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Mike Alfreds

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  • Different Every Night by Mike Alfreds
    Different Every Night (English, Paperback) Mike Alfreds

    Containing rehearsal methodology, this book offers practical advice and guidance as well as different useful techniques for actors and directors.

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  • Then What Happens? by Mike Alfreds
    Then What Happens? (English, Paperback) Mike Alfreds

    An invaluable guide to directors and actors, to dramatists working in the field of adaptation, and to any theatregoer who has been moved by the power of an unfolding story to ask: 'Then what happens?'

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  • The Surprise of Love by Pierre Marivaux
    The Surprise of Love (English, Paperback) Pierre Marivaux, Mike Alfreds

    In this classic French drama, a young widow and a lovelorn chevalier find a love they never expected.

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  • The Tin Ring by Zdenka Fantlova
    The Tin Ring (Paperback) Zdenka Fantlova

    Zdenka Fantlova is one of a handful of Holocaust survivors still alive today. This is her story. Born in Czechoslovakia Zdenka was seventeen when the war began. The ring of the title was given to her by Arno, her first love. Zdenka kept it with her as a symbol of truth and hope from Terezin to Bergen-Belsen.

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