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  • Blue by Michel Pastoureau
    Blue (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    A beautifully illustrated visual and cultural history of the color blue throughout the ages...

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  • Red by Michel Pastoureau
    Red (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    Translation of: Rouge: histoire d'une couleur.

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  • Green by Michel Pastoureau
    Green (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    "First published in French language by Editions du Seuil, Paris, under the title Vert, Histoire d'une couleur." c2013--Page facing title page.

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  • The Bear by Michel Pastoureau
    The Bear (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    From antiquity to the Middle Ages, the bear's centrality in cults and mythologies left traces in European languages, literatures, and legends. Michel Pastoureau considers how this once venerated creature was deposed by Christianity and continued to sink lower in the symbolic bestiary before rising again in Pyrrhic triumph as the teddy bear.

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  • Black by Michel Pastoureau
    Black (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    Black, favorite color of priests and penitents, artists and ascetics, fashion designers and fascists, has always stood for powerfully opposed ideas: authority and humility and sin and holiness. This book discusses the social history of the color black in Europe. It is suitable for those interested in the history of fashion, art, media, or design.

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  • Chroma by Michel Pastoureau
    Chroma (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    Celebrates colour in photography. This title includes hundreds of images by some of the biggest names in photography. It features such photographers as Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Susan Meiselas, Bruno Barbey, Raghu Rai, Peter Marlow and many others.

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  • Art and Nature in the Middle Ages by Myers
    Art and Nature in the Middle Ages (English, Paperback) Myers

    "Published in conjunction with the exhibition Art and Nature in the Middle Ages, organized by the Dallas Museum of Art, in cooperation with the Musaee de Cluny in Paris, and presented in Dallas from December 4, 2016, to March 19, 2017."

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  • The Devil's Cloth by Michel Pastoureau
    The Devil's Cloth (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    What do prostitutes, referees, and Renaissance clowns have in common? They all wear stripes, and The Devil's Cloth tells us why. Pastoureau's lively study of stripes offers a unique perspective on the evolution of fashion, taste, and visual codes in Western culture.

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  • Los Colores de Nuestros Recuerdos by Michel Pastoureau
    Los Colores de Nuestros Recuerdos (Spanish, Paperback) Michel Pastoureau $20.33 $22.95
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  • The Colours of Our Memories by Michel Pastoureau
    The Colours of Our Memories (English, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    * Michel Pastoureau is a very accomplished French historian who is well known for his books on colour. * This new book is a more personal reflection on 'the colour of our memories' - that is, the way that our memories of the past are infused with colour, and the way that we remember colours.

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  • Heraldry by Michel Pastoureau
    Heraldry (Paperback) Michel Pastoureau, Francisca Garvie

    This work unravels the complex language and grammar of a social code which has been an inspiration for artists as well as an invaluable tool for historians, archaeologists and those interested in tracing their family tree.

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  • Das mittelalterliche Bestiarium by Michel Pastoureau
    Das mittelalterliche Bestiarium (German, Hardback) Michel Pastoureau

    Ob Hund, Löwe, Einhorn oder Drache - im Mittelalter verschwimmen die Grenzen zwischen realen und imaginierten Tieren. So sind die Zeichnungen von gepunkteten Panthern und blauen Löwen in mittelalterlichen Handschriften nicht als naturgetreue Abbilder zu verstehen, sondern vielmehr symbolisch zu deuten. Dass Tiere gerade in der christlichen Symbolik eine wichtige Rolle spielen, ist uns vertraut:...

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