provide a state of the art account of theory and research on modern street-level bureaucracy, filling an important gap in the literature on public policy delivery.

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  • Care, community and citizenship by Susan Balloch
    Care, community and citizenship (English, Paperback) Susan Balloch

    This collection focuses on the relationship between social care, community and citizenship, linking them in a way relevant to both policy and practice.

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  • Public policy analysis by Peter Knoepfel
    Public policy analysis (English, Paperback) Peter Knoepfel, Corinne Larrue

    This is an English version of a text on public policy analysis originally written for practitioners in Switzerland and France. It presents a model for the analysis of public policy and includes examples of its application in everyday situations. This English version introduces supplementary illustrations and examples from the United Kingdom.

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  • Introduction To Number Theory by Richard Michael Hill
    Introduction To Number Theory (English, Paperback) Richard Michael Hill

    Textbook, with answers to some exercises.

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  • Implementing Public Policy by Michael Hill
    Implementing Public Policy (English, Paperback) Michael Hill, Peter L. Hupe

    Second edition of this internationally established introduction to public policy implementation.

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