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Mike Maddox

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  • Trial of the Valeyard by Alan Barnes
    Trial of the Valeyard (English, CD-Audio) Alan Barnes, Mike Maddox

    An exciting one-off adventure pitching the Doctor against his absolutely worst enemy: himself! There is some evil in all of us - even the Doctor. Transported aboard the Time Lords' orbiting courtroom, the Doctor once again encounters the Valeyard, an amalgamation of the darker sides of his nature.

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  • The Lion Graphic Bible by Mike Maddox
    The Lion Graphic Bible (English, Paperback) Mike Maddox

    A new handy-sized edition of this highly original interpretation of the Bible

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  • The Illustrated Bible by Jeff Anderson
    The Illustrated Bible (English, Other book format) Jeff Anderson, Mike Maddox

    The Illustrated Bible is God's story, dynamically presented in...

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  • Doctor Who: Circular Time vol. 91 by Paul Cornell
    Doctor Who: Circular Time vol. 91 (English, CD-Audio) Paul Cornell, Mike Maddox

    In springtime, the Doctor and Nyssa become embroiled in Time Lord politics. During the summer, they suffer the wrath of Isaac Newton. Nyssa spends a golden autumn in an English village while the Doctor plays cricket. Summer to winter, the seasons turn.

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  • Legend of the Cybermen by Mike Maddox
    Legend of the Cybermen (English, CD-Audio) Mike Maddox

    The Cybermen are on the march through the Hundred Realms, killing and converting as they go. Resistance is useless. Trapped on the fringes of the battle, the Doctor and Jamie are astonished to encounter an old friend: astrophysicist Zoe Heriot.

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