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Michael Parker

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  • The Cambridge Medical Ethics Workbook by Donna Dickenson
    The Cambridge Medical Ethics Workbook (English, Paperback) Donna Dickenson, Richard Huxtable

    This edition of a widely praised case-based introduction to bioethics includes an interactive CD-ROM, for reference and group teaching.

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  • Talking with Tigers by Annis Parker
    Talking with Tigers (English, Paperback) Annis Parker, Translator Polish to English Michael Parker

    This is a collection of stories and lessons from a life of experience that finds absolute delight in teaching people how to view and work with animals - increasing their understanding of what the animals have to teach us and seeing a much bigger, more integrated view.With an objective to teach a little of the wealth garnered over a life time of medical, veterinary, zoo and holistic health arenas -...

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  • Sex Please We're Sixty by Michael Parker
    Sex Please We're Sixty (English, Paperback) Michael Parker, Susan Parker

    2m, 4f / Farce Mrs. Stancliffe's Rose Cottage Bed & Breakfast has been successful for many years. Her Guests (nearly all women) return year after year. Her next door neighbor, the elderly, silver-tongued, Bud "Bud the Stud" Davis believes they come to spend time with him in romantic liaisons. The prim and proper Mrs. Stancliffe steadfastly denies this, but really doesn't do anything to prevent it....

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  • The Femicide Machine: Volume 11 by Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez
    The Femicide Machine: Volume 11 (English, Paperback) Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez

    An account and analysis of the systematic murder of women and girls in the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juarez.

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  • Ethical Problems and Genetics Practice by Michael Parker
    Ethical Problems and Genetics Practice (English, Paperback) Michael Parker

    Provides a rich, case-based account of the ethical issues arising in genetics for health professionals, patients and their families.

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  • John Winthrop by Michael Parker
    John Winthrop (English, Paperback) Michael Parker

    Puritan politician, lawyer, and lay theologian John Winthrop fled England  in 1630 when it looked like Charles I had successfully blocked all hopes of passing Puritan-inspired reforms in Parliament. Leading a migration, he came to New England in the hopes of creating an ideal Puritan community and eventually became the governor of Massachusetts. Winthrop is remembered for his role in the Puritan...

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  • The Devil's Trinity by Michael Parker
    The Devil's Trinity (Paperback) Michael Parker $11.88
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  • Everything, Then and Since by Translator Polish to English Michael Parker
    Everything, Then and Since (English, Paperback) Translator Polish to English Michael Parker

    Fiction. Whether ferrying slowly across an eastern North Carolina river or reaching out to touch a train that's not about to stop, the wanderers in these stories yearn for what they can't quite grasp. It might be what they've left behind or what lies ahead, but whatever it is, it won't leave them alone. Regret and marvel, trouble and love?it's EVERYTHING, THEN AND SINCE.

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  • The Boy from Berlin by Translator Polish to English Michael Parker
    The Boy from Berlin (English, Paperback) Translator Polish to English Michael Parker

    What secret, spawned in Hitler's bunker, can stop Gus Mason's bid for US presidency?Secrets lurk around every corner as Gus Mason strides towards the US presidency. And from the Nazi death-camps to the steps of the White House, Gunter Haman and Jacob Demski, heir to the Jewish mafia empire, unravel a mystery that threatens the very fabric of the American way of life. However, as Newark police...

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  • The Manifesto Project by Rebecca Hazelton
    The Manifesto Project (English, Paperback) Rebecca Hazelton

    The poetic manifesto has a long, rich history that hasn't been updated until now. What does a poetic manifesto look like in a time of increased pluralism, relativism, and danger? How can a manifesto open a space for new and diverse voices? Forty-five poets at different stages of their careers contribute to this new anthology, demonstrating the relevance of the declarative form at the intersection...

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  • Where the Wicked Dwell by Translator Polish to English Michael Parker
    Where the Wicked Dwell (English, Paperback) Translator Polish to English Michael Parker

    Marcus Blake is the owner and sole investigator of a ramshackle security agency in the heart of London. He employs a secretary part-time. Her name is Vereen and she is a single mother on benefits. He is asked by his old mentor, Sir Giles Cavendish, to investigate the apparent suicide of a British Cabinet Minister, Eddie Garfield who was born in St. Kitts in the West Indies, and was also a former...

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  • Hell's Gate by Translator Polish to English Michael Parker
    Hell's Gate (English, Paperback) Translator Polish to English Michael Parker

    HELL'S GATE is a historical action adventure set in British East Africa in 1898. It is inspired by the true events in the British Protectorate when the British government constructed a railway line from Mombassa on the east coast of Africa to the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. At the same time the German government was building a line from Zanzibar to Lake Victoria. History records that the...

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  • Christmas in July by Alan Michael Parker
    Christmas in July (English, Paperback) Alan Michael Parker

    In light of her impending death, thirteen-year-old Beatrice Danzig has changed her name to Christmas. She's at the center of Christmas in July, a novel in ten stories told by ten residents of suburban Saxon Hills: the bored wife of a senior softball slugger, a socialite with a glitter fixation, a beekeeping hermit, a young runaway who can't outrun her past. The novel explores each of these...

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  • Unaccustomed as I am... by Michael Parker
    Unaccustomed as I am... (English, Paperback) Michael Parker

    All wedding types will be catered for: - big, small, religious, second marriage, atheist, straight, same-sex, church, field... All eventualities will be planned for: - mic failures, drunk guests, missing brides, smashed glasses, weeping FOBs, forgotten words...

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  • It's All Going Terribly Wrong by Michael Parker
    It's All Going Terribly Wrong (English, Hardback) Michael Parker

    Who would have guessed in the 1960s that Michael Parker, a typical young British Army officer, would turn into one of the most remarkable international showmen of his generation?  This book is a wonderfully funny account of the many different events he has staged in Europe, America, and the Middle East. Amongst these are the launch of twin ships in Fort...

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  • It's Not What You Say, It's The Way You Say It! by Michael Parker
    It's Not What You Say, It's The Way You Say It! (English, Paperback) Michael Parker

    No matter what your speaking challenge is, this inspirational, cleverly illustrated book will ensure you perform with passion, power and persuasion;

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  • Talk With Your Kids by Michael Parker
    Talk With Your Kids (English, Paperback) Michael Parker

    A guide for parents to help their children better understand their beliefs by thinking through the questions they face regarding friendship, fairness, privileges, honesty and 97 other character-building situations.

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  • A Vision for the Aging Church by James M. Houston
    A Vision for the Aging Church (English, Paperback) James M. Houston, Michael Parker

    James M. Houston and Michael Parker believe now is the time for the church to offer ministry to its increasing numbers of seniors and to benefit from ministry they can offer. They issue an urgent call to reconceive the place and part of the elderly in the local congregation, showing that seniors aren't the problem--they are the solution.

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